Peshmerga hand Zammar liberated villages west of Mosul, killing dozens of Aldoaash

Submitted by Blue-

10/08/2014 15:11

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: A source in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, Wednesday, that a special task force of the Peshmerga managed to free irrigation project in hand Zammar island west of Mosul, killing and wounding dozens of Aldoaash.

The source told “tomorrow Press”, “The particular strength of the Peshmerga launched, today, a broad attack on the outskirts of hand Zammar which managed to liberate the island irrigation project in hand along the piper (30 km west of Mosul).”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “The attack also resulted in the liberation of a number of surrounding villages aspect, including the destruction of villages and ruined hay adored and other small villages.” The source added that “the operation that killed more than 20 terrorists from Daash and wounding dozens of them were seriously injured as a result of the severity of the attack,” pointing out that “it was the arrest of seven of the injured Aldoaash in addition to the destruction of a number of mechanisms and wheels regulation during the battles that lasted for more than 14 hours continuous. “


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