Within 3 days.. Ports announce the launch of the bank credit for the great port of Faw

local| 02:53 – 04/07/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The General Company for Ports of Iraq announced, on Sunday, that the funds for the implementation of the Grand Faw port project, or what is known as bank credit, will be released within 3 days, to start implementing works inside the port at a faster pace.
The director of the company, Farhan Al-Fartousi, said, in an interview with local agencies, that “Daewoo company started its work ten days after signing the contracts, but after the funds are released, the work will start at a faster and more serious pace, so that what is implemented is clearly visible, especially since the executing company has concluded many contracts. With various local and international companies to provide them with the equipment and machinery they need to work.
Al-Fartousi added, “The Ministry of Transport has received the funds allocated for the project and is only in the process of completing banking procedures.”
He stressed that “the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Transport are following up very seriously the stages of implementation of the work in the great port of Faw, with all its steps, to ensure its completion within the specified time period because of its great economic importance. Ended 29/p4



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