The Iraqi Foreign Minister reveals the details of a message to Iran and the developments of the American presence

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Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, said on Wednesday that his country still needs the support of the American forces affiliated with the international coalition.

Hussein said, in an interview with the American Al-Hurra channel, that “the Iraqi government has reached the conviction that there is no need for American military combat forces,” stressing that the Americans “understand this issue.”

Hussein added that the Iraqi government informed the Americans at the same time, “Iraq’s need to develop the military situation and training, and the urgent need for cooperation in the field of military intelligence and air power.”

Hussein indicated that Iraq “needs forces from the coalition, and in this regard we are talking about the American forces, in order to support and support the Iraqi security forces in the war against ISIS.”

Hussein had arrived in the American capital, Washington, on Tuesday, to prepare for the fourth session of the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington, scheduled for next Friday, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

In this context, Hussein says that “the fourth round of the strategic dialogue is likely to be the last round in this context.”

He added that this tour will not be limited to discussing military and security issues, but will include a set of issues related to bilateral relations between the two countries, such as energy, health and others.

Regarding the attacks targeting US interests in Iraq, Hussein said that Baghdad “discussed with the Iranian side the attacks on airports and diplomatic missions, and asked them to intervene with some elements and groups to stop the attacks.”

Hussein added, “We told them that some groups claim that they are ideologically linked to you,” noting that “some of these discussions resulted at a certain stage in stopping campaigns against missions and other places.”

The Iraqi minister stressed that the solution to this matter lies in “opening a clear discussion with these groups, and some call them non-state forces, militias or factions, to reach the final result.”


What is the 2008 agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad?

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A+A-Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein hinted at the return of Iraq and America to the 2008 agreement after the end of the rounds of dialogue.null
The Iraqi negotiating delegation is conducting a new round of negotiations with the American side in Washington, DC, in preparation for the upcoming dialogue, next Monday, between Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden, and observers expected that the agreement signed between the two countries in the year will top the agenda. The “fourth round” of the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington.
What is the 2008 agreement signed between the United States and Iraq?
The agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington in 2008 bears the name “The Law of the Security Agreement between the United States and Iraq and the Law of the Strategic Framework Agreement for the Work of American Forces in Iraq.”
The following is a reminder of some of the main provisions of this agreement during the period until the end of 2011:
– US forces must withdraw from Iraqi towns by mid-2009 and leave the country completely by December 31, 2011.
– US contractors are subject to Iraqi law and may be tried in Iraqi courts. US soldiers and civilians working for the US Department of Defense are subject to US military law. But the agreement sets out a mechanism that would allow them to be tried before Iraqi courts in the event of intentionally serious crimes committed outside their bases and outside their assigned duties.
– All fixed buildings used by US forces become the property of Iraq. All US military bases are handed over to Iraq when US forces withdraw from them.
– A joint US-Iraqi committee must approve all military operations. US forces may not search Iraqi homes without an Iraqi permit.
– As for the US forces that remained in Iraq after the end of 2011, their main tasks are to train Iraqi forces, not to participate in combat missions. It is obliged to stay outside the kasbahs and cities in places and rules agreed upon between the parties.
Either party may terminate the agreement after one year has passed since one of the parties received a written notification from the other party in this regard.

Foreign Minister: Al-Kazemi and Biden’s meeting will discuss the overall Iraqi-American relations

2021/07/21 19:50

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein clarified, on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, that the fourth round of dialogue between Iraq and the United States will be the last.

Hussein said in press statements, “The meeting of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden will discuss the overall Iraqi-American relations, including not maintaining any US base in Iraq.”

He added, “The dialogue round will witness an agreement on scheduling the American withdrawal from all Iraqi lands,” noting, “The Americans are present in Iraqi camps, not American, as some say and declare.”

And Hussein, “the current US administration understands the situation in Iraq in a way that contradicts the previous administration,” noting that “two sides may return to the 2008 agreement after the end of the strategic dialogue round.”

Hussein said, “The Saudi-Iranian dialogue is mediated by Iraq, as well as the Turkish-Egyptian dialogue, and our discussion with Iran has sometimes resulted in stopping the targeting of diplomatic missions and airports,” noting that “we asked Iran to intervene with some elements and groups to stop targeting airports and diplomatic missions in Iraq.” .

He added, “We need a rational dialogue to reach an agreement between the state and the so-called “no-state,” noting that “Iraq needs to build a state and not a revolution, and we will raise the issue of scheduling the withdrawal of US combat forces during the strategic dialogue session with Washington.”

He continued, “We need the support and assistance of American forces in the face of ISIS remnants,” noting that “the issue of developing and training Iraqi forces will be raised in the strategic dialogue session with Washington.”

He concluded his speech by saying that “the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue round will not be limited to the military aspects.” 

Last Monday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, heading a high-level delegation, arrived in Washington, DC, in preparation for the date of the strategic dialogue, the fourth phase, to discuss issues of the US withdrawal from Iraq.


These are the most prominent files that Al-Kazemi will discuss with Biden

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Shafaq News/ The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee revealed today, Wednesday, the most prominent files that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will discuss during his meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Committee member Amer Al-Fayez told Shafaq News Agency, “The most prominent files that Al-Kazemi will discuss during his meeting with Badin are the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, as well as increasing security and military cooperation and coordination between the two countries, according to the security agreement signed between the two countries, in addition to the energy file and the file of Investment and the economy, with a focus on the health file of the Corona pandemic issue.

Al-Fayez indicated that “Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will discuss with Badin the political and security situation in the region, and Iraq’s efforts to create a safe and stable environment in general through its good and good relationship with everyone, especially since Iraq played an important role during the past period in bringing Viewpoints are important and influential regional forces in the region and the world.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the arrival of the “negotiating” delegation to the American capital, Washington, in preparation for the strategic dialogue that will be led by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

US President Joe Biden will receive Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on July 26 in the American capital, Washington, according to what the White House announced last Friday.

This visit will allow “confirmation of the strategic partnership” between the two countries, according to a White House statement.

The US presidency indicated that Biden “also looks forward to strengthening bilateral cooperation with Iraq on political, economic and security issues” and especially “joint efforts to ensure the enduring defeat” of ISIS.

It is assumed that the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington will lead to setting a timetable for the withdrawal of the international coalition fighting ISIS.

There are still about 3,500 foreign soldiers on Iraqi soil, including 2,500 Americans, but the process of their withdrawal may take years to complete.

About fifty missile or drone attacks have targeted US interests in Iraq since the beginning of the year. These attacks, which were not claimed by any party, are attributed to the Popular Mobilization Forces, an alliance of pro-Iranian factions integrated into the Iraqi government forces.

Al-Rafidain issues a clarification regarding the interest on deposits: rewarding financial returns

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Al-Rafidain Bank announced, on Wednesday, raising interest rates on deposits in its accounts to encourage citizens to deposit their money.
And the bank’s media office said in a statement that “Mawazine News” received a copy of it, that “the opening of saving and current accounts for citizens is in the bank’s branches, for the purpose of depositing their money in the bank instead of hoarding it in homes and obtaining rewarding financial returns.”
He stressed, “increasing the interest rate on six-month deposits to 4.5%, as well as increasing the interest rate on fixed deposits for a period of one year to 5.5%.”
The bank added that “the interest rate on deposits for two years has been increased to 6.5 percent.” Ended 29/A 4