The Real Estate Bank cancels the interest on loans from the Central Bank initiative

Saturday 17 July 2021 | 09:01 PM| Number of readings: 188

The Real Estate Bank announced the cancellation of the interest on loans from the Central Bank initiative. And he stated in a statement: Based on what was stated in the book of the Financial Operations and Debt Management Department / Internal Lending Department No. 5/6/1757 on 6/21/2021, the interest of the Central Bank of Iraq initiative loans for the current loan and the previous loan only was canceled. It is noteworthy that this decision came as a result of the economic recession that the country is going through due to the Corona pandemic and to reduce the burden on citizens


Iraq announces the resumption of religious tourism with the countries of the world

communityIraqReligious tourism 2021-07-17 08:43A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Hassan Nazim, announced today, Saturday, the approval of the Council of Ministers to resume religious tourism between Iraq and the countries of the world. 

A statement of the Ministry of Tourism received by Shafaq News stated, “The decision comes based on the Ministry of Culture’s address to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers about a year ago with its book No. 7730 on 7/12/2020 and subsequent books, and based on the letter of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in 2021 / 7/8”.

The statement quoted Nazim as saying, “The decision to resume religious tourism is an achievement for the Ministry and the Tourism Authority,” explaining that “the process of grouping tourists will take place in a calculated manner, while following health protocols. It means support for the tourism sector and hotels in particular, especially in religious cities.”

The statement indicated that the Ministry of Culture received a letter from the Ministry of Health No. 208 dated July 15, 2021, specifying the health conditions and the mechanisms used to ensure safety and the smooth flow of tourist groups, and based on the decision of the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety No. 22 of 2021.

Among these conditions is that the Tourism Authority informs the border ports (Baghdad and Najaf airports) of the numbers of tourist arrivals in Iraq, and the timing of their arrival. And the relevant health departments to take measures related to quarantine and treatment of the injured and those in contact in the event that positive cases appear among the arrivals.

A PCR examination is conducted before departure within 48 hours from the date of travel, and tourism companies bear all the financial consequences of conducting the examinations and ensuring the selection of hotels that provide all preventive conditions to ensure the prevention of transmission of infection, and hotels provide evidence that all workers are vaccinated with vaccines against covid-19 and consider them The condition for obtaining accreditation licenses as residence for expatriates, and the suspension of grouping, and all procedures for granting entry visas depending on the developments of the epidemiological situation in Iraq and neighboring countries from the relevant authorities.

Document..disclosure of the names of the Iraqi delegation to the strategic dialogue with America

politicsIraqUSAStrategic Dialogue 2021-07-17 08:36A-AA+

Shafaq News/ A document obtained by Shafak News Agency, on Saturday, revealed the names of the Iraqi delegation for the strategic dialogue with the United States.

According to the document issued by the office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the delegation will head to the American capital, Washington, next Wednesday, for a period of two days, to negotiate the strategic agreement between Iraq and America.

The 25-member delegation includes Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, National Security Adviser Qassem al-Araji, National Investment Commission Chairman Suha Daoud, as well as undersecretaries and senior military leaders.

Earlier, the White House announced, in a statement seen by Shafak News Agency, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will visit the United States next week.

“President Biden looks forward to welcoming Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the White House on July 26, 2021, and the Prime Minister’s visit will highlight the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq and enhance bilateral cooperation within the Strategic Framework,” the White House stated.

And he indicated that “the visit will also focus on key areas of mutual interest, including through education, health, culture, energy and climate initiatives,” noting that the US president looks forward to strengthening bilateral cooperation with Iraq on political, economic and security issues to include joint efforts to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS. .

Document..disclosure of the names of the Iraqi delegation to the strategic dialogue with America

Baghdad reveals the goals of Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington

political| 03:29 – 07/17/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Hussein Allawi, Advisor to the Prime Minister, announced, on Saturday, the objectives of Al-Kazemi’s visit to the United States on July 26.
Allawi told the official news agency: “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to the United States of America is very important and comes within the framework of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue in its new phase, after three successful rounds of strategic dialogue culminated in reducing the American advisory presence within the international coalition mission from 5200 to 2500 A military advisor, pointing out that “the sustainability of the war on ISIS remnants is carried out in partnership with intelligence, and the continuation of Iraqi weapons of American origin, in addition to the development of rehabilitation, organization and training programs for the Iraqi armed forces and the Iraqi intelligence services.”
He pointed out that “the strength of the visit lies in the personality of the prime minister, who is one of the few leaders whom the democratic American administration has worked to receive at the White House to discuss the future of relations between the two countries,” noting that “the American administration knows the importance of Iraq in the American strategy in the Middle East and leadership ability. The Iraqi government aims to attract support for national policies in order to run the country, confront crises, and go to free and fair elections, as promised by the Prime Minister in the government curriculum.
Allawi added that “Al-Kazemi seeks to discuss the timetable for reducing the advisory forces after conducting the military-technical dialogue session between the Iraqi side and the American side, which was held in the capital, Baghdad recently,” stressing that “setting the timetable means returning Iraqi-American relations to a stage before the fall of Mosul.” 2014 and working under the umbrella of the Strategic Framework Agreement between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America.
He stressed that “Al-Kazemi is working to transfer Iraqi-American relations from the military framework to a comprehensive framework that is based on the political-economic dimension and the implementation of the work of the joint committees in light of the six items of cooperation between Iraq and the United States within the strategic framework agreement in the political, security, economic, educational, technological and health fields.” And the environment,” explaining that “the visit also aims to strengthen the Iraqi economy by working with the contact group and the International Monetary Fund on the white paper presented by the Al-Kazemi government to reform the Iraqi economy, in addition to meeting with economic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, research centers, international institutions, businessmen and American companies.” “.
He added, “The visit will also witness an explanation of the Iraqi government’s work in providing the electoral climate for the holding of elections to the legislative authority through the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission, especially after the Security Council resolution supporting the work of the Iraqi government and the Commission in conducting elections and urging countries of the world and international institutions to contribute to monitoring the elections through International election observers,” noting that “the visit will focus on the strategic partnership between Iraq and the US government, strengthening bilateral cooperation under the Strategic Framework Agreement, strengthening and developing partnership in education, health, culture, energy and climate initiatives, and cooperation between the Iraqi and US government in political, economic and security issues to include efforts joint efforts to ensure the permanent defeat of the terrorist organization ISIS. Ended 29/R77

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Saleh discusses with three delegations achieving security and reforms in Iraq

politicsBarham SalehbreakingJeanine Hennis-Plasschaert 2021-07-17 06:48A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received, today, Monday, at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennis-Plasschaert, and the Ambassadors of the European Union and Russia to Iraq, Martin Huth, and Maxim Maximov, separately.

During the meeting, they discussed international support to enhance security, stability and reforms in the country, as well as ways to advance bilateral relations to achieve common interests.

The latest political developments on the regional and international arenas were also reviewed.

KRG Envoy to Participate in Next Round of US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue

Basnews English  2021/07/17 – 14:37 Kurdistan 

ERBIL — Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) representative will take part in the next round of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, Bayan Sami Abdulrahman, the KRG Representative to the US, said.

Baghdad and Washington have so far held three rounds of the strategic dialogue to determine the future role of the US in Iraq among other discussions. The fourth round is scheduled for the next week.

Abdulrahman told Kurdistan 24 during an interview that the next round of the dialogue will focus on strategic issues including energy, climate change, security, health, culture, education, human rights, as well as the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq.

She emphasized that it is “very important” for the KRG to be represented in the discussions focused on the issues of common interest.

Meanwhile, The White House has confirmed that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will be received by President Joe Biden on July 26 for discussions around the same topics.

We are working to disburse the salaries of retirees before Eid al-Adha.. This is what we are waiting

local news
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On Saturday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issued a clarification regarding the delay in releasing the salaries of insured retirees .A statement by the ministry stated, “The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Retirement and Social Security for Workers has completed all the procedures for disbursing pension salaries for the months of July and August, and the lists of salaries and checks were sent to the General Administration of Rafidain Bank on Sunday, 7-11-2021,” noting that “The delay occurred as a result of the clearing that occurred during Wednesday, which coincided with the official holiday .”He added, “The ministry is waiting for the exchange instruction by the General Administration of Rafidain Bank, and the release of salaries will be announced on the official page, the ministry’s website, the department’s page and various media once they are launched by the bank .”He added, “This meal is supposed to be launched in the month of August, but due to the approaching Eid al-Adha, the department sought to spend it before the scheduled date.”

The White House issues a statement on Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to Washington

political| 10:01 – 17/07/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News

On Saturday, the White House issued a statement about Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to Washington. 
White House spokesman Jen Baskey said, in a statement briefed by Mawazine News, that “President Biden looks forward to welcoming Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to the White House on the 26th of this month.” 
She added that “Al-Kazemi’s visit will highlight the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation in the Strategic Framework Agreement,” noting that “the visit will also focus on key areas of common interest, including through education, health, culture, energy and climate initiatives.” 
She indicated that “President Biden looks forward to strengthening bilateral cooperation with Iraq on political, economic and security issues to include joint efforts to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS.” Ended 29/A43