Parliamentary Finance: The funds are insured for the salary of September, and the Ministry bears responsibility for delaying their disbursement

Time: 09/27/2020 08:56:34

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Parliamentary Finance Committee held the Ministry of Finance responsible for the delay in paying employees’ salaries for the month of September until now.

The reporter of the committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in a press statement, that “after investigation and searching for the real reasons,” it became clear to us that there was no technical or technical failure in the Central Bank’s systems, indicating that “according to our information, then I leave it.

Al-Saffar expressed his dissatisfaction with the ministry’s reluctance to communicate with the Finance Committee, pointing out that “the salaries of employees need 6 trillion and 200 billion dinars, and only our oil revenues cover about 4 trillion dinars.”

Al-Saffar recalled that Parliament had approved the borrowing of 15 trillion dinars, divided into 8 months until the end of the year, taking into account the coverage of other matters that are supposed to be paid monthly, such as debts and obligations towards health and the ration card, so that the monthly deficit becomes about 3 trillion, and by dividing 15 by 3 We will have salary coverage until next October. He wondered: Where did the money go? ”

He said,“ We are surprised at the absence of a permit from the Ministry and the secrecy of the reasons for the delay, calling for quickly funding banks to disburse employees ’salaries.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi


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