Al-Sudani resolves the position on changing the dollar exchange rate and calls the term “corruption pandemic”

  • Time: 01/11/2022 19:44:36
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Al-Sudani resolves the position on changing the dollar exchange rate and calls the term “corruption pandemic”

  {Political: Al-Furat News} The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, has identified the Central Bank of Iraq as the only concerned party in changing or restoring the dollar exchange rate.

Al-Sudani said in his first press conference after forming the government and gaining the confidence of the House of Representatives: “The central bank is the only responsible party for changing the dollar exchange, and as an executive authority we are committed to this aspect and we support the independence of the bank and the government is committed to implementing the law.”

However, he added: “But the decision to change the exchange rate in the past was not accompanied by measures to protect the poor classes.”

Regarding the fight against corruption, the Prime Minister launched the term “corruption pandemic”, referring to it as a “serious threat to the Iraqi state.”

And he indicated that “the danger of corruption lies in planning for it without fear of deterrence,” noting that “the procedures for recovering the stolen amounts from the tax trusts are continuing and are being followed up daily.”

Al-Sudani added, “Without real measures, anti-corruption slogans will be a mere absurdity,” stressing that “the recovery of the looted funds will be a key focus in relations with the countries of the world, and we will not remain silent about the stolen and looted money smuggled abroad in countries known to us and known corrupt as well.”

The Prime Minister warned against “any minister condoning corruption files, as he will be under the law, and the ministers will be evaluated on this basis, and we will adopt frankness and openness with the people.”

Al-Sudani stressed the government’s vision in the next stage, writing and approving the ministerial curriculum within the Council of Ministers within two weeks from now, and our priorities are to combat poverty, unemployment and corruption, carry out economic reforms and provide services.

He pointed out, “I directed the Ministry of Commerce to enhance our strategic storage of basic food supplies.”

He announced that “the government is going to activate and implement the health insurance law, and there are offers from foreign companies to jointly operate and invest in government hospitals,” explaining that “implementing the health insurance law will guarantee the advancement of the health sector.”

He stressed, “removing the security establishment from any political investment and the security services concerned with preserving the prestige of the state.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that he “emphasized to friends and international partners the sovereignty and interest of Iraq.”

He explained that “the cabinet’s schedule will focus on the needs of the people, not fillers,” noting that “the caretaker government does not have the authority to issue appointment orders and agreements.”

He added that “the abolition of the decisions to appoint heads of agencies and advisers is not within the calculations of a policy or the exclusion of certain parties, but in implementation of the decision of the Federal Court, which is applicable and implementation,” stressing that “the approach of this government’s work will be towards implementing the law and judicial decisions.”

He announced, “forming an engineering effort to provide urgent services, and we will go to the field to implement service projects in the governorates, and there will be a clear difference in services.”

The Prime Minister stressed that “the agricultural plan for the winter season is late, and the recommendations of the committee concerned with preparing the winter agricultural plan have been approved, and it will be up to 5.5 million dunams,” announcing “the approval of recommendations to compensate farmers affected by not planting the yam crop, up to 120 billion dinars.”

Al-Sudani said: “We are working on studying the file of procedures and contracts with Resolution 315 in an accurate and personal manner, and we asked the Ministry of Finance to check the numbers of contracts and procedures and make recommendations.”

He promised “the law to protect the product is a sacred matter and directive to support national products,” noting that “burning associated gas causes great financial waste, and we have a vision to invest associated gas.”

And on the financial budget for 2023, the Prime Minister announced that he “directed all ministries today to prepare the 2023 budget and determine its priorities, as we are keen to present the budget as soon as possible.”

Regarding the date of holding early parliamentary elections, Al-Sudani explained that “this decision concerns the House of Representatives and the government is ready to meet the requirements for holding them,” pointing out that “the provincial elections will be held no later than October 2023.”

Al-Sudani affirmed that his government “will continue with Iraq’s mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and it is in Iraq’s interest to play this role.”

And regarding the presence of the international coalition forces in the country between the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, “the agreement with the political forces provided for authorizing and authorizing the prime minister to conduct a dialogue with the international coalition and through the relevant ministries, and it would be professional to determine the need for the international coalition as numbers with advisers, tasks and advice, and to exchange information and in light of that and what would result It is a government decision that all political parties will abide by, and we will proceed to complete this dialogue according to what is planned.”


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