Parliamentary finance is likely to approve the next year’s budget at 150 trillion dinars

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Today, Thursday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee stated that the next year’s budget will reach Parliament at the beginning of next year, while it is likely that its value will reach 150 trillion dinars, while it proposed fixing the price of $75 per barrel . Committee member Mueen Al-Kadhimi said in a televised statement, “The ministries of Finance and Planning are serious about completing writing the draft budget for 2023, and there will be a discussion about it in the Council of Ministers, and we believe that it will be sent to the House of Representatives early next year .”


In the first contact between them.. Al-Sudani and Putin stress the development of bilateral relations in various fields

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Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani confirmed, on Thursday, Iraq’s keenness to develop relations with Russia in various fields.

Al-Sudani’s media office stated in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that the latter received a phone call from the President of the Federal Republic of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and during the call, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways to enhance them, as well as a number of regional and international files of common concern.

Al-Sudani expressed the government’s keenness to maintain the relationship with Russia in various fields, stressing that the government is pursuing a policy of openness and cooperation with Iraq’s regional and international environment in its foreign relations.

In turn, Putin congratulated the Prime Minister on the occasion of the formation of the government, and expressed his wishes for the success of its tasks. He also affirmed Russia’s keenness to develop the relationship with Iraq, and the desire to develop it and open horizons for mutual cooperation.

Masrour Barzani and Blaskhart discuss solving problems with Baghdad and the bombing of Kurdistan

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Shafaq News / Today, Thursday, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government discussed with the UN envoy, Jeanine Plasschaert, finding a radical solution to the problems between Baghdad and Erbil in accordance with the constitution and the ministerial platform, while they stressed the need to put an end to the bombing and attacks against the region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, “Today, Thursday, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, received the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert.”

The statement added that “the meeting discussed the Iraqi general situation and the latest developments in the region, in addition to the importance of finding a radical solution to the problems between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government in accordance with the constitution and the ministerial platform of the new government. The meeting also witnessed a mutual affirmation of respect for the sovereignty and protection of the lands of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.” And put an end to the bombing and attacks against the Kurdistan Region.

The cities of the Kurdistan Region are witnessing continuous attacks and shelling by the Turkish and Iranian forces, while the regional government has confirmed continuously that it does not pose a threat to anyone and does not allow it to be a corridor to threaten any of Iraq’s neighbors, while calling on the international community and the Iraqi government to take serious positions to put an end to these attacks.

KDP will start a new page and resume talks with Kurdish parties: spokesperson

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Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has decided to start with a clean sheet and resume the talks with the political parties in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, spokesperson Mahmoud Mohammed said on Thursday.

Mohammed’s remarks came during a press conference he held earlier today in the capital city of the Kurdistan region, Erbil.

“In the political report of the party’s 14th congress, we decided to start a new page for talks and agreement with the other political parties and focus on the commonalities we share with them,” Mohammed said, “it is bound for divergences to exist, but we also have commonalities to focus on; which are the interests of the Kurdistan region in the national and ethnic sense.”

The Spokesperson said that the KDP’s Politburo had issued a decree that compels the figures who serve in both partisan and government/parliamentary positions simultaneously to resign from their positions in the state.

Clarification to the Iraqi Central Bank regarding the reasons for the decline in sales of the foreign currency selling window

Clarification to the Iraqi Central Bank regarding the reasons for the decline in sales of the foreign currency selling window

Central Bank of Iraq

 November 24, 2022 03:26 PM

Mubasher: The Central Bank of Iraq revealed, today, Thursday, the reasons for the recent decrease in the volume of sales of the foreign currency selling window.

A source in the bank told the Iraqi News Agency, “INA”, that “the Central Bank of Iraq is working to automate banking business according to the best banking standards, including the establishment of an electronic platform that organizes the external transfer process through the foreign currency sale window, similar to the electronic platform that organized the work of letters of guarantee.”

He added, “Due to the insufficient readiness of the local banks with the start of the trial application of the platform, the implementation of part of the foreign transfers was postponed, which resulted in a decrease in the volume of sales of the foreign currency sale window.”

He stressed that “the Central Bank continues to strengthen the balances of banks abroad to settle their foreign transactions through the window, which finances imports and other permitted transactions in accordance with the instructions of the window and the application of international standards and the law against money laundering and terrorist financing.”

The Investment Commission: A governmental approach to promote the investment reality in Iraq

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The National Investment Commission confirmed today, Thursday, a government approach to advance the investment reality in Iraq.

The head of the National Investment Commission, Salar Muhammad Amin, said in a statement, “One of the most prominent directions of the commission at the current and near stage is to open up to available local and foreign investments in various sectors and to find out the most prominent causes of reluctance.”

He added that he “meets daily with dozens of investors, businessmen and companies wishing to invest, and learns about the most prominent problems they face, in attempts to overcome these obstacles through direct coordination with the state departments concerned with the investment process.”

He stressed that “the advancement of the investment reality in Iraq is one of the most prominent directions of the government and the commission,” noting that “

The President of the Republic: Iraq’s foreign policy is based on mutual respect and the adoption of constructive dialogue

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, President of the Republic Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid confirmed today, Thursday, that Iraq’s foreign policy is based on mutual respect and the adoption of constructive dialogue.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that the President of the Republic, Abd al-Latif Jamal Rashid, received today, at the Baghdad Palace, the credentials of a number of new ambassadors accredited to Iraq, and they are both the Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan, Abd al-Rahim Sir al-Khatim, and the Ambassador of Japan. Matsumoto Hotoshi, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, Jessica Svardstrem, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Greece, Georgios Almanos,” indicating that “this was done in the presence of Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein.

The President of the Republic affirmed that “Iraq’s foreign policy is based on mutual respect and the adoption of constructive dialogue to strengthen relations and expand their horizons in accordance with common interests and in the interest of the people.”

Rashid wished the new ambassadors success in their duties, expressing his readiness to provide support in a way that helps facilitate their work.

For their part, the ambassadors thanked the President of the Republic for receiving them, expressing the aspiration of their countries to strengthen and develop relations with Iraq at various levels.

Al-Sudani assigned two ministries to expedite the preparation of the budget, and it is likely that it will be approved next year


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Shafaq News/ A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Mueen Al-Kadhimi, stated, on Thursday, that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ Al-Sudani, assigned the Ministries of Finance and Planning to expedite the preparation of the draft of the country’s general budget for the year 2023.

Al-Kadhimi told Shafaq News agency, that the budget will be identical to the government program, and it will include investment areas in a larger proportion compared to previous budgets to move the Iraqi economy, with funds allocated to the governorates in the development of the regions.

He added that the draft budget law will be ready in the Council of Ministers at the beginning of next month with a total amount estimated at 150 trillion dinars, and then it will be sent to the House of Representatives, expecting that Parliament will vote on the budget law after reading and amending it in January 2023.

And the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, identified, at the beginning of this month, the priorities to focus on are the federal budget law for next year.

This came during his chairmanship of a meeting that included Minister of Finance Taif Sami, Minister of Oil Hayan Abdel Ghani, Minister of Electricity Ziyad Ali Fadel, and a number of advisors. They discussed the file of the draft federal budget law for the year 2023, and the need to expedite its preparation and send it to the House of Representatives.

Al-Sudani directed the importance of the budget being at the level of ambition, and that it prioritize meeting the needs of citizens in terms of services, as well as taking it upon itself to effectively address the problem of electricity shortages, which greatly affected the life of citizens and the economic sectors in the country.

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani had previously directed the need to prepare the federal budget law for the year 2023 as quickly as possible.

The previous government headed by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi faltered in sending the draft budget law for the year 2022 before the Iraqi parliament in its previous session dissolved itself in preparation for the early elections that took place on the tenth of October 2021.

It is noteworthy that the financial budget for the current year 2022 was not approved by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives due to the turmoil that Iraq witnessed after the early elections in October 2021, which escalated to dangerous levels that ended with the events of the Green Zone, with armed confrontations between supporters of the Sadrist movement and the security forces, which claimed lives. Dozens and hundreds injured.

After the end of the crisis, with the agreement of the political blocs to elect the President of the Republic and to grant confidence to the government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, the latter pledged that he would present the draft federal budget law for the year 2023 as soon as possible.

And a number of specialists considered that the delay in approving the budget for the current year would negatively affect investment projects and delay ongoing projects, in addition to stopping the economic activities of the market in the country in general.