The State Administration Alliance decides to activate Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution

political| 10:28 – 11/28/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Minister of Justice Khaled Shawani revealed, on Monday, the details of the meeting of the State Administration Coalition at the home of the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Talabani.
Shawani said in a press conference held during the meeting, that “it was decided in the meeting, which was hosted by Pavel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, to activate Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, provided that a committee is formed for the same purpose to carry out its duties within a period of 10 days.”
He added, “The new government was formed as a result of a political agreement, one of its clauses included the implementation of Article 140 and the re-formation of the Supreme Committee for the implementation of that article, which has been suspended since 2014,” noting that “disabling the committee created a great void, and contributed to the re-Arabization of Kirkuk governorate and the cut-off areas.”
And he continued, “The re-formation of that committee was one of the main demands of the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Pavel Jalal Talabani in the negotiations to form the Iraqi government,” stressing that “it was decided to form that supreme committee within a period of one month from granting the Sudanese government confidence in the Iraqi parliament, and this What happened after a series of meetings with Al-Sudani and his government.”
He explained that “the committee will begin its duties within a period of 10 days and will disclose to parliament the budget it needs to perform the duties entrusted to it, in order to allocate the necessary funds for it in the 2023 budget,” noting that “with the formation of that committee, the implementation of Article 140 will return to its normal course.”
Shawani thanked all the parties that cooperated in this regard, including the Coalition within the Coordination Framework and the Sovereignty Coalition, because the process took place in agreement and agreement, pointing out that the committee was formed several days ago, but we decided to announce it from Mam Jalal’s house in Baghdad. Ended 29


The state administration discusses the election laws and decides to complete the cabinet

political| 11:16 – 11/28/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the State Administration Coalition discussed, on Monday, the laws of the provincial and parliament elections.
The coalition stated in a statement, which Mawazine News received a copy of, that “the State Administration Coalition held its regular meeting today to discuss the latest developments on the national, regional and international scene in Pavel Talabani’s office, in the presence of the Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament.”
The coalition revealed, according to the statement, “high-level dialogues and meetings to prevent violations of Iraqi sovereignty from any external party.”
He stressed “Iraq’s serious work to prevent the use of its lands as a springboard to destabilize the security of neighboring countries.”
According to the statement, “the meeting decided to complete the cabinet and name the ministers of environment, housing and construction.”
He explained that “

The presidency of the region reveals the most prominent files on the table of Barzani and Al-Sudani

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The presidency of the region reveals the most prominent files on the table of Barzani and Al-Sudani

  {Politics: Al Furat News} Today, Monday, the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region revealed the most prominent files that were raised in the meeting of its President Nechirvan Barzani and Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani in the capital, Baghdad.

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And it stated in a statement, which {Euphrates News} received a copy of, that: “Barzani discussed, during his recent visits to Baghdad with Al-Sudani and other political parties, the latest developments in the security and political situation in the country, and they emphasized cooperation and coordination between all parties to support the new federal government and the successful implementation of its platform.” Ministerial Cabinet, and work together to resolve the outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad, starting with Article (140) of the constitution, the budget and financial dues, leading to the normalization of the situation in Sinjar and the problems of the country in general, through dialogue and on the basis of the constitution and preserving the stability and sovereignty of the country.
And she added, “Barzani and Al-Sudani stressed not to allow any threats or military operations targeting neighboring countries across the borders of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, while ensuring the provision of aid and humanitarian assistance to refugees, and not allowing the presence of armed factions in the region. Therefore, Erbil and Baghdad will cooperate and coordinate completely to protect border security.” And they will cooperate and coordinate with neighboring countries, and they will take the necessary measures in this
regard neighborhood and common interests.
In order to solve the internal and external problems in the region, Barzani believes that “it is necessary to resort to dialogue and understanding and to adopt peaceful solutions, and the leadership of the Kurdistan Region is ready to play a positive and constructive role in this context.”

A senior American delegation assures Masrour Barzani of its readiness to participate in the reconstruction and prosperity of Kurdistan

KurdistanAmerican DelegationThe Head Of The Regional Government, Masrour Barzani

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Shafaq News/ A high-ranking American delegation confirmed, on Monday, to the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, full readiness to actively participate in the process of rebuilding and prosperity of Kurdistan.

A statement of the Kurdistan Regional Government received by Shafaq News agency stated, “Masrour Barzani received a high-ranking delegation from the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and the Chaldean Community Foundation headed by Martin Manna,” explaining that “the head of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and the Chaldean Community presented an overview of his two institutions’ work, activities, and projects in America And the Kurdistan Region and the Nineveh Plain, and expressed the full readiness of its two institutions to actively participate in the process of reconstruction and prosperity of Kurdistan.

The head of the regional government indicated that “Kurdistan is our homeland for all of the various national and religious components, and we must all cooperate and help in order to achieve further development for the Kurdistan Region and consolidate the foundations of a culture of peaceful coexistence among the components.”

The prime minister renewed the Kurdistan Region’s support for the legitimate demands of Christians and the various components in the Nineveh Plain and the Kurdish regions outside the region, and stressed the need to solve the problems of these regions within the framework of Article 140 of the constitution.

Among Them Are Prominent Names.. Integrity Reveals Those Involved In The “Theft Of The Century” And Warns!

11/28/2022 1 

Earth News / Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee expressed its fear of making “Nour Zuhair”, accused of the “theft of the century”, a scapegoat, without overthrowing the big heads involved in this matter.

Ali Turki, a representative of the committee, said in a statement singled out to him by the “Earth News” agency, that “this theft was called the theft of the century, due to the volume of the stolen money, as well as the careful planning for it, which was starting from the eighth month 2021, through a letter from the Finance Committee, in addition to canceling The role of oversight.”

He added, “We have reached very good information on this subject, but there is an involvement of large heads who stand today as a wall of thwarting without reaching the real thieves and contenting themselves with (Nour Zuhair) being the head and the mastermind.”

Turki continued, “We have information that (Nour Zuhair) was the director of the office of Haitham al-Jubouri, the technical advisor to the former prime minister, and all the five companies are linked to him, because he has a power of attorney for all the companies that stole tax money, as he owns a large percentage of their shares, and he is the authorized director.” for all companies.”

And he confirmed, “There are documents condemning the former Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for appointing the so-called (Osama), directly and by a letter from his office,” and added that “there are books proving the involvement of Raed Jouhi, the former director of the Prime Minister’s Office and intelligence.”

He pointed out that “the Integrity Commission is not far from participating in this matter, through the director of the investigation office, who in turn gave the green light to issue the first instrument.”

He also explained that “the Office of Financial Supervision plays a major role in the issue of (theft of the century), as well as the Money Laundering Division, in partnership with the Rafidain Bank.”

And he added recently, that “numerous political figures left behind this matter, and it has not been revealed yet,” expecting that “there will be a deal to close the case, with an agreement to recover a large amount of money, in return for not harming the big heads and protecting them from the hands of the law.”

Turki also addressed, “The Prime Minister not to blame him in the right, and to put those involved before the law, whether those who are still inside or outside Iraq, and not be content with recovering the money only.”

بينهم أسماء بارزة.. النزاهة تكشف المتورطين في “سرقة القرن” وتحذر!