24 coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, 55 ISIS oil trucks destroyed

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(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – The Joint Task Force announced that the international coalition air force are continuing to target ISIS headquarters and hideouts in Syria and Iraq, and added that in its recent raids, it destroyed more than 55 oil tanker tanks belonging to ISIS in Syria.

The Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) released a statement revealing that they have carried out 24 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in the last 24 hours.

The statement said, “Fourteen airstrikes across the ISIS-held areas in Syria destroyed dozens of ISIS tactical units, heavy machine guns, cache of weapons, supply routes and anti-aircraft artillery systems,” adding, “55 tanker trucks delivering oil to ISIS were destroyed on Sunday.”

In Iraq, the US-led coalition warplanes conducted 10 airstrikes near Mosul, Tel Affar, Beiji, Ramadi and Samarra, and inflicted heavy losses on the jihadist group.

“Near Mosul, four strikes destroyed three ISIS tactical units, 18 rocket rails, three vehicles, a financial center, and a weapons cache, as well as damaging four tunnels,” the statement added.



Fireworks in the skies of Baghdad, to celebrate the anniversary and four days


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced that the city of Zora games for the launch of the fireworks in the skies of the capital , Baghdad , tocelebrate the Eid Al Adha on Monday evening for a period of four days.
She said the city administration in a press release received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, ” the city of Zora Games will launch fireworks attractive and dazzling in the skies of Baghdad , under the supervision of specialists to celebrate Eid Al Adha for four consecutive days , accompanied by visual and sound effects start of Monday evening . ”
He added that” this initiative comes as part of the diversification of activities prepared by the city Games Zora to celebrate this joyous occasion and create an atmosphere filled with happiness and joy process. “

Abadi to the families of martyrs: thanks to the sacrifices of your sons we were able to edit areas of terrorism


By Roudao 33 minutes ago
حيدر العبادي مع احدى عوائل الشهداء
Haider al-Abadi with one of the families of martyrs

Roudao – Erbil

The head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Haider alAbadi, said on Monday that the sacrifices of the “martyrs and Astpsahlhm to defend Iraq , ” contributed to the protectionof holy sites and the liberalization of areas from the controlof the organization Daesh.

The head of the Cabinet Office said in a statement, seen by Roudao Media Network, “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, visited the families of martyrs in their homes Powell-day Eid al-Adha,” noting that “al-Abadi said that thanks to the sacrifices of their children we can edit areas and the protection of citizens and sanctuaries of terrorist gangs. “

He praised al-Abadi, according to the statement, “patiently families of the martyrs of the parents, wives, sons, it is necessary to follow up because they were the real basis for the fight against terrorism, pointing out that the” fatwa religious authority jihad Ulkipaia response sons of the country have had a great role in this victory. “


Airlines: transport 96,000 passengers in 10 days and plan to re pilgrims


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Iraqi Airways announced the increase in passengers and flights preparation during the past ten days.
The company attributed in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the increase to “reduce prices ,which were announced earlier , a competitive price and also quality services offered to passengers.”
Said General Manager Samer cream Kubba , according to the statement “was moved 96 thousand and 375 passengers for the period from 1-10 September of this, of which 828 flight. ”
He added Kubba” this has been the efforts of all employees in the company of engineers, pilots and Amadavien and employees of commercial department and the staff of life support department and all employees of thecompany , “stressing that” the support and follow – up to the Minister of transport , who pays great attention togreen the bird as a national carrier of Iraq. ”
He added , ” the plan was to rebuild the Iraqi pilgrims to come home after the end of the Hajj , “referring to” re pilgrims to the airport , which left him in accordance with a specific timetable starts at the beginning of next week. ”
He said General manager of the airline that ” the company and because of the support by the transport Minister risen services provided to travelers and exceeded a lot of obstacles marked for its work in the past and this testimony of many travelers and observers of the company ‘s business.”


Urgent truce in Syria enters into force .. and Damascus: We will respond to any breach


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truce to stop the fighting in Syria has entered into force in accordance with the agreement between Russia and theUnited States of America.
The General Command of the Army of the Syrian armed forces, that the application of the truce regime on theterritory of the Republic for a period of seven days from seven pm today local time [16:00 GMT], until 12 o’clock midnight on September the current 19, with the retention of the crucial post using all media firearms on any breach on the part of armed groups. ”
the State of the United States, Russia and minister John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, announced late last Friday night, at the conclusion of negotiations in Geneva, to reach a truce in Syria begins sundown on Monday It may result if survived for a week on the military cooperation between the United States and Russia, and through theexchange of information to launch air strikes at specific sites in Syria.

Urgent Hakim: We recognize that the time has come for a new Middle East



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[Oan- Baghdad]
called the National Alliance leader, Ammar al – Hakim, to keep Iraq from any regional conflicts.
Hakim said in his sermon Eid al – Adha, was held at his office in Baghdad, “We have to realize that thetime has come for there to be a new Middle East . Iraq will not be faithfully his sons and the courage of his youth is the major victim of the new equations.”
He said we all have a responsibility to maintain and strengthen the unity of his people and to be away from any regional conflicts “follows ..

Deputy for Barzani’s party: Zebari sole representative in the government and his dismissal is unlikely



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[Special Oan-]
exclude deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party , which is headed by the President of theKurdistan region Massoud Barzani block, the withdrawal of confidence or the dismissal of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari from the government after being questioned in parliament.
Majid said Chenkali, told all of Iraq [where] that ” the withdrawal of confidence or dismissal is not amatter of conviction only issue of questioning of the Minister of Finance was based on the reaction, and the withdrawal of confidence when many options although not convinced some answers to theminister , but maybe this does not lead to the withdrawal of confidence with him. ”
He added,” a lot of the blocks seem supportive of the position Zebari non – confidence motion against the other blocks try it. ”
He predicted Chenkali that” there is a session to vote on the confidence motion , “noting that” theconvictions of Representatives are determine to resolve the issue , “adding that” the issue ofwithdrawal of confidence from Zebari , a wholly different defense minister differ [art] Khaled al -Obeidi, being the sole representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the federal government, one of the leaders in it. ”
and” there are the first two teams supports Zebari and another stands with the withdrawal ofconfidence about him, and they work all their efforts to achieve their goal , and certainly will besuccessful who gets the majority vote in parliament. ”
the House of Representatives, had been questioned in the 27 of last August , Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari [leader of the Kurdistan Democratic party and voted not to conviction Bojobth a move that could pave the way for his dismissal soon.
the cause of interrogation in occurrence of verbal altercations and conflicts of hands between thesupporters and opponents for questioning in the parliament session, in what promise to Barzani ‘sparty as a political target.
the prime minister Haider al – Abadi that interrogations parliament unconstitutional a legal right tohim, but stressed at the same time the need to remove them from the “political target”.
he accused Zebari , president of a coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki, to “stand behind thequestioning to topple the government and parliament , ” he said.
he was scheduled to vote at its meeting last Thursday to withdraw confidence from the Minister ofFinance but the lack of quorum prevented the meeting , which adjourned until after the holiday Eid al-Adha.