Transport Minister and US Ambassador discuss cooperation in the field of aviation and the completion of the port of Faw

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Search and Zaranakl Kazem Cup, with the US ambassador in Iraq , Douglas Silliman prospects of cooperation between the two countries.

A statement by the ministry , said the US ambassador visited the Ministry of Transport and met with the minister, and has been through discuss the prospects of cooperation and bilateral coordination in terms of ports , civil aviation and provide support and assistance in the application of international conventions and reach the standards by which they can achieve the desired goals in the work. ” 

The Minister of Transport according to the statement, “the need to take advantage of the possibilities and experiences of US companies that have successful experiences in aviation, ports and areas which could give Iraq the possibility to improve the performance and the advancement of the joints of the transport projects in the country.” 

He added “We have to develop the level of workers in the ministry and the advancement of the work of through the use of foreign expertise to complete the strategic projects of the ministry, especially the port of Faw, which will have a great economic future of the region. ” 

for his part , the US ambassador” full readiness to cooperate to serve the two countries. ”


Urgent high number of victims of the bombing of the mall to 35 martyrs and 40 wounded

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The number of victims of the bombing Mall palm dual rose to 35 martyrs and 40 wounded.
According to a medical source in the Health Rusafa told {Euphrates News} ” The number of victims of the bombing of palm Mall in Palestine Street rose to 35 martyrs and 40 wounded.” 

The head of the security and defense committee in Parliament, of quitting had said earlier that ” the bombing Mall palm carried out the bombing two bombers themselves near the palm Mall, explaining that ” the mall bombing carried out the bombing bombers themselves first pedestrian blew himself the door back to the mall and the second car bomber near the entrance to the mall for 10 kilometers , which resulted in the deaths of three people and the number of wounded in the initial toll” .anthy

Oil denies the existence of a new agreement for export between Baghdad and Erbil

Friday 9 September 2016 21:51


Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Oil Ministry denied on Friday a new agreement for export with the Kurdistan region, noting that the previous agreement is still in force, while seeking re-affirmed full control over the management of all the province of Kirkuk oil fields.
The ministry said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, “The Oil Ministry denies the existence of any new agreement for export between them and the Kurdistan region, and stresses that the previous agreement was still in effect where the contents of the financial budgets for the last two years as well as the financial budget for 2017,” indicating that “what got to the pass-through of oil pipeline through Turkish territory was vandalized a few months ago that the oil ministry was forced to stop pumping oil through the pipeline from Kirkuk. “
The ministry added that it “continues this stop North Oil Company was forced to re-injection of up to 100 thousand barrels of extracted crude oil per day to the wells again without financial returns and therefore the Ministry of Oil bear operational costs for the North Oil Company.”
She explained that the “re-export of oil and pumped through the Turkish port of Ceyhan will provide additional imports cover operating expenses for the North Oil Company, as well as the provision of Kirkuk province’s share of the petro-dollar addition to the imports of the federal budget, all of which stopped due to stop pumping oil.”
Ministry said it was “seeking to restore full control over the management of all the oil fields of Kirkuk, which was administered by the company before entering Daesh terrorist gangs to seize Iraqi territory and the Peshmerga forces on a section of the oil wells in the previous government period.”
A source in the North Oil Company told Alsumaria News, in (4 September 2016), that oil exports from the Kirkuk oilfields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan stable at the rate of 100 thousand barrels per day, as he pointed to the rise in production to maintain the fields to reach about 275 thousand barrels.
The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region in (5 September 2016), the total exports and oil sales in the Turkish port of Ceyhan totaled 411 thousand and 727 barrels per day during the month of August.

Abadi source denies receiving letter from Talabani ‘s wife concerning oil Haona

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Friday 9 September 2016 20:47

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Denied early, on Friday, received the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi message from Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, wife of former President Jalal Talabani on pumping oil from the Kirkuk governorate source.
The source said in an interview for the Sumerian News, “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his office did not Atzlma message from Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed on pumping oil from the Kirkuk governorate limit today and had no knowledge of it.”
The source, who asked not to be named, said that “it is surprising diffusion (message) in the media without the knowledge of their credibility.”
The official website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Jalal Talabani, reported on Wednesday (September 7, 2016), that the Hero Ibrahim Ahmed sent a letter to al-Abadi on behalf of the Union, on the export of 100 thousand barrels per day of Kirkuk.

Video .. 100 Daasha including senior leaders were killed bombed the Iraqi western Anbar [Extended]



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[Oan- Baghdad]
and the Ministry of Interior / announced cell hawks intelligence .100 terrorist gangs killed Daesh aerial bombardment was carried out by F-16 on the western Iraqi province of Anbar areas.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, ” has not slowed for the brave of cell hawks Pal even punish those criminals who went on the ground of corruption, take Thar victims [Ain al- Tamur, Karrada and captives of the Yazidis and the martyrs of the popular crowd in Khalidiya, and after depending on God and intensify intelligence effort field in cities Dnsthe Daesh gangs and identify strategic targets affecting the activities of the enemy in the areas [based, Akashat, pubic, Rawah, a steamroller wet]. ”
he added that” after completion of the study goals and analyze what the finished elements hawks intelligence cell tasks issued writ of execution has been assigned hawks Iraqi air force implementation to be seen driving a plane F16 type, last Tuesday and paid 11 strike within that target senior leadership positions for criminals and thecontent of the killing machine of the innocent people of explosive belts, ammunition, weapons, explosive devices and additives for Angmasien and suicide bombers areas. ”
the statement said, “these strikes that killed more than 100 terrorists, and most deaths:
1. Assistant to the Euphrates Saudi nationality of the inhabitants of his grandfather and one of the most prominent immigrants in the state.
2. official Alangmasien resident of Fallujah , one implementers execution of the martyr [Mustafa virgins He was suspended in Boca and lived after escaping from Fallujah in the existing Tanak neighborhood.
3 for sale . Arab suicide bombers from Syria official resident of Salah al – Din / Baiji.
4 for sale . Press officer for the state of Anbar and transmission write Aladnana resident of Qadisiyah was Reserve with Abu Mohammad al-Adnani in Bucca prison and close to him. .
5. The military official in Khalidiya Island withdraw from Khalidiyah to Rawah were killed during the air strikes were buried in the Qadisiyah neighborhood.
6. Official transfer terrorists and wheels to the front lines of the residents of Rawah , a fugitive from prison Badush
7. Booty official – Iraqi citizenship.
8. Official secret Farouk processing of the inhabitants of Anbar Bu Mari runaway district of Abu Ghraib.
9. Expert on roads leading to the Ein al – Assad / modern and fugitive from Abu Ghraib prison , was detained in Bucca.
10. Amir Privacy Faruq boycotted Rawah Battalion Tabuk , Saudi nationality.
11. Battalion concrete administrator.
12 for sale . Equipped with explosive belts and rockets.
13. Amir security detachment.
14. Assistant Amir security detachment.
15. The cloak official in Anah District.
16. Terrorist – old [40] – year – old resident of tin – based Egyptian citizenship neighborhood of the family of acriminal Ayman al – Zawahiri.
17. Terrorist – a resident of Ramadi , at the age of 25 years.
18 for sale . One Alangmasien in what is called the state of the Euphrates.
19. A terrorist involved in many criminal operations against innocent
20. Terrorist from the people of Mosul.
21. Soldier in the battalion Alangmasien
22. Iraqi terrorist nicknamed.

Barzani returns to Erbil after his visit to Turkey, France


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[Oan- Baghdad]
, returned President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Friday to the city of Erbil, after his visit toTurkey, France and lasted for days.
He visited Barzani in 23 of last August , the Turkish capital of Ankara at the invitation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and then traveled Wednesday to Paris and met with French President François Hollande.
And discuss the region ‘s president with the heads and officials of the two countries , bilateral relations and support the Peshmerga in the war on Daesh and preparations for the battle to liberate the city Mosul.
conducted Barzani [70 years] surgery to his eye in one of the European countries, he said , “My health is very good now, I do not need to wear glasses after.”


The government explain why it set a price of $ 35 per barrel of oil in the budget of 2016



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[Oan- Baghdad]
attributed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the reasons for selecting 35 price for a barrel of oil in the budget next year , 2016, to forecast not to rise in crude prices.
The secretary general of the Council of Minister Mahdi Keywords in a press statement, said that “hedges government about not assuming a high price for a barrel of oil in the budget came in accordance with the Iraqi Oil prices in the markets and that the contact even to 33 dollars a barrel.”
He added , “also because of the expectations which the economists said for the government not to push oil prices to levels at which he arrived in the past years or less of them, which exceeded the $ 100 that can not risk predicting a high price for oil. ”
among Keywords that, the government faced a large deficit in the current year after the calculation of the price of a barrel to $ 45 , and this price was not present on the ground, especially in the first months of the current year after the arrival of prices to less than $ 30 a barrel , causing financial problems of the Iraqi state. ”
the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers that” the price of Iraqi oil is less than world oil prices to $ 8 and that because of the different Iraqi quality oils for oils in the world as well as the difficulty in transporting oil to thecountries and faces of other security problems contributed to the existence of this financial difference between the price of Iraqi oil world price for Brent. ”
the cabinet, voted on 30 August the past, the draft budget law for 2017, and referred Tuesday to the House ofRepresentatives, in an effort the government for approval before the end of this year.
the Prime Minister said Haider al – Abadi, a former time, that ” the 2017 budget suffers from a significant fiscal deficit due to lack of oil imports , compared with a rise roof employees and pensioners , “adding that thegovernment” set the price of $ 35 per barrel of oil within the 2017 budget. ”
he said the parliamentary finance committee member Sirhan Ahmed’s [where], that the 2017 budget deficit, estimated at 30 trillion Iraqi dinars , or 30% of the total budget It is larger than the budgets of 2016 and 2015 deficit , “stressing that” there is negligence of the government in the fight against corruption and prevent the waste ofpublic money. ”
the Ministry of Finance announced on Friday the arrival of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Thursday night, to the Jordanian capital of Amman to complete the international consultations between the government and representatives of the the international Monetary Fund IMF on Iraq a loan of $ 18 billion, and will take over in November $ 640 million as a down second of it after assuming like her as a down payment in July. the
Ministry made clear that ” the Fund pursuant to this program over a three – year credit facility of 4.5 billion dollars to Iraq to fill the financial gap and the budget deficit as a result of the financial and economic crisis in the country, and as a result of the commitment of Iraq ‘s Fund program to improve public financial policy and rationalization of expenditures and increase non – oil revenues, transparency and the fight against corruption, money laundering and legislation illegal financial management and the central bank ‘s performance. ”

Launch Internet-Fi at the headquarters of Iraqi Airways


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iraqi Airways announced on Friday the launch of the free service of the Internet at the company’s headquarters.
According to a company statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, it is “based on the directives of the Director General of Iraqi Airways Samer Kubba about activating the free internet access at the headquarters of Iraqi Airways building was launched free service and all the floors the company.”

He added that ” Service was restored record the duration of time in response to theguidance on rebuilding the infrastructure of all the company ‘s buildings and laboratories and the nests of its aircraft , similar to the global aviation companies to provide better services to employees and passengers esteemed “.anthy

Iraq receives $ 3 billion from the World Bank


Iraq receives $ 3 billion from the World Bank

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Financial advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said today that the World Bank has done a decision on lending to Iraq by about three billion dollars in the end of this year.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement Friday, which involved meetings of Iraq with the IMF mission in the Jordanian capital Amman, said that “the World Bank mission made the vision of funding for economic development in Iraq for the soft loan of about three billion dollars paid in stages, very low interest rate and duration repayment of long-term. “

He said the appearance, that this comes in “the framework of a program for financing development in Iraq.”

He added, that “the World Bank between the activities targeted by the loan, is the support of the federal budget in line with the economic reform paths and a document of reform launched by the Prime Minister.”

He stressed that “the loan will be spent over three years to coincide with the reformist trends in the activities of government reform and modernization of management, payment systems and a network of social security and the fight against corruption and other things.”

Adviser to Prime Minister predicted that “the implementation of the loan to Iraq by the World Bank end of the year 2016”.

The Committee on the economy and parliamentary investment promised, on May 16 last in 2016, the demands of the International Monetary Fund of Iraq to agree to lend him “do not constitute conditions” but a vision to address the economic crisis being includes a reduction in spending and focus on productive sectors to enhance budgetary resources.

Banks, Rafidain and Rasheed in Najaf distribute peasants dues during Eid


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Long-Presse / Najaf

Najaf’s provincial council, announced on Friday, the continuation of the official working in silos province to deliver the benefits of farmers for crops in 2015, as revealed for the approval of the Departments of bank Rafidain and Rasheed entitlements Exchange during the holiday.

The head of the Agricultural Committee of the Board Hashim Alkraawi in an interview with (long-Presse), said that “ongoing contacts with the Ministry of Commerce yielded obtaining the approval of the continuation of silos conservative time, to Friday, to complete the distribution of dues of farmers for crops in 2015”.

He Alkraawi, that ” intensive contacts have been made with the bank management Rafidain and Rasheed, in coordination with the Attorney Abdul-Hadi al-Hakim for obtaining approval regardless instruments peasants during the days of Eid holiday, “noting that” the two banks management agreed to receive peasants through Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for the disbursement of financial dues ” .

The central bank announced, at the (5 September 2016), covering the dues of farmers from cropping of wheat and rice, for the years 2014 and 2015, pointing out that the amounts sent to the Ministry of Commerce for distribution to beneficiaries.