Nuri al-Maliki’s party launched an attack on Moqtada al-Sadr

Sep 21, 2016

Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: Shen leading figures of the mass of the law of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki launched a sharp attack on the Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, noting that he did not achieve in Tzepehrth something for the Iraqi people, in response to the recent description of the owners that sold Iraq for terrorists.
Said MP from the Bloc law Messenger Radi said that «all the cleric’s remarks became expendable and his papers were burnt, which is another way trying to show himself on the scene again and these things are no longer fools people».
He added that «the street to have absorbed all of those treatises through multiple trials during the previous period of time, after the chest move all its forces and their fans in Baghdad and the provinces, but bottom line can not achieve anything».
Radi said «chest no longer possess any power of the street demonstrations that only some of the results did not come benefit of the people, noting that the opinions and statements by al-Sadr from time to time not feed hungry mouths at all».
He said a member of a coalition of state law, the Attorney Muwaffaq al-Rubaie that the calls for a strike on the pretext of the fight against corruption has always deterring more than benefits.
He said in a televised interview, that the fight against corruption should not be disabled via the public life and incite the masses against the elected government, which provided much of the Iraqi people after they arrived in the country to this level of «progress and prosperity»! In all areas with the exception of some of the aspects that can be addressed over time.
He called al-Rubaie, the current leader Muqtada al-Sadr to reconsider the mechanism of anti-corruption pursued because it backfired since the desecration of the House of Representatives and the destruction of public property and assault naked on a number of representatives of the people until the strike consistently, which cost the country huge losses in all sectors, saying that many employees have been forced to refrain from working because of the pressure exerted on them by the authorities, which organized the strike.
The leader of the Sadrist movement, described the former prime minister, head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, as «a vendor Iraq of terrorism.» Sadr also led
Sadr said in response to a question about one of his followers Maliki contradictory position of Saudi Arabia before and after leaving the presidency of the government «I do not care Maicol (vendor Iraq of terrorism), it is not the owner of a popular decision not to be effective.»
It is noteworthy that the politicians, lawmakers and military officials, clerics, including Moqtada al-Sadr, accused Nuri al-Maliki, is responsible for the collapse of the situation in Iraq and the spread of corruption, sectarianism and consolidation, as well as to allow for the organization of «state» to come to Iraq through the issue of withdrawal of the Armed Forces commands and not allowing it to fight the organization in Mosul, Add to ill-Maliki deal with the Sunnis and the Kurds, making the supreme Shiite authority refuses to grant Maliki’s third term as prime minister.


Washington and Baghdad and Erbil agreement enshrines Kurdistan starting point for the process of liberalization of Mosul 


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Wednesday – 19 Dhu al-Hijjah 1437 AH – September 21, 2016 AD Issue number [13812] Besides to meet US President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in New York last night (Reuters)
Arbil: Dilshad Abdullah – New York: «Middle East» Kurdish official, yesterday, revealed that the military agreement reached Erbil with Baghdad and Washington on the liberalization of Mosul process focuses on the distribution of tasks on the forces involved in the upcoming process and how it collects in and disperse them toward Mosul, the Kurdistan region, noting that the contract between the parties on how the political agreement Mosul management in the post-regulation Daesh. The media advisor in the office of President of the Region, the struggle of Mahmoud, «Middle East», the militarypolitical meeting, which was the day before yesterday under the auspices of President of the Region contract, Massoud Barzani, in Erbil, the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi army and the United States «and culminated in the agreement on Mosul editing process, he turned to the task of several paragraphs in this framework, including the tasks allocated to each military units and entry and collects in the region and then launch from some axes to Mosul, and precise format of the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army and the international coalition. » According to the primary features of the agreement shows that the Erbil and Baghdad have reached him under the supervision and coordination of smoothing by Washington, which has intensified in recent times by political and 9/20/2016 Washington and Baghdad and Erbil agreement enshrines Kurdistan starting point for the process of liberalization of Mosul military officials, meetings with officials in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region out a compromise formula to begin the process of liberation of the city. He said Mahmoud: «already this military agreement between the KRG and the federal government, a visit by US Vice Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken to Baghdad and met with the President of the Federal government and the leaders of the main political blocs in the country, and then came to the capital of the Kurdistan region to meet with regional president Massoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, and it really was a very positive atmosphere, and it seems that the fundamental issue in these meetings was the issue of Mosul after liberation, and the issue of displaced persons and how to deal with them, creating them with adequate conditions, and reduce the burden on the region, especially that military experts expect the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Almousliyn while starting the process of liberation of their city. » And whether this agreement is the agreement, which insisted upon regional president for the management of Mosul in the post «Daesh», between Mahmoud said: «President Barzani stressed that the post (Daesh) is the most important, especially from Mosul management of hand, and there is a very clear consensus shown essential in this regard the parties and activating the role of the provincial council, which includes a Kurdish majority. » He continued: «I think there is a political agreement probably did not announce details, but reached the three parties (the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government and the United States) to the political consensus on the management of Mosul and Nineveh province». Media Advisor to the President of the region and stressed that the Kurdistan region will be the starting point for the process of liberalization of Mosul, he said, adding: «can not attack on Mosul, in some areas, but using the territory of the Kurdistan region». He said: «within, there was a consensus among the main parties to cross the Iraqi army to Mosul through the territory map of the agreement between the two sides, and that the Peshmerga forces serving logistics forces entering Mosul, according to the statement issued by the military and political meeting between the KRG and Baghdad and the international coalition, conducted in-depth discussions on the liberalization process of Mosul, and this means that the Peshmerga forces will have a key role in the process of Mosul unchanged if the federal government forces. » In the meantime, informed sources revealed «Middle East», for leaks on the participation of militias, the popular crowd at the Battle of Mosul, indicating that the Peshmerga forces and militias popular crowd will be during the liberation of Mosul operation located on the outskirts of the city, while the Iraqi army and local police forces enter to the center the city, and whether they need to enter the Peshmerga forces and militias popular crowd at addressing some of the joint task then it will enter these two forces within the city to agree upon a plan. In addition, US President Barack Obama announced that his administration would ask Congress and other countries «intensifying» support for Iraq to help in the rebuilding of Mosul after editing process, expected to begin next month. Obama was speaking after a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last night on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly in New York. According to the agency «Reuters», Obama also said he looked forward to progress by the end of the year in the battle of Mosul. He added: «This will be a tough battle. Mosul, a large city and (Daesh) established itself firmly within that city ». Obama pointed out that thanks to the cooperation between the Iraqi security forces and coalition forces as well as the cooperation of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces «We are confident that we are in a position to rapidly progress well», adding that once the connector is completed must rebuild the city to prevent militants from returning to it and said he ask Congress and other countries to provide support for those efforts. He continued: «We hope by the end of this year in that we will see further progress with respect to the connector .. and further progress with regard to economic and political stability in Iraq». Abadi echoed Obama’s remarks on the time frame for the process of Mosul. Military commanders in Iraq and refers to the process that aims to expel the organization of the city could begin by late next month.



Abadi meet Jordan’s king in New York


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News met with Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi, Jordan’s King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein, in New York.
A statement by the Office of the Abadi agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit today that “Abadi met with the King of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , King Abdullah Bin Al – Hussein, on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations , currently held in New York.”
It was Abadi US President Barack Obama and a number of met world leaders on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly, and discussed with them tosupport Iraq in its war against Daash.anthy file


The political body of the National Alliance held its first meeting under the chairmanship of the wise and emphasizes the activation of its rules of procedure



The first meeting of the National Alliance headed by Ammar al-Hakim, in his office Tuesday September 20 2016
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Political body called the National Alliance on Tuesday to make the work of the Alliance institutionally and rules of procedure of activating him, insisting on the need for openness to other powers.

A statement by the National Alliance received (range Press), a copy of it, that “the political body of the alliance held its first meeting under the chairmanship of the National Alliance leader Ammar al-Hakim,” noting that “the meeting stressed during the meeting held in the al-Hakim, the Office of the importance of pursuing the alliance act institutionally, They also stressed the importance of the unity of the National Alliance as the biggest bloc, and that the interest of unity of the political process and to the rest of the blocs and political components. “

The statement added that “the Commission confirmed during the meeting on the role to be played on the coalition as well as openness to the other and activate the system internal forces and work to the General Assembly meeting as soon as possible.”

The Iraqi National Alliance, was elected to the (5 September 2016), the Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, head of him instead of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, as agreed to make his patrol.

The Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Iraqi National Alliance headed for nearly five years.

Abadi looking with the world of intelligence cooperation and support for Iraq in its war against Daesh leaders



Since 20/09/2016 20:37 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with world leaders in bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations intelligence cooperation and support of his country in the field of armament and security and the war against al Daesh and relief to the displaced.

• intelligence cooperation

His office said the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi discussed with the President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö bilateral cooperation in a number of areas and the war against terrorism.

According to a government statement, the President of the Republic of Finland reiterated his country’s great support for Iraq in all fields, stressing the importance of cooperation in the area of intelligence between the two countries.

As Dr Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister discuss with the Prime Minister of Austria Christian Kern bilateral cooperation between the two countries and the fight against Daesh terrorist gangs.

• Holland .. Iraq is moving in the comfortable setting

He met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, French President Francois Hollande on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations held a meeting in New York.

At the meeting, the French president expressed “his country’s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, and France is ready to provide all assistance,” adding that “things are going in Iraq develop properly and reassuring and we are with the sovereignty and stability of Iraq and non-interference of internal its affairs.”

Abadi said in turn, “said the challenges that Iraq is going through a big achieve victories on Daesh efforts of our heroes on the battlefield and on the eve of release of Mosul, pointing out that we currently think about the humanitarian aspect, it is important that countries take the initiative to support us in this area.”

And “we are moving societal reconciliation because Daesh tried to make a division between people of the same society, and there are great efforts being made in restoring stability to the liberated areas.”

• Sisi .. acclaim and attempts to address the band

As Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met on the sidelines of their participation in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York at its 71st.

The meeting discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations between Egypt and Iraq and the developments of the internal situation and efforts to combat terrorism and extremist groups of the Iraqi lands.

President al-Sisi stressed during the meeting, Egypt’s support to the unity and sovereignty of Iraq over all its territory, and its commitment to support all efforts to restore security and stability in Iraq in the face of current challenges and responding to attempts to sow discord and division among the Iraqi people.

The Spokesman added that the Iraqi Prime Minister underlined the strength and depth of relations between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples and the importance of working to advance and develop various areas of bilateral cooperation.

He also expressed his sincere appreciation for the positions of Egypt in support of Iraq, praising the role of Egypt as a pivotal key to security and stability pillar in the Arab world, and supportive of the unity and Arab solidarity.

And accept the Iraqi prime minister the latest developments on the Iraqi arena, especially the field moves to Iraqi forces in the areas you are in Daesh, stressing that his country is determined to eliminate terrorism and restore stability, including clearing the way to move forward towards the reconstruction of the areas where military confrontations, including contributing to achieve the economic and social development and meet Tohat the Iraqi people.

• Obama Mosul on the table ..

The Abadi yesterday with US President Barack Obama’s preparations editing city of Mosul, promising to help reconstruction and stressing that Iraq is a priority in the interest of the United States as al-Abadi said he will rid the city of Daesh in the coming months.

He spoke to a government statement discuss the issue of the follow-up of recruited terrorists through the Internet and the elimination of Daesh infrastructure.

For his part, al-Abadi said that al-Daesh threatens the world and fighting a war against Iraq will be editing control of Mosul in the coming months.

For his part, the media office of Ebadi said in a press statement after the meeting that Obama and al-Abadi discussed “bilateral relations between the two countries and the war on terror Daesh gangs and the challenges facing Iraq and the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces against Daesh.”

He said Obama “praised the significant progress and victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in the fight against the terrorist gangs Daesh stressing the readiness of the United States to provide humanitarian aid and the reconstruction of liberated areas.”

He stressed that Iraq still occupies a priority attention to the United States.

The Abadi has pointed out that “Iraq is the only country that fights Daesh and that these gangs in the last days and we will eliminate them and then go to fight an ideological and financial support to stop it.”

And “Victory in Mosul soon became and there are political, economic and humanitarian challenges are working to overcome them.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced at dawn on Tuesday for the start of liberalization spend Sharqat operations and the islands of gray and white.

He said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people from New York City to the US. “Edit spend Sharqat operation in Salahuddin province began to organize Daesh”

Abadi said that “the security forces also began the process of editing the islands of gray and white from the control of the organization.”

And reached the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, earlier on Monday, to the US New York City to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations session 71 .anthy 29 / tc n

Crowd announce the liberation of all al-Baghdadi, an island west of Anbar areas



Security forces in the district of Hit, west of Ramadi


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Long-Presse / Anbar

Announced the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, on Tuesday, for the liberation of all Baghdadi island regions, west of Ramadi, the provincial capital, (62 km) west of Baghdad, raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings, as pointed out that the operation resulted in the deaths of dozens of members of Al (Daesh ).

He said the intelligence director Brigade steadfastness, submitted Nazim Aljughaifi, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The security forces of the army brigade withstand modern managed, on Thursday evening, cleanse and edit all the island regions of al-Baghdadi, west of Anbar and raise the flag over the buildings,” noting that “the operation resulted in the deaths of dozens of members of Al (Daesh) terrorist.”

He Aljughaifi, “The security forces are working to deal with improvised explosive devices and building bombs in al-Baghdadi, the island’s spend Hit areas including Alkasirat area and Khalidiya, cotton and Alamierih and other villages with secure all regions and search houses and buildings to eliminate the last additives and strongholds (Daesh) terrorist.”

He Aljughaifi that “combat troops prepare to storm the Heat Island west of Ramadi during the next few hours and several axes, the most important from a single bridge in the al-Baghdadi Island hand spend the Heat center hand turbine.”

The security forces managed to free the majority of Anbar cities and major regions, the most important center of the province, Ramadi, Fallujah and largest Oqditha and spend the wet and the Heat of the organization (Daesh). ]

Parliament votes Wednesday on the two laws and the completion of the procedures for questioning Zebari



Vote in the Iraqi Council of Representatives (Archive)


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The House of Representatives announced on Tuesday that his agenda for the meeting of the 17 of the legislative term of the first third the legislative year, which will be held on Wednesday, will include a 14 paragraph, including the procedures of Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning of the Minister of Finance, pointed out that substances will make laws to the first reading and vote on the amendment and other bills.

She said the information department of the Council of Representatives, in a statement, received a (long-Presse), a copy of which, “The House of Representatives will be held, on Wednesday, its 17th of the legislative term of the first third the legislative year,” noting that “the agenda of the meeting included 14 paragraph containing complete proceedings have Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning of the Minister of Finance. “

The statement added, “The agenda of the meeting included voting on the draft second amendment to the law on investment in the crude oil No. 64 filter for the year 2007 Act, and the vote on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on International Institute for the Unification of Private Law Law (UNIDROIT) in respect of stolen cultural property or illegally exported “.

The statement, that “the meeting will schedule Baltoukitat directed by members of the House of Representatives to officials in the executive branch, and the procedures of Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning of the Minister of Finance, in addition to the first reading of the draft law of financial management.”

The statement said, “The planned meeting tomorrow material includes the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the law the Iraqi Media Network No. 26 of 2015, a report and discussion of the draft exemption of foreign companies and subcontractors Aliens Act contractors in licensing rounds decades of fees, as well as a report and discussion of the draft law the board of the Iraqi Atomic energy. “

The statement continued, “The council will report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 Act of 1980, as well as a report and discussion of the proposed Act to amend the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended,” pointing to “view a report and discussion of the proposed media and communications law.”

The statement, that “the paragraphs of Wednesday’s session, would be to discuss the payment of farmers and peasants dues for years (2014- 2015) and the issue of reducing the proportion of the quantities of grain received from the peasants of the Kurdistan region,” stressing “discuss the formation of a committee to investigate the facts about the theft of the Directorate of salaries Nineveh Health and the Committee investigative about custom for the displaced money exchange mechanism in the province of Nineveh. “

Aircraft ‘Charles de Gaulle’ carrier begins to participate in the liberation of Mosul


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Khandan- sailed the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle of France was heading to the Middle East to participate in the restoration of thecity of Mosul to organize “Daesh” terrorist campaign, as announced by the leadership of the staff of the French army on Tuesday. The news agency “AFP” a spokesman for the command of Staff Colonel Patrick Steiger as saying that the ship “sailed from Toulon yesterday evening and continue their training” before heading to the eastern Mediterranean, without providing further details. the Steiger predicted in early September of this that the aircraft carrier operational “be with the start of the autumn” and will “support for the Iraqi forces to restore the city of Mosul “subject to the terrorist organization since 2014 and will contribute to ” Charles de Gaulle ” , which carry 24 combat aircraft” Rafale Marine “to increase air capacity allocated by France to combat” Daesh “three times, in addition to the 12” Rafale “aircraft stationed in Jordan and the UAE. like fall 2015 will be stationed ship in the eastern Mediterranean to be closer to Syria and Iraq. France also sent adefender Cesar to the Iraqi army in preparation for an attack of Mosul, an artillery batteries mounted on trucks and enjoy the extent of 40 km.this the third time since January 2015 that “Charles de Gaulle” participated in the fight against the terrorist organization, and the task will be the last of the French aircraft carrier unique by a major maintenance operation for 18 months in early 2017.

Ki-moon said in his last speech to the leaders of the world: Do not Tnebwa home in your countries and were tortured Mardakm


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UN Secretary – General Ban Ki – moon to the leaders of member states of the organization quickly he stressed toresolve the crisis in Syria as well as the adoption of the Paris Convention for the face of climate change before theend of the year.
It came in his recent address to the General Assembly, which began its work Tuesday at the organization ‘sheadquarters in New York City.
And ends his second and final period in the state for that by the end of this year.
Ban said in a speech to the leaders of the member states in the General Assembly of the Organization “My message to you is clear serve your people and Atakrbwa home in your countries and Tnebwa capabilities and Atakrbwa democracy and were tortured Mardakm. ”
and leave that office by the atheist and the thirtieth of December , the first coming after ten years in office Kthamn secretary – general in the history of the organization that was founded in 1945.
He added that” I appeal to all those who have the ability to intervene to stop the war in Syria and the start ofnegotiations. ”
he said that the Syrian civil war , which has entered its sixth year , is one of the most serious challenges faced leaders and leaders gathered in New York as well as climate change crisis.
the face that severe Loma those responsible for the bombing of aid workers in a convoy of aid , which was heading to Aleppo in Syria a few days ago.
he said that if those responsible for this bombing just cowards. ”

Obama ignores the situation in Iraq in his speech to the UN


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ignored US President Barack Obama the situation in Iraq in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, which began its operations on Tuesday.
Obama said in his speech , which lasted about 50 minutes, Iraq once when he criticized his predecessor , former President George W. Bush in the war – spending policy would be better if she spent the field of investment in theUnited States.
And along the floor , Obama did not mention the Iraq and the challenges it faces and the role of international US -led coalition in the war on organizing Daesh. the
US president met yesterday with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in New York where the UN meeting and discussed the preparations for the battle to liberate Mosul , according to an Iraqi official statement held.
Obama and accept the word for many files , including the fight against terrorism and the problems of the Middle district East and the situation in Syria – albeit brief – and Palestinian – Israeli conflict and assisting refugees and the need to strengthen the global economy, development and poverty reduction, job creation and the elimination of Ebola disease.
“if we did not have terrorism to spread dangerous in the world is a small world can not isolate one another walls, and a lot of problems in the Middle East has emerged as the leaders they see that their legitimacy stems from theface of the opposition. ”
He noted , ” there is no military solution in Syria should work on a political solution. ”
He stressed Obama, that” the power in the world is not , however , a single pole, and the militarization of theconflict is not a solution to the problems, and we must remember that individual choices led to the occurrence of the wars of the world is like war. ”
on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict, he said , ” Palestinians and Israelis was possible to be in a better position if the Palestinians recognized Israel ‘s legitimacy if Israel halted settlement. ”
he stressed the US president , who will leave the White House by the end of this year after he held office for eight years [two states “Israel can not continue the occupation of the Palestinian territories and settle there , ” he said ,adding, ” the situation of the Palestinians would be better if abandoned incitement and violence.”
he called that ” we make a greater effort to help refugees in the world. ”
between,” the number of people living in extreme poverty fell to 10% of the world ‘s population , “noting , ” We live in a world that has a 1% of the population beyond what the 99% of the rest of the world ‘s population . ”
Obama said,” the solution to the eradication of poverty lies in the development and respect for workers ‘ rights, investment in people and in the education and protection , “adding that” the amounts so huge are not taxed , and this is unacceptable. ”
He concluded by saying , ” I have learned that identity should not define cross frustrate others , but through empowerment and helping others on the basis of dignity and respect. ”