Readout of the President’s National Security Council Meeting on the Counter ISIL Campaign



The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

President Obama today convened his National Security Council to discuss the global campaign we are leading to degrade and destroy ISIL. The President was briefed on multiple advances against ISIL that the Coalition has enabled across the battlefield in both Iraq and Syria, noting that the Iraqis have now reclaimed over 50 percent of the territory once controlled by ISIL, while our partners across northern Syria have essentially closed off ISIL’s access to the Syrian border with Turkey and the outside world. The President directed his team to continue close coordination with all of our partners in the Counter ISIL fight as we build on this momentum to plan operations to further pressure ISIL. The President expressed deep concern that, despite decreased violence across the country, the Syrian regime continues to block the flow of critical humanitarian aid. The President emphasized that the United States will not proceed with the next steps in the arrangement with Russia until we see seven continuous days of reduced violence and sustained humanitarian access.


America attached to the otherwise Kurdish parties


Sunday 18-09-2016 | 12:03:39

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Twilight News / spokesman for the US State Department, John Kirby announced that the US delegation had a meeting recently with officials in Kurdistan search efforts for the elimination of al “Daesh” terrorist forces and aid to Alپeshmrگh and facing refugees and humanitarian aid urgent crisis.

He added in an interview with reporters that the two sides discussed coordination between Baghdad and Erbil, on the eve of preparations for the liberalization of Mosul.

Asked about the US position on the differences between the Kurdish parties through a tweet to Brett Mcgork on his social networking on the consideration of a number of issues the site and which urged the two main parties in the province, the National Union and the Democratic Kurdistan to unify their stance, he stressed that he had talked a long time about wanting to be All parties are working to solve the problems and progress of Iraq, without providing more details.

In response to a question about the US concern over the differences between the Kurdish political parties that constitute a problem for US goals, he said he does not want to say something about something that has not happened yet opinionated.

He stressed on the continuous communication between the US and leaders of the Kurds in this regard and that Washington with that Baghdad and Arbil are working together for Iraq’s progress, pointing out that the differences between the political parties Kurdish do not serve US objectives and does not constitute a catalyst, and that Washington insists on the unity between the Kurdish parties.


Representative of the Kurdistan Region participate in Obama Abadi meeting in Gotham these days



By Roudao one hour ago
فؤاد حسين
Fuad Hussein

Roudao – Erbil

It is scheduled to meet US President, Barack Obama, next Monday September 19 , 2016, in New York , Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, the participation of arepresentative of the Kurdistan Region, Fouad Hussein, on thesidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

He said between Rhodes, one of the highest aides of US President, said that “Obama will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister in Gotham these days next Monday.”

According Roudao media network information, the Fouad Hussein, he will participate in the meeting as a representative of the Kurdistan Region.

Rhodes stressed, “It is an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss the subject of the anti campaign to organize the Islamic state as well as the liberation of Mosul campaign.”

He added that “the two presidents would discuss the political and economic stability in Iraq.”

The United States has deployed an extra 400 soldiers to Iraq earlier this month, while the Iraqi troops are preparations for the restoration of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

Masum arrives in Baghdad after holding several talks in the region


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, the Republic arrived on Saturday evening, to Baghdad from Erbil after a visit to the Kurdistan region.
According to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today that “Masum met in Sulaimaniya President Mam Jalal and anumber of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) leaders and discussed thepolitical situation and the security arena Iraqi general, relations between thefederal government and the government of the Kurdistan region, and ways tosolve the problems outstanding between them. ”
He continued , ” as President infallible discussed with the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan ‘s leaders ways of resolving problems within the Union in the spirit ofcomradely and brotherly. ”
He added that” the President of the Republic met with party Secretary Socialist Kurdistan democratic Mohammed Haj Mahmoud. ”
He noted that the ” infallible search through Jodە in city of Arbil with US Deputy Aforیjیh for they wanted the Middle East , Anthony Blinken, the ongoing preparations for the Liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of theorganization Daesh terrorist, and ways of strengthening the stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas, and file of the displaced. ”
the statement said the infallible” met at the end of the day visit Saturday Region President Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani and discussed Maە the political process and the general situation on the Iraqi arena and the region, and it was stressed during the meeting the importance of continuing between Baghdad and Erbil constructive dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems , “.anthy

Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government calls on political parties to a meeting on the problems of the region


By Roudao 35 minutes ago
شعار حكومة إقليم كوردستان
Logo Kurdistan Regional Government

Roudao – Erbil

I asked the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the political parties participating in the government for theplenary session to be held to discuss the problems that exist inthe Kurdistan Region, and repairs, and the issue of revenue and expenses in the government and parliament and political parties.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Saturday, in a statement, Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, “since the political parties participating in the government and parliament of the Kurdistan Region, put on the media channels, their views and observed about the problems that exist in the Kurdistan region, and how to implement the reforms, and the question revenue and expenses. “

The statement added that, “It is better that the political parties participating in the government and parliament of the Kurdistan Region will hold an expanded meeting to discuss the data and information and steps to reform government.”


The agenda of the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations next Tuesday



Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations kicks off next Tuesday and lasts a week, in the presence of 86 heads of state, in addition to heads of government and senior officials from Member States and international organization (193).

Featuring 71 session of the General Assembly this year, an unprecedented number of meetings and bilateral meetings between the leaders and the leaders, where it is expected that the next ten days is witnessing more than 1,100 bilateral meeting between the leaders, according to the Department of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services data.

The data indicate unprecedented participation by the leaders of the countries of the world, where he confirmed 86 heads of state and five deputies heads of state and 49 prime minister and 51 ministers and Crown Prince, officially taking part, while receiving formal requests by the Heads of State and Governments to book rooms in the main building of the international organization in New York to hold bilateral meetings.

Reached number so far in 1100 a bilateral meeting, while the number of joint meetings to be held in the current and next two weeks about 550 meeting.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, according to the data held 124 bilateral meetings, and will participate in 62 joint meeting during the same period.

There are also a number of summits and high-level meetings to be held on the sidelines of public debate, including:

1. summit to deal with the large waves of refugees and immigrants in the September 19 / September of this, the first summit called for by the General Assembly of the International Organization to discuss the exodus of migrants and refugees around the world.

Participants of the Heads of State and Government will seek in the summit which takes one day to a consensus on a better international response to the movements of migrants and refugees and promote the management of international migration and try to find a system that is more responsibility and predictability to respond to large movements of refugees and migrants.

2. Leaders Summit on Refugees Wednesday, September 21 / September of this, which is under the auspices of US President Barack Obama will discuss the leaders of the countries in which ways to reduce the flows of refugees around the world through the provision of financial and humanitarian support to them in their home countries before their displacement and also in countries in which they had arrived indeed it.

3. Monday, September 19 / September, also held high-level meeting with the participation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme to discuss the “promotion of self-reliance in food security and nutrition in protracted refugee situations.”

4. Tuesday, September 20 / September, will hold high-level meeting involving the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization as well as representatives of many heads of state and government to discuss how best to strengthen the national obligations of each country about malnutrition, in all its forms.

5. special event held last Tuesday, September 20 / September under the auspices of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the “protection of human rights in the context of a large wave of immigrants and refugees.”

6. Wednesday, September 21 / September, the General Assembly will be held for the fourth time in its history, a meeting of high-level presence of the Heads of State meeting to discuss a health issue which is resistant microbes countermeasures (such as Alkiza virus world, it is expected that the heads of state agree to participate on a sustainable and multiple plans sectors in this delegation connection, and there is also another summit on that day on the steps taken by many countries of the world to confront climate change meeting.

7. Thursday, September 22 / September there is another high-level meeting under the theme “Pathways to the stage of the eradication of hunger,” with the participation of representatives of Member States and civil society organizations, and partners from the private sector and some professional sports figures known to the world level, with the aim of “Cooperation for that become eradicate hunger of reality by 2030 “.

The participants will present their vision on the most pressing issues in the world, and especially the crisis in Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan, and South Korea, and the fight against terrorism, and the consequences caused by the exodus of refugees, and climate change.

Since the opening of the session 52 of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1997, was a tradition that the Secretary-General of the United Nations offers at the beginning of meetings, a report on the work of the organization in the past year, and will give Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations latest report on the work of the organization, where he will end his term as secretary in the December 31 / December next.

Sidor and the main topic of discussion during the current session on “sustainable development goals: universal impulse to change the world”, has been proposed this address to the members of the General Assembly meeting and ratification in New York on July 26 last.

There is no need to Heads of State and Governments, in their words speak for no more than 10 minutes, about this particular subject, as has been customary to address the Heads of Member States to talk about the most pressing issues facing their countries.

The General Assembly meets intensively in the period from September / September to December / December each year, and always begins public debate of the new session in the third Tuesday of September / September of each year.

According to the United Nations Charter, the General Assembly to consider the United Nations budget and adopt and establish the financial assessments to be borne by Member States and to elect a non-permanent members of the Security Council and the members of the United Nations and other bodies of the boards, and appoint the Secretary-General on the recommendation of the Security Council.

And authorizes the General Assembly to discuss any questions relating to international peace and security, and make a recommendation in question, unless the dispute or situation under discussion in the Security Council.


Hundreds of US Soldiers arrive in Quarrayah in preparation for the battle of Mosul

US military officials revealed on Saturday, the arrival of hundreds of American soldiers to Qayyarah base, to provide logistical support to Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul operations, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), and pointed out a plan to rehabilitate the base and used by aircraft Alliance, and as predicted the start of operations and the launching of the zero hour, over the next month, and described them as “hard”, drew out that current estimates suggest that there are about four thousand five hundred element of the organization (Daesh), within the city.He said US military officials, in a press statement, followed up (range Press), said that “hundreds of American soldiers have arrived in Qayyarah base south of Mosul in support of Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul operations,” pointing to “the imminent launch major assault to regain the city of Mosul might be next month”.

He said the officials, “The main task of US troops stationed in Qayyarah base will focus on providing logistical support and equipment to Iraqi forces in their offensive to liberate Mosul,” pointing to “the existence of the efforts to rehabilitate the base to be able to US aircraft and other coalition countries to build on them to the proximity of Mosul, which tactically important a factor in the battle. ”

Officials noted, that “the great attack to liberate Mosul date may begin as early as the month of October next first”, arguing that “the battle will be the fact that tough that (Daesh) and since 2014 worked to create defensive shields and drilling locations,” expecting “the existence of between three thousand to 4,500 fighters of the organization within the city. ”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced, in (25 August 2016), edited hand Qayyarah and surrounding areas, from the control of the organization (Daesh), and promised an “important step on the road to liberalization of Mosul.

House of Representatives plans to enact a law for the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission



Side of the House of Representatives session, today July 26, 2016


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Revealed to the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives, on Saturday, to discuss the draft uses the Atomic Energy Act, which will provide legal cover to form Atomic Energy Agency, and as pointed out that the Atomic Energy Commission will be responsible for the uses of peaceful atomic energy, health and industrial purposes, confirmed that they will work under the supervision of international Atomic energy Authority.

A member of the Commission on oil and parliamentary power Kawa Mohammed in an interview with (long-Presse), said that “for the Oil and Energy Committee discussed the project uses the Atomic Energy Act, which establishes whereby Atomic Energy Agency, which will be responsible for the uses of atomic energy for peaceful purposes and health industry.”

He said Mohammed, that “the Commission will work under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Authority and within the international standards,” he said, adding that “the draft law will be presented within the agenda of the Council after the Eid al-Adha holiday.”

Iraq occupies the 37th place among the nations of the acquiree went steady reserve

09/17/2016 – 15:13

Economy News / Baghdad …

Confirmed World Council for gold on Saturday that Iraq’s reserves of gold fixed and represents 7.1% of its reserves of foreign currency, noting that Iraq is still ranked among the 37 countries that have reserves of gold.
The Board reported in its website to official statistics seen by the “Economy News” that “Iraq’s reserves of gold remained stable and did not change, reaching 89.9 tons,” pointing out that “this amount represents 7.1% of its reserves of foreign currency, having represented 4.6% during the month of January. “
The council said that “Iraq did not buy gold since the last buy him in April 2014 in which 15.16 tonnes bought,” noting that “Iraq was ranked 37 out of 100 countries possess reserves of gold have been included within the global central bank reserve report.”

Parliamentary Finance: the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will boost imports of budget




Parliamentary Finance: the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will boost imports of budget


BAGHDAD / JD / .. the parliamentary finance committee promised, the oil agreement between the federal governments and the Kurdistan region a step in the right direction, as pointed out that this agreement will strengthen the financial revenues of the federal budget.
A member of the committee MP Ahmed Sarhan told / KD / “The government is taking positive steps in the field of oil through the agreement with the province, which is a step in the right direction, which will contribute to the advancement of the country at all levels.”
He added that “This agreement will enhance the financial revenues of the federal budget on the grounds that the export process will be the organization and coordination between the federal governments and the Kurdistan region.
A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Nechirvan Barzani visited Baghdad to discuss the oil agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil on the export of oil and delivery Allowardat.anthy / 8 /