Dynasty Assyria Bank celebrates the opening of its branch in the tenth Mansour

Dynasty Assyria Bank celebrates the opening of its branch in the tenth Mansour

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It has set up a family Ashur International Bank joyful celebration inaugurate the branch this evening in the presence of a representative of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Adnan Chalabi cut Commissioner of the bank manager, the ribbon, and then held the ceremony, which included the words opened Chalabi, who expressed his insistence Assyria bank to expand its banking services through increasing the number of branches in Iraq and said: – inaugurate Mansour branch of the number of branches ten bank branches scattered in the provinces of Iraq, including Baghdad, Karbala, Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Nineveh, Salahuddin and there is an intention to open branches in other provinces. 
It should be noted that Mansour branch of the Bank of Ashur International will begin its work from tomorrow Wednesday morning and provide its services to customers

China seeks to insert the renminbi in the global currency basket



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Being has the largest economy after the United States

Beijing / follow – up – morning ,

China is seeking to currency inclusion (renminbi) in foreign currency basket , along with the euro and the dollar and the rest of the other world currencies since he has China ‘s economy from strength made him second in the world after the US .

, and analysts say that with the sustained economic growth and higher yields of the bonds, China has seen externally increasing attention to the use of its currency and keep government Psondadtha, despite a decline in the value of the renminbi against the US dollar in the months


After the founding of the first clearing bank for the Chinese yuan (RMB) in the US United enter the renminbi imminent to reserve currencies main basket, the renminbi has been made the latest victories on the path of transformation into the currency


the Central Bank of China, delegated the Bank of China branch in New York to provide clearing services in yuan in the United States, and is the first time that establishes where China banks for clearing their own currency in the United States, to join the list of banks , clearing the yuan in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto and other cities abroad, which is expected to promote the international use

of the Amlh.kma China Central announced that he authorized the Moscow Office of industrial Chinese commercial Bank, the largest bank in China , to provide clearing yuan – denominated services in

Russia. All

these moves come days before the inclusion of the yuan in the SDR currency basket of the IMF, which will enter into force starting from the first day of next October, to become China ‘s currency is one of the reserve currencies of the five ratified by 189


the private basket of world currencies currently list both the US dollar and the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound


officials and analysts point out that these developments will increase the momentum of the rise of the renminbi.

, said TimothyF. Geithner, co – chairman of the working Group on trading and clearing of the renminbi in the United States in a press statement that « the establishment of a clearing bank in the United States would promote the growth of activity of the renminbi in the country and helps to absorb the increase in size and the demand for products and services for the


He described Siddharth Tiwari, director of strategic management, policy and review of the international Monetary fund, the next insertion of the yuan in the SDR basket «as an important milestone in the global financial integration process

to China.»

the renminbi ‘s fifth most widely used currency in international payments in value terms in July, with a share of 1.9 percent, up from 1.72 percent in June, according to data from the Organization global transaction Services


showed the IMF that the yuan was about 1.1 percent of official reserves retained by central banks all over the world at the end of 2014. Zhou Cheng John predicted that the 4 percent rate in excess «soon» after you insert the yuan in the SDR basket


as Standard Chartered Bank predicted that brings the insertion of 6.2 trillion yuan in net purchases of internal bonds in China by the end of


last month, the World Bank issued bonds Tqovernma SDR currency basket worth about $ 700 million in a market among Chinese banks, to use the yuan for the first time as the currency of



Cabinet approves budget amendment in 2017 and the reduction of expenses


Cabinet meeting chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi


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 Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Cabinet approved on Tuesday to amend the bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2017 Act, and included amendments to reduce budget expenditures to 90 trillion dinars, and pointed out that the price calculation of a barrel of oil to $ 42, as agreed to amend the amount of social benefits, congratulated the Iraqi football team foot after qualifying for the world Cup finals for juniors.

According to a statement, the Council of Ministers, received a (long-Presse), a copy of which, “The Council of Ministers, during its regular meeting held today, chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi, agreed to amend the draft of the federal budget for fiscal year 2017,” noting that “the amendment included several vertebrae, among them, the price of a barrel of oil to $ 42, and the rate of export 3,750,000 barrels per day ceiling. “

The statement added, “The amendment to the budget text to reduce expenses to 90.224 trillion dinars and the size of the debt 5.608 trillion dinars project”, adding that “the meeting witnessed modifying the amount of social benefits specified by law Social Protection No. 11 of 2014, based on Article 24 of the law.”

And it gave the Council of Ministers, according to the statement, “Congratulations to the Iraqi people on the occasion of qualifying Iraq team junior football for the World Cup for juniors tournament after winning yesterday the national team of Uzbekistan score two goals to none and praise players and staff training and administrative.”




Abadi: You must provide transparency in oil exports from Kurdistan and Massoud Barzani will visit Baghdad soon expanded {}


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the need to provide transparency in the export of oil from Kurdistan, while pointing out that the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Massoud Barzani will visit Baghdad soon.
Ebadi said in a press conference held in Baghdad and attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday that he “will be determined by the battle to liberate Mosul after confirmation of the readiness of our security forces in various different forms of international support and the lives of citizens before embarking onit.”
He noted that “Our forces have gained experience through battles in conjunction with the popular crowd while managed to preserve the lives of citizens in theliberation of Sharqat operations and Qayyarah of Conception Daesh terrorist gangs. ”
and on government spending between Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said , ” we have reduced spending significantly and Iraq today is better economically, “Pena said , ” Council of Ministers within its day allocated 2 trillion dinars to support thepeasants will be dues Exchange this year. ”
and on Baghdad and Erbil oil crisis Abadi stressed the need to provide transparency in the export of oil from Kurdistan to ensure the equitable distribution of theproceeds , ” explaining that ” the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani will visit Baghdad soon to discuss the relations between Kurdistan and the central government on the liberalization of Mosul. ”
in the axis Abadi , that” the world leaders said confirmed that the gold band is thebest fighter difference of terrorism in the world and should not have to give a chance to Daesh because he poses a real threat to Iraq. ”
and the interrogations carried out by the House of Representatives called Abadi that the vote will be on us in the interrogation sessions , but if it comes to national security. ”
With regard to the intention of the Kurdistan region to secede from Iraq Abadi said that” there are no any intention to secession of Kurdistan from Iraq. ”
he was surprised Abadi of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ‘s statement on the declaration of timing edit Mosul , “stressing that” Turkey has no role in theupcoming military operations.
he continued saying , “I am keen on the relationship with Turkey and all neighboring countries and claimed Click to cooperate with us in this area , ” noting that “if there were Turkish concerns with the PKK Vord Iraq is not a place for military conflicts.
He went on to say , “I accept the minister partisan provided that it is professionally and wants to serve Iraq and its people, I would choose the best specifications put forward in the nomination bench ministers and call on parliament to cooperate withthis Alsdd.anthy m


Abadi: we have reduced spending significantly .. and must provide transparency to export oil from Kurdistan





Abadi: we have reduced spending significantly .. and must provide transparency to export oil from Kurdistan


Ahmadinejad declares candidacy for Iran presidency




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{International: Euphrates News} announced Iranian President former governor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on Tuesday, he would not run for the presidential elections to be held in May / May 2017.
He wrote Nejad , who served as Iran ‘s president from 2005 to 2013, in a letter to Iran ‘s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, published by Iranian media: “With all thanked important to your statements {…} and cater to your wish inform you that I do not intend to participate in the next year ‘s presidential elections. ”
Mr Khamenei said on Monday, without Ahmadinejad called that” one of them came to see me: of his interests and the interests of the Iranian people , I told him that he should not take part. ”
the leader is the author of the recent decision of the country ‘s national and internal affairs to an end whether and guidance respected.
he added that “this will lead to a sharp split between two electrodes, is harmful to the country , ” stressing that ” the country needs to Union and especially of theforces insurers and revolutionary.”
Ahmadinejad said that Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei met in the August 30 / August last year.
the Ahmadinejad ‘s withdrawal as announced last governor is Mohsen Rezai ,former commander of the Revolutionary guards, Iran ‘s elite forces, on Monday, his withdrawal from the presidential race as well.
it is assumed that the candidate of former President moderate, Hassan Rohani, in 2013, a last for a term of four years.
trying to conservative Union for support one candidate in the face of a spiritual.
According to Agence France – Presse that the Tehran mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf can run the race again, after his candidacy twice in 2005 and 2013.anthy

The launch of an advance of 10 million dinars next week




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BAGHDAD – balances News

MP for the National Alliance announced Mona Ghorabi, Tuesday, announced the launch of an advance of 10 million dinars next week.

She Ghorabi in a statement received / balances News / dirty it, that “the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives, announced earlier that the staff advances worth 10 million dinars will be launched next week,” pointing out, “it will be spent over the ironing Card and will transform some ministries loans Rasheed Bank. ”

She added that “after their meeting managers Rafidain and Rasheed, said that the Integrity Committee hosted the Rafidain and Rasheed Bank managers on staff loans, in order to see a mechanism to ensure that the fight against corruption in the granting of loans,” indicating that “the new mechanism to ensure non-interference by any employee where the introduction of through electronic form. ”

Ghorabi She said “some ministries did not include loans Rafidain Bank such as health, interior and defense, and after talking with the bank managers has been added to these ministries at the Rasheed Bank, as will ensure the Rafidain Bank, the rest of the ministries, and the possibility of the launch of the Ministry of Finance to staff advances next week and through the ironing Card”.

The Rafidain Bank announced in a previous stop an advance of 10 million dinars time due to lack of approval from the Ministry of Finance to launch. / Ended 29 n / 10


Consultant Abadi: a proposed five-year vacation option only intergovernmental system overstuffed disguised unemployment



Financial advisor to the Prime Minister and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Counting financial advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Tuesday that a proposed vacation five years one of the options available to staff and not a mandatory, and while stressing the existence of a defect in employment in Iraq through the disguised unemployment system, he noted that with capacity employee enjoy leave with pay as his trust of debt to the state.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with (long-Presse), “The proposed decision five years leave one of the options available to employees, an option and not force,” noting that “glut in convincing the government system of unemployment in addition to the bugs in employment in Iraq, is a big burden on the financial budget. ”

Saleh added, “This holiday has nothing to do including edema employee of the debt of the state civil servant can get a five-year vacation, but what his trust of the debts of the state by continuing to pay them, according to the mandatory contractual text whether it be payment for this annual debt or monthly,” noting that “the employee can enjoy a five-year leave with his trust of the loan, provided that the premiums paid off regularly in any way.”

The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said in ( the sixth of September 2016  ) present, discuss the Council to grant employees a five – year paid leave my name completely,  calculated for the purposes of retirement, noting that he had proposed to grant staff in decades amount financially and allow them to create their own projects.

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives counting on the tenth of September 2016, a proposal to grant an employee a five-year paid leave my name, is a solution, “Trqieia improvised” does not rise to the level of advancement of the Iraqi economy, while economic expert considered that the step “positive” to reduce the public budget expenses , and considered the staff that provides a good opportunity for those who wish to travel abroad or carries on business second, but it may unload circuits efficiencies and increase competition to work in the private sector and exacerbate the unemployed army.