Sudani Adviser Determines Through “Earth News” The Date Of The Demise Of The Dollar Price Difference



Earth News / Prime Minister’s economic adviser Mazhar Mohammed Saleh set on Tuesday when the difference in the dollar price from the central bank from the market will disappear.

Saleh told Earth News that “the exchange market in Iraq is still gradually adapting to international compliance controls in financing foreign trade for the private sector. The adjustment process is developing gradually, positively and rapidly, but it takes some time, as the Central Bank’s procedures and a package help manage external transfer routes within the international banking and financial system and through compliance mechanisms and a really wide freedom for those who want to transfer at the official price of the dinar against the dollar adopted on February 7, 2013.

He added that “sales of foreign currency with the Central Bank of Iraq have taken a wide daily period and their daily amounts have touched $200 million every working day through the Central Bank of Iraq window to sell and buy foreign currency, which is a great indicator of stability of the currency.

Saleh continued, “However, due to the existence of a surplus of demand accumulated on foreign currency that was not met previously resulting from the administrative applications of the compliance platform in the four months preceding the launch of the flexible packages of the Central Bank of Iraq, we find that the country is still trading two exchange rates, which is very temporary and will disappear over the days with the decrease in the previously accumulated demand surplus on foreign currency, which will inevitably be met according to compliance channels and regular external transfer controls. It is gradually support of the process of adapting the market to the climate of international compliance in an accelerated under the appeal of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate of 1300 dinars per dollar.

مستشار السوداني يحدد عبر “ايرث نيوز” موعد زوال فارق سعر الدولار


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