Al-Alaq: Central Bank Packages Contributed To The Stability Of Dollar Prices


Earth News / Central Bank Governor Ali Al-Alaq announced today, Tuesday, the stability of dollar exchange rates after the three packages launched by the bank during the last period.

Al-Alaq said in a statement followed by Earth News, that “the measures of the Central Bank are continuing, and the packages it launched are serious and contributed to the stability of the dollar exchange rate and we are still continuing our procedures.”

He added that “the central bank’s reserve depends on oil revenues through the sale of oil as it is the source of foreign currency reserves that come from Iraq’s oil exports is the main factor in determining the reserve,” noting that “the central bank reserves are within international standards.”

العلاق: حزم البنك المركزي ساهمت باستقرار اسعار الدولار


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