Al-Halbousi responds to Allawi’s request to postpone the session until Sunday

Time: 02/28/220 22:27:45

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, responded to the request of the Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, to postpone the special session of Parliament scheduled for Saturday to next Sunday.

“The President of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, announces the approval of the Presidency of the Council on the request submitted by the Prime Minister in charge of postponing the extraordinary session in order to complete the formation of his cabinet, until Sunday, March 1, 2020,” said a statement of the Parliament’s office. it is one O’clock in the afternoon”.

The Prime Minister – designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, addressed the House of Representatives this evening to postpone its extraordinary scheduled on Saturday to Sunday “for the completion of the ministerial cabin lineup, the postponement of the special meeting on Sunday to next March 1 , 2020” .anthy

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In the document .. Allawi calls for postponing the extraordinary session of Parliament until next Sunday


2020-02-28 | 14:41


In the document .. Allawi calls for postponing the extraordinary session of Parliament until next Sunday

Next Saturday .. Allawi’s attendance of the confidence session will be conditional on the presence of a quorum

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Today, Friday, political analyst Mohammed Al-Tamimi considered that the stalled parliament session resulted from the prime minister’s attempt to break the stereotype that various governments followed after 2003.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Akhbaria that Allawi’s leaked government is not youthful and includes only one woman. Therefore, he cannot obtain the confidence of Parliament, except after his agreement with the political forces.

He emphasized: “Saturday’s session, if it is held, will be different from yesterday’s session. The next session will not witness Allawi’s attendance, and his attendance will be conditional upon a quorum for the session, since the appointed president has been waiting for several hours in a room in the parliament building hoping to hold the session and summon him, but That is not done.

And Tamimi analyst expected, “Allawi’s government will not gain the confidence of Parliament, even at tomorrow’s session, especially since the political corridors are witnessing dialogues to choose a replacement for it as soon as possible.”

Parliament failed, yesterday, Thursday, to hold a session of granting confidence to the government of designate Muhammad Allawi, due to severe political differences over it, prompting the Presidency of Parliament to postpone the session until further notice.

The Presidency of the Parliament postponed the session for half an hour for two consecutive times, after the session rang, and only a few representatives attended.

This is the third postponement of the voting session, as the session was supposed to take place last Monday, and was postponed to Wednesday, and then to Thursday, due to political differences and a number of blocs refused to vote on it.

Allawi had arrived at the parliament building before Thursday noon, and held a meeting with the first deputy speaker of the parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, and they discussed the possibility of passing the government, and then held a second meeting attended by parliament speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi, in which they discussed the postponement of the session, while the blocks objecting to The Allawi government met, and discussed its latest decision on the government.

Allawi, upon his official arrival, submitted the CVs of his candidates for the ministerial portfolios to the presidency of the parliament, and included the change of the candidate of the Ministry of Labor, and the nomination of a new candidate in her place, Al-Bayati Time, while the defense, interior and justice ministries remained vacant.

The Kurdish delegation: Our negotiations are still ongoing with Allawi to reach an acceptable formula

Political | 10:50 – 02/28/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, the former Minister of Immigration and Displaced, a member of the Kurdish negotiating delegation, Jassem Al-Jaf, confirmed on Friday that negotiations are still ongoing with the designated Prime Minister, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, to reach a formula acceptable to all parties.

Al-Jaf said, “The negotiations that the Kurdish negotiating delegation is holding with the commissioner, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, are still going on even after the announcement of the postponement of the parliament session.”

He added, “The opportunity still exists if the political bloc consultations succeed in arriving at a formula acceptable to all parties.” Ended 6/29 n

Legal resolves the debate on the possibility of not giving confidence to the Allawi government

Political | 11:03 – 02/28/2020

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, resolved Friday, the controversy over the possibility of not giving confidence to the government of the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, while the constitution affirmed that the President of the Republic granted the right to assign another candidate according to his opinion and to choose him without referring to the more bloc if Parliament did not give confidence To the government in charge of.

Harb said, in a statement received by / Mawazine News / a copy of it: “Constitutionally, the President of the Republic assigns another candidate to form the ministry in the event that Allawi’s ministers fail to gain confidence in Saturday’s session according to the fifth paragraph of Article 76 of the constitution, and this is most likely after having agreed Most of the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish blocs refrain from voting and give Prime Minister-designate Allawi confidence as long as these parliamentary blocs do not take their share of the ministries. ”

He added: “Although, although the candidates for the ministries represent all components, these blocs require the ministers to be the ones that nominate them, and each block has its share of ministers, that is, party partisanship, not sectarian quotas that the prime minister took into consideration. Rather, the blocs demand that the ministers be subordinate to them. They nominated them, not the prime minister, and so the parliamentary quotas were behind the removal of Allawi and his project to establish a government that is far from quotas, while respecting the components by representing them in the ministry he prepared. ”

He continued: “Knowing that not granting him confidence after the vote would constitutionally assume the president of the republic to appoint another candidate and note that in this case there is not the largest number of parliamentary blocs, but rather the absolute authority of the President of the Republic is absolute authority in the nomination for the personal prime minister that he deems unrelated to the largest number or The group with the smallest number is an issue that is subject to the President’s discretion only without restriction or condition in assigning anyone to exclude Allawi because the constitution decides another candidate and the other is not the former Allawi and this constitutes his government and presents it to Parliament to request that he be given confidence. ”End 6/6

Al-Fateh: Allawi’s cabin will pass tomorrow

Editing Date: 28/2/208 13:34

[Baghdad-Ain] The

deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance Fadel Al-Fatlawi confirmed on Friday that the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi will pass on Saturday with the participation of all blocs or the political majority within Parliament, pointing out that there is a desire for everyone to participate in voting without leaving a component that rejects Allawi’s booth.

Al-Fatlawi said in a press statement, “There are understandings and talks that will be held between the various parties regarding the ministerial cabinet in order to pass it next Saturday, especially since there is a strong desire among most of the blocs for everyone to participate in passing the cabin.”

He added that “the ministerial cabinet will not be passed through a project to satisfy the Kurds and Sunnis, as there is a rejection of such a project, but the problem will be solved through dialogues.”

He explained that “the government will pass tomorrow, Saturday, whether by voting for all blocks and components or through the majority present in the House of Representatives.”