A senior delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan meets with Amiri in Kirkuk


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Khandan –

According to the official website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a senior delegation of the Union, will meet later this evening, with the leader of the popular crowd Hadi Amiri.

He pointed out that the meeting will be held in the building of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the city of Kirkuk.

MP Repuwar Taha, a member of the Iraqi parliament for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), said Wednesday that 17 Peshmerga fighters, captured by the popular crowd and Iraqi forces, had been released.

Taha told the official website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that the release of these Peshmerga came within the framework of the attempts of the Patriotic Union, pointing out that they were handed over today to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

He pointed out that the situation in Kirkuk is moving towards stability and was instructed to mobilize the popular evening to leave the province.




Saudi participation in the Baghdad International Fair

Release Date: 2017/10/18 19:03 • 36 times read
Saudi Export Development Authority is part of the Saudi pavilion at the Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session, from October 21 to 30, with 60 companies from various industrial and service sectors.
The Saudi Export Authority is seeking through the exhibition to discover market opportunities for Saudi products in Iraq and to facilitate export procedures to Iraq in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
The Secretary-General of the Saudi Export Development Authority, Saleh Al-Salami, said that the Authority’s participation in the Baghdad International Fair comes from its role in encouraging Saudi products to reach the international markets.
He pointed out that the gross domestic product of the Republic of Iraq amounted to about 643 billion riyals in 2016, the service sector was the largest share of them by 57%, and 38% for the industrial sector, while agriculture accounted for 5%.
He pointed out that the highest sectors in terms of the value of imports in Iraq are food products, according to the data of 2016, amounting to 21 billion riyals, followed by heavy equipment and electronics by about 20.3 billion riyals, and then building materials by more than 15.8 billion Saudi riyals, which makes Iraq is a market opportunity and a good export destination for Saudi products.
Peaceful engineer confirmed that the orientation of the Iraqi market was the result of a discussion held by the Saudi Export Authority with a group of exporters to discuss the major challenges they face sessions, and to find effective solutions to overcome them, and discuss ways to facilitate the arrival of the Saudi product to the Iraqi market. ”
And that” the Authority strives to provide All tools and means that contribute to overcoming the obstacles to the national product of competition internationally; to develop Saudi non-oil exports in the Iraqi market in particular and international markets in general. ”
The participation of the Saudi Export Development Authority at the Baghdad International Fair this year under the slogan of [industries that transcend borders and bring peoples closer], is one of the most important participations that will contribute to the establishment of economic trade relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The exhibition is attended by 60 Saudi companies from various industrial and service sectors under Saudi pavilion umbrella, offering Saudi products.
The Saudi Export Authority employs all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, develop export capabilities, promote exporters and their products, create export opportunities for them, develop programs and encourage exporters, promote Saudi products in international markets and increase their competitive quality to achieve international markets.


Iraq’s policy moves to ban two Kurdish televisions

Iraq moves to ban two Kurdish televisions
 Twilight News    
 41 minutes ago

The Joint Operations Command on Wednesday called on the media and communications authority to ban two Kurdish television channels, accusing the two channels of misleading public opinion.

The operations said in a statement to the twilight news that it “follows media institutions that are working to confuse public opinion and fuel hatred and violence through fabrication and fabrication, and unfortunately continue.”

She added that “the channels of Rudao and Kurdistan 24 have been misleading public opinion and accusing the security forces of baseless accusations and not serve the spirit of citizenship and civil peace and far from professional and responsible media work.”

The Joint Operations Command called on the Information and Communication Commission to “monitor these media channels and take legal action against them according to the codes of conduct because they threaten the civil peace.”

MPs and Kurdish officials have called on Baghdad to stop abuses by Kurdish rebel forces against Kurdish citizens in the areas of Kirkuk and Tuzhurmato that have spread over the past two days.

Aso Mamand, an official of the Patriotic Union of Kirkuk, said that elements of the popular crowd had been arrested, who said they had looted houses.




Saudi source for «Economy News»: 30 flights a week between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

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Economy News Baghdad:

A source at the Saudi embassy in Iraq said Wednesday that “flights between Iraq and Saudi Arabia a week will be 30 flights after lifting the ban.” The first Saudi plane belonging to Fly NAS landed in Baghdad International Airport in the presence of the Iraqi Minister of Transport and the Saudi ambassador in Baghdad.

The source, who preferred not to be named for “economy News”, said that “30 flights a week will be between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.”

He added that Saudi aircraft will land at the airports of Najaf, Basra and Baghdad, while Iraqi Airways planes will land at the airports of the city, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.



Abadi orders “armed groups” other than police to leave Kirkuk

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, surrounded by top military commanders, arrives in Mosul to declare victory over the Islamic State

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged Wednesday a withdrawal of  “armed groups” from Kirkuk, saying that federal troops have thoroughly imposed security in the province.

A statement by Abadi said security in Kirkuk has become “under the control of local police with support from the Counter-Terrorism Service”, ordering to “prevent the existence of any armed groups in the province”.

“Security forces in Kirkuk are tasked with protecting the security and properties of citizens of all stripes,” he said.

Iraqi troops, backed by Popular Mobilization Forces, took over Kirkuk province from Kurdish Peshmerga fighters on Tuesday, fulfilling Abadi’s earlier directives to retake areas where  sovereignty is disputed with Kurdistan Region’s Government. The military takeover came after Kurdistan voted in September to secede from Iraq.

In his statement, Abadi urged  to hold accountable whoever shares vidoes which he deemed fabricated to ignite “hatred” among Arab and Kurdish communities.

Abadi ordered prosecute “those who disseminate hatred and racism” through “fake clips” which seek to “sow sedition among citizens and endanger civil peace”.

Some Kurdish media and social network users have shared videos of what they claimed to be violations by Popular Mobilization Forces, the paramilitary force backing iraqi government troops, upon recapturing Kirkuk province.

Some Kurdish officials had accused PMFs of ransacking Kurdish-owned homes and businesses in Kirkuk and tuz Khurmatu.




Patriotic Union of Kurdistan intends to nominate a new governor of Kirkuk

Baghdad – Journal News

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced its intention to nominate a replacement for the governor of Kirkuk, article Necmettin Karim.

A member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of the Union in Kirkuk, Aso Mamand said in a statement on Wednesday that the Union will nominate the alternative soon to be a position of the share of the Patriotic Union in Kirkuk.

“There is no truth to the reports of attacks on the homes of citizens, or the premises of the Kurdish parties to be burned or bombed,” Mamand said.

On Wednesday, President Fuad Masum approved the dismissal of Necmettin Omar Karim from the post of governor of Kirkuk.

The Iraqi parliament voted earlier to remove the governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim from office, in response to the request of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.