Abadi: We have seized hundreds of millions of dollars in national funds


25 April, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the Iraqi government has put its hands on bags of millions of dollars worth of dollars, entered by a delegation of the country illegally to Iraq.

Abadi said in a press conference Tuesday that the delegation came in early April in the framework of arrangements for the release of Qatari fishermen kidnapped in Iraq, adding that the Iraqi authorities were surprised by the presence of bags in the plane of the Qatari delegation is not covered by diplomatic immunity. After the release of the kidnapped, Despite the delegation’s request for their return.

Abadi stressed that the removal of these funds from Iraq must be done in a legal context, as he put it.

He stressed that he does not blame anyone and there is a need for “understanding with the Qatari government about those funds.”

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A group of fishermen, believed to be one or more members of the ruling family in Qatar, was kidnapped during a fishing trip in mid-December 2015 in southern Iraq.They were released Friday (April 21st).

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Interior: raise the flag in Mosul Ayman fully early next month, and Turkish troops hostage


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said media adviser to the interior minister, on Tuesday, that will raise the Iraqi flag on the right side of the city of Mosul early next month of May.
According to Wahab al – Tai, he told {Euphrates News}, the “popular crowd, carried out today ‘s attack in three axes, and free 30 kilometers and can be half of the attack rapid plucks in a strategic area that connects the north of Anbar and north – west of Salah al – Din in southern Mosul, a lung that breathes them terrorist gangs in the right coast and Baaj. ”
He said today , “the isolation between Baaj and urban areas , ” explaining that “our operations are supplementary quality to cleanse the western axis , which extends beyond twice the size of Lebanon, access to Tal Afar , and the completion of the ring on the judiciary , which includes Zammar, and Alaaadih, and spring , ” pointing out that ” the popular crowd achieved contact with Sinjar in the northern region of Tal Afar line. ”
On the reason for the delay in the attack, between al – Tai, “if the popular crowd forces pressing on Daesh in urban areas and the western axis of the thrust of terrorist gangs towards the right coast, and formed lines repel towards the progress of pieces that have entered the coast Brthl federal police and the fight against terrorism from the southern axis of Mosul and Camp Ghazlani airport “.
He explained , ” The reason for the delay was to give a chance to pieces, and not tointensify resistance against the crowd , where the incumbent large numbers of Daesh in these areas and stuck to the ground as Aohmha”, stressing that it “was very intelligent steps which studied the highest levels of operations.”
The Interior Minister adviser, said that ” the Iraqi flag will raise all the right coast of the city of Mosul, in the seventh or sixth of next May, which is close, according tostudies of the movement of sectors and resistance military mentality puts all thepossibilities and even quasi possibilities.”
With regard to storm the district of Tal Afar , west of Mosul, al – Tai, the “Tal Afar , an international clash area said even if it is militarily purely for the popular crowd had entered two months ago, but there is considerable pressure from countries around Tal Afar nature and importance , there are great ambitions , and there are conflicts and clashes files important lives in Tal Afar. ”
And targeting Turkey Mount Sinjar today, Interior Minister adviser said , “There is hysteria in the Turkish position, which is looming on the plan {b}, where the plan was {a} means the plan Atcharak Turkish troops liberation, but our forces have isolated these forces {Turkish} did not allow her progress and become forces hostage, since when troops forcibly prevent the movement from becoming a hostage while giving her limits are not allowed to override them they become hostage. ”
He explained that ” the plan {b} give light to Turkey through the pretext of the presence of troops {PKK} and these attempts will fail if Iraq remained intact national of his decision , and he was able to employ force in the crowd, the police and the fight against terrorism to be the protector of the decision and sovereignty” .anthy


Transport for {Euphrates News}: Iraq will receive large amounts of foreign aviation



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday that Iraq will receive large sums of money through its global companies {foreign} planes passing through its airspace.
He said the technical agent told Abbas Omran, told {Euphrates News}, “we announced the opening of the atmosphere after the approval of international organizations that have the eastern strip of Iraq ‘s security,” he said . “Economically, it seder large amounts of Iraq and provides international companies a few flight hours and exchange fuel for the aircraft. ”
He noted the need to “provide a sophisticated cadre of air traffic controllers, and we have nearly 250 aircraft can be managed on a daily basis,” he said . ” The air controller works on the timing of the Organization of IATA and relaxes minutes during due once the start of work runs all the atmosphere of Iraq by radar, and this is a great accomplishment The Ministry and the Iraqi government from the international side will be a delight for all international companies Iraq side of the world to fly. ”
” The opening Murar Iraq provides a billion dollars of fuel for aircraft, issue iscalculated accurate calculations by jet fuel,” for sure “our radars and be all Iraqi territory controlled air defense Sunwan with civil aviation ongoing work through joint radars.”
In economic terms, it explained the technical agent of the ministry, said that “each state of certain fees, and we are in Iraq , we are talking about 375 dollars for each aircraft using Iraqi airspace, we will transit will be more revenue for us and we will raise from the shoulders of the state budget.”
He continued, “will use the fees levied to develop the infrastructure to catch the atmosphere completely , ” pointing out “we have a detailed study that a thousand aircraft will pass daily through Iraq.”
The Ministry of Transport, announced last Sunday that next Thursday will see the recovery of air traffic to foreign aircraft transiting over the skies of Iraq, after the opening of the new airline routes passing through the skies of Iraq for the first time since a break in 2014 by a decision of the Organization of American FAA, which is considered { the atmosphere of Iraq} of serious international taboos and within the designated areas Aharb.anthy

Iraq agrees with the IMF to complete discussions on the financial crisis


Baghdad – Journal News

The Iraqi delegation concluded talks with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in the spring meetings in Washington to discuss the financial crisis.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance received by the “Journal News” that “the delegation agreed with the representative of the International Monetary Fund for the Middle East and East Asia Christian Jos at the end of talks chaired by the Iraqi side, the Minister of Finance and the Agency Abdul Razzaq al-Issa and in the presence of the Adviser to the Prime Minister for Finance, From the officials of the Ministries of Finance and Electricity and with the participation of Iraqi Ambassador in Washington Farid Mustafa to complete meetings and joint coordination to contain the difficulties of the financial crisis.

International Monetary Fund representative Christian Jos expressed his optimism about the level of understanding and progress achieved with the Iraqi government, stressing that the steps of coordination and joint consultations, which will be completed in the near term, will contribute to addressing the financial problems imposed by the circumstances of the war and the associated economic effects.


for the first time since 1990 .. Kuwait offered a grant to Iraq



For the first time since 1990 .. Kuwait provide Iraq with a financial grant
51 minutes ago

Twilight News / Iraqi official said on Tuesday that Kuwait approved a grant of $ 100 million grant to Iraq to support humanitarian projects and reconstruction efforts in the areas of organization Daesh recovered.

The grant is the first Kuwaiti financial assistance to Iraq since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

A spokeswoman for the restoration of the Iraqi Reconstruction Fund said officials from the two countries signed a grant agreement in Kuwait on Tuesday.

Said Mustafa Hiti, head of the fund in a statement that the grant agreement encouraging start for further cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait.

The funding aims to rebuild cities and areas recovered from the organization of the Islamic state, which declared the caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

The war against the organization and affected as well as the decline in oil prices on the Iraqi government’s budget with almost total dependence on oil sales.


Abadi speaks to Ruddao during his press conference on the Turkish bombardment and the question of the referendum


By Ziad al-Haidari 9 minutes ago
رئيس الوزراء حيدر العبادي
Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Roudao -arbel

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi said on Tuesday during his weekly press conference, “that the bombing of Iraqi areas is unacceptable and we condemn in the strongest terms , ” adding that “no one can hold a referendum if there is no federal decision to initiate it .”

“The Turkish side says that there are fighters from the PKK and the history of the relationship with Turkey on this matter dates back to the 1980s,” said Abadi Hassan, former room for Turkey up to 10 kilometers inside Iraqi territory, but this agreement ended because it was at a certain stage which is a window now. “

“The PKK is a Kurdish movement, mainly in Turkey. It is also present in the mountains bordering the Iraqi-Turkish border, and no one can reach Sinjar from Turkey except through lines controlled by the Peshmerga forces. It is unreasonable for the PKK to move from Sinjar To Turkey, are already present on the Iraqi-Turkish border, and are also located inside Turkey, either to carry out this work in the depth of Iraq in Sinjar, while there is an agreement to deploy an Iraqi army with the Peshmerga forces there with joint cooperation, so this work will not improve conditions, as if he wanted to prevent that there will be a joint security cooperation between the Forces T. Iraqi and Peshmerga forces, so that there will be the entry in the Iraqi rear and causing damage and the fall of the martyrs and wounded Iraqis and this is unacceptable from a neighbor, and condemn in the strongest terms. “

As for the second question of Roudao’s correspondent, it was about Kurdish parties demanding a referendum in Kirkuk. Abadi said: “It is the right of any people to look forward. We are now in one state and partners in this country. Such decisions must have a federal decision for the whole country. I have heard the statements of some Kurdish parties and they require specific conditions. I do not know how to hold a referendum. There is a deep political dispute in the region about the mechanism of the region and the presence of parliament and the opposition. , things should be resolved within the Iraqi presence. “

“I consider the prime minister of all Iraq, and keen on the interest of the Kurds like the Arab, is not in the interest of the Kurds separatism, not an economic, political or national interest, and many Kurdish leaders know it, but some do not dare talk about it, To the Kurdish brothers as Iraqi citizens, and I fear that they lose all the achievements made during the past years, there are wrong decisions in history for short-sighted accounts lead to retreat, I hope their calculations are correct, the closest thing to them is Iraq and they are part of Iraq.