Urgent / killing of a US soldier near the city of Ramadi



The news media announced on Monday, killed a US soldier near the city of Ramadi, Anbar province.

She told Reuters that ‘the soldier was killed in a non-combat incident near Ramadi. “

It is said that the British newspaper The Times, on Monday said that US and British special forces have been involved fighting on the ground in the battle to liberate the right side of the city of Mosul, which was launched yesterday.



Iraq discuss with the launch of the International Monetary Fund for a new batch of loan



{Baghdad: SNG}
Iraq discussed with the International Monetary Fund, the launch of a new batch of financial loan to finance the fiscal deficit.
According to a statement to inform the Ministry of Finance Agency {SNG} received a copy of it, that “the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq al-Issa discussed with the commissioner for economic affairs, minister at the US Embassy Larry Mimut prepare the credit requirements of the program with the International Monetary Fund.”
Alissa stressed during the meeting, “The government’s commitment to the program to prepare the credit and meet all requirements as part of the schedule.”
Turn Larry Mimut expressed “gratitude to the Iraqi government, particularly the Ministry of Finance to closely monitor the details of the program and the completion of the steps required to launch a new push within the IMF funding as Iraq, which helps to finance the deficit in the federal budget.”

Parliamentary security: the visit of US Secretary of Defense goal consultation to eliminate Daesh


a wish

Since 20/02/2017 14:22 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

The Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary, on Monday, the US defense secretary’s visit to Baghdad aimed to consult on how to fight the terrorist organization Daesh, urging the US side to provide real support for Iraq.

A member of the committee MP Alexander and berries in a statement / balance News /, said that “the visit of US Secretary of Defense to Baghdad, the goal of which is to consult on how to fight the organization Daesh terrorist, and we hope that there will be support from the American side of Iraq,” noting that “Iraq in dire need of this support. “

He added that “We very much hope that there will be real support on the ground for Iraq’s military and informational aspect and intelligence and air power.”

The US defense secretary arrived this morning to Baghdad on an official visit is the first of its kind for the country after taking office, the new US administration.

It is noteworthy that the security forces have been battling with the terrorist organization, since the start of liberalization the right side of the connector operations, on Sunday, while the security forces were able to penetrate the defenses of Daesh terrorist and edit several villages and raising the Iraqi flag over Mbaneha.anthy / 29


Central bank: able to cover Iraq’s international obligations

February 19, 2017

announced the Iraq , international as well as foreign trade financing, as he emphasized that thecountry ‘s reserves of foreign currency within the “international standards.” 

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords in a press conference attended by Alsumaria News, ” The bank is able to cover Iraq ‘s international obligations and financing of foreign trade , ” stressing that “Iraq ‘s reserve currency within the standards, and that the bank also covers the local currency by a large margin.”


Saudi Arabia praises Trump, warms up towards Israel


February 19, 2017

Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said, adding that he looks forward to working with the Trump administration to overcome challenges in the region, including the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In apparent agreement with the Israelis, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister accused Iran of being the primary supporter of global terrorism.

“Iran remains the single main sponsor of terrorism in the world,” Adel al-Jubeir declared in an address to the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. “It’s determined to upend the order in Middle East, and until and unless Iran changes its behavior it would be very difficult to deal with a country like this.”

“I believe that the world has to make it clear to the Iranians that there is certain behavior that will not be tolerated, and that there will be consequences, and those consequences have to be in tune with the financial side,” he affirmed.

Common Ground with Israel

“The biggest and most brutal and sophisticated terror organization in the world is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman stated, noting the common ground between Israel and its Sunni Arab neighbors regarding Iran’s aggression.

“For the first time since 1948, to the moderate Arab world, the Sunni world, the biggest threat for them is not Israel, not Zionists and not Jews, but Iran and Iranian proxies,” Liberman declared.

Optimistic about Trump

Al-Jubeir added that he was “very optimistic about the Trump administration,” which had recently put “Iran on notice.”

“We look forward to working with the Trump administration on all issues,” al-Jubeir said. “I believe progress can be made in the Arab Israel conflict, if there is a will to do so,. We know what the settlement looks like, if there is just the political will to do so. And my country stands ready with other Arab countries to work to see how we can promote that.”

Saudi Arabia shares common goals with Trump, he said. “He believes in destroying Islamic State; so do we. He believes in containing Iran; so do we. He believes in working with traditional allies; so do we.”

By: World Israel News Staff



Senators look to new sanctions against Iran for missile development


ReutersFebruary 19, 2017
U.S Senator Lindsey Graham attends the 53rd Munich Security Conference in Munich

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U.S Senator Lindsey Graham attends the 53rd Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, February 19, 2017. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

MUNICH (Reuters) – U.S. Republican senators plan to introduce legislation to impose further sanctions on Iran, accusing it of violating U.N. Security Council resolutions by testing ballistic missiles and acting to “destabilise” the Middle East, a U.S. senator said Sunday.

“I think it is now time for the Congress to take Iran on directly in terms of what they’ve done outside the nuclear program,” Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told the Munich Security Conference.

Graham said he and other Republicans would introduce measures to hold Iran accountable for its actions.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have risen since an Iranian ballistic missile test that prompted U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to impose sanctions on individuals and entities linked to the country’s Revolutionary Guards.

“Iran is a bad actor in the greatest sense of the word when it comes to the region. To Iran, I say, if you want us to treat you differently then stop building missiles, test-firing them in defiance of U.N. resolution and writing ‘Death to Israel’ on the missile. That’s a mixed message,” Graham said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif told the conference earlier on Sunday that Iran did not respond well to sanctions or threats.

James Jones, a former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and President Barack Obama’s first national security adviser, told a separate event in Munich that he remained convinced that sanctions had persuaded Iran to negotiate the 2015 landmark deal with six world powers to curb its nuclear program.

“The sanctions did work. Iran would never have come to the negotiating table without sanctions,” Jones said. “This is a new form of response that if properly utilized can change behavior and get people to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do.”

Senator Christopher Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the same panel there was nothing preventing Congress from imposing sanctions beyond those that were lifted as a result of the 2016 nuclear agreement with Iran.

Murphy, a Democrat, said had backed the nuclear deal in the explicit understanding that it would not prevent Congress from taking actions against Iran outside the nuclear issue.

“There’s going to be a conversation about what the proportional response is,” Murphy said, referring to Iran’s missile test. “But I don’t necessarily think there’s going to be partisan division over whether or not we have the ability as a Congress to speak on issues outside of the nuclear agreement.”

Murphy said the United States needed to decide whether it wanted to take a broader role in the regional conflict.

“We have to make a decision whether we are going to get involved in the emerging proxy war in a bigger way than we are today, between Iran and Saudi,” he said.

(Reporting by Andrea Shalal and John Irish; Editing by Jane Merriman and David Goodman)



Mosul airport and Camp Ghazlani first goals of liberation right coast operations


Mosul airport and Camp Ghazlani first goals of liberation right coast operations

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Iraqi forces began backed Btiran international coalition, late Saturday evening, the preliminary strikes on Daesh sites on the right coast.
In turn , announced the general commander of the armed forces , Haider al – Abadi dawn on Sunday, fighting resumed officially for the Liberation of the west side, after a break of about a month. Abadi was announced from New York, which he visited last September, starting Sharqat liberalization process and theislands of gray and white, after a meeting with former US President Barack Obama. Abadi also chose late on October 17 last, to announce the start of the storming of Mosul process.
Until Sunday night, the fighting took place 10 km from Mosul Airport, on the outskirts of the village (Albu Saif) of the terms of
Hamam al- Alil.
And a few days ago, the combined forces pushed the military reinforcements to the region, in preparation for the start of the Battle of western Mosul. And it reached dozens of vehicles and military vehicles loaded withsoldiers and weapons to the outskirts of the hills (Busev) overlooking the south of the city of Mosul Airport.
Iraqi forces attacked the region and the 3 – axis, and is expected to share one faction of the popular crowd.And until the moment it is not clear there is no intention to open the axis across the eastern bank of the city.
It is expected that there are about 2000 armed on the right coast, home to 800,000 civilians.

Rights by the editorial
Ebadi said, in a speech on Sunday, “We announce the start of a new page of coming operations O Nineveh for the Liberation of the right side of Mosul and other liberated areas.” He stressed that “our main task editing rights by liberating the land.”
She described the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Saturday, the humanitarian situation in areas west of Mosul as “sad”, confirming the existence of a crisis in the availability of food and health. Expected displacement ofthousands of families with the start of the military operation to liberate the right side of the city starting point.
Hassan said Sabawi, a member of the Council of Nineveh, the ground operations south of Mosul , began atdawn yesterday, adding that ” the artillery, aircraft and directed strikes on targets inside the right coast hours earlier.”
He revealed Sabawi, who is in southern Mosul , in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, said Iraqi forces advanced toward the hills of swordfish, north of Hamam al- Alil, of the three axes.
And participate in the processes of the pivotal fresh bath, the road to Baghdad – Mosul, which is about the first axis 15 kilometers, pieces of anti – terrorism forces, which holds the main task.
Also involved Ninawa Operations Command as well as the pieces of the federal police, the band 16 of the Iraqi army, though stalled the completion of its tasks in the liberation of northern Mosul.
In return the band 15 progressed and pieces of the federal police also point towards the Kasbah district of Tall Afar Albu Saif Hills.

Airport and Camp Ghazlani
joint forces and seeking to get to the Mosul airport, 12 kms north of the Casbah, and areas of Mansour, safe and Camp
He says local administrator “if troops took control of the hills , she will have only 2 km to reach the governorate building of
The government delayed about two weeks for the presumed date of the attack on the right coast. Iraqi forces have regained the coast left two months ago. The deputies and officials in Mosul spoke of the “external wills” hindered the resumption of fighting.
And it announced Operations Command (coming, Nineveh), on Sunday, the liberation of four villages west of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization
He said the team operations commander Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yar God, in a press statement seen by (range), ” The band ninth Armored liberated villages Husseinia and Sheikh Yunis and Aharakiet west right coast and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings after the incurrence enemy losses in lives and equipment.”
Allah Yar said that “Abbas brigade combat brigade rally popular and 36 Armored Division liberated the ninth Tel Kisom Qtathm and went to the outskirts of the mountain range and
Meanwhile, the military announced the media cell, yesterday, for the occurrence of two suicide attacks in theeast of the city of Mosul. Cell and it pointed out that the terrorists who carried out the attacks “Bhzaman vests was the first in My Fair Lady and the other area Nabi Yunis neighborhood.”
The suicide attacks, the second of its kind taking place in the left coast, within a week. A suicide bomb attack on the same area a few days ago, a suicide bomber with an explosive belt, in addition to other car bomb targeted a military barracks.

The difficulty of crossing the Tigris
and facing the security forces very difficult to uncover sleeper cells in the editor coast.
Hashem says Albraivkana, vice chairman of the security committee in the Nineveh provincial council, said that “Daesh military operations destroyed all bridges link between Aldvin.”
The cause Daesh rally on the banks of the Tigris south of Mosul by choosing as a springboard for operations to the lack of geographic barriers. Recently announced the arrival of artificial bridges to the east of Mosul, inpreparation for its installation across the Tigris.
But Albraivkana denies (range) monument floating bridges, predicted the existence of a real fighter in 1500 on the right side
of the connector.
The security assessments talked about the presence of some eight thousand gunman continued to Daesh addition to the assistants and collaborators from civilians. The officials revealed recently, the presence of 10 thousands of an arrest warrant against Daesh and supporters of the organization.
Albraivkana predicted the existence of more than 800 thousand people are still inside the right coast. The estimates, before the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul, predicted the existence of more than 1.5 million civilians in Mosul.
And humanitarian organizations warned on Saturday of a famine threatens 140,000 children in the right coast, because of the scarcity of food and milk.