URGENT The parliament session will be adjourned to Tuesday next week


URGENT The parliament session will be adjourned to Tuesday next week

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Halboussi’s policy is to guide economic issues

Halabousi issues a directive to discuss economic issues
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The head of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi, on Monday, the Finance Committee in parliament to discuss several economic issues.

A statement on the office of Halabousi told the news that the latest financial committee to hold a joint meeting with the government and officials of the Ministry of Finance and follow-up from the presidency of the Council on Sunday and the next Monday to discuss on current and investment expenses and borrowing and the price of oil barrels and carriers and the development of regions.

The statement added that this comes “in line with the government program and the federal budget.”

Iraq announces its position on the next OPEC meeting


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Baghdad: Iraq announced its position on the meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) scheduled in early December.
“There will be a ministerial meeting of members of OPEC and outside the Organization early next month in Vienna and we have time to monitor the oil market and developments and challenges facing the market,” Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told the Euphrates News. 
He added that “the Minister of Oil (Thamer Ghadhban) will participate in the meeting and will discuss with OPEC producers and beyond the challenges of the oil market.” 
Jihad stressed that “Iraq with any resolution aimed at stabilizing the oil market and oil prices and rebalancing the global oil market,” noting that “Iraq’s position will be positive with any resolution aimed at stabilizing oil prices in global markets and rebalancing them and in the interests of producers and consumers.” 
“The decision will be collective, not individual, and stipulates that all parties agree on the solutions that are put in the face of market challenges,” he said




The Interior Inspectorate returns more than one billion dinars to the state treasury


12-11-2018 06:41 PM

The Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of the Interior announced on Monday that it was able to return more than one billion dinars to the state treasury during the month of October.

A report issued by the Directorate of Audit and Financial Control in the Office of the Inspector General for the month of October last, that ‘the Directorate was able during the month of the return (240,370,591) dinars, and also recommended the return (847,809,848) dinars, the report said that the Directorate was able to prevent waste of $ (393,027,450) dinars.

The report added that ‘the Directorate was able during the month of auditing 5 contracts, and expressed its opinion in 85 chambers of inquiry and 101 treatment and a case brought to it by the departments of inspection Baghdad and the provinces’.

The report pointed out that “the Directorate and within the efforts of internal control was able to audit 182 transactions, and followed the implementation of 43 contracts within the plan of the Ministry of Investment and 110 contracts in its operational plan, as well as follow up to implement three contracts of the Martyrs’ Police Fund.

The total amount that the Directorate was able to return and recommend returning and preventing them from wasting during the first month (1,481,207,889) dinars.


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