Barzani’s policy to address the Iraqi people: We will remain brothers .. And Kurdistan is not on the brink of disaster

Barzani, addressing the Iraqi people: We will remain brothers .. And Kurdistan is not on the brink of disaster
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“The political situation in the country and the relations between governments will not affect the brotherly relations,” Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani said Tuesday in a letter to him on the occasion of the Norouz holiday.

Below is the text of Barzani’s message on the occasion of the Norouz holidays

Dear Kurds, Eid Mubarak

Greetings and respect and love of the people of Kurdistan, both young and old, bless Nawruz and the New Year for every Kurd wherever he is in this world.

The Noruz flame has been a symbol of freedom throughout the history of our fathers and forefathers and the loss of every Kurd for the rest of his life. So the night of Norouz and its burning flame, as well as being a symbol of freedom, is a symbol of progress after the stalemate, the renewal of decisions and the continuation of the struggle. Spirits, tears and precious lives, what made us the generations that followed, we see only one way, a way to continue until victory.

In Nowruz, the spirit of advancement and steadfastness returned to the Kurds and the struggle was resumed and continued after the most setbacks.

Every year, Norouz represents the entire Kurdish nation and every individual Kurd, beginning to strengthen and renew the will of victory, and to represent our ancestors the symbol of resistance and subjugation, even if they sometimes fail because of the unequal balance of power. But in Nowruz, And the belief in the inevitability of success.

I would like to say confidently and confidently that the history of Kurdistan today, and more than ever before, is in the process of labor for a new birth, and that the Kurdish liberation movement and the Kurdistan authority have reached a stage where they can not be eliminated because this power is the fruit of the Peshmerga struggle and the steadfastness of the people of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is not on the verge of disaster, as some imagine, but through a proper internal dialogue, and by unifying our ranks, we can move forward with Kurdistan and move closer to a more prosperous and prosperous future.

The Kurdistan Region, because of the war, and the lack of internal political consensus, and political differences with Baghdad, and because of the economic crisis in the world, faced great difficulties, was the worst Baghdad since 2014 to cut the share of the Kurdistan Region of the budget. The economic problem was the hardest of course, but I would like to assure you that the economic situation will return to normal, and thanks to your cooperation and steadfastness, all things will return to normal. Your suffering and your sorrows make me feel sad from the bottom of my heart. But I have no doubt that this difficult economic situation can be overcome.

On this day, on the day of Nowruz, our hearts are wailing and failing to commemorate those heroes who sacrificed their lives in defense of Kurdistan, a tribute to their pure lives, a tribute to their wives, children, mothers, fathers and loved ones, and they will stay with us and in our hearts forever.

I salute the Ezidian brothers and brothers who made the greatest sacrifices in a war of war and suffered the most aches. Besides Halabja, Sinjar became a crown at the top of the history of our people full of sacrifices. It is true that our wounds and pain in Sinjar are very deep, but we are very confident that these wounds and pains are the nucleus of freedom and a more glamorous future for the Yazidis and for all the people of Kurdistan.

My greetings and warm greetings to the displaced people of Kirkuk, Sinjar, Makhmour, Khanaqin and other areas, and to the children of the disputed areas, Eid Mubarak for the Faily Kurds, the Kakais and the Shabak, whose national and national feeling today, with the burning of the Noruz flame, is more intense than any other day. Living in the Kurdistan Region, I hope that they can soon return to home soon McLaren with dearest and lofty.

A tribute to the Turkmen and Christians of Kurdistan, whose cooperation, participation and steadfastness in defending Kurdistan deserve all respect and respect.

Greetings to the Arab brothers living in the Kurdistan Region, and on this day we say to all national and religious components, that we have always been committed to peaceful coexistence and equality in the Kurdistan Region.

On this day, I salute Peshmerga Kurdistan heroes, who are willing to sacrifice their lives in defense of the blessed land of Kurdistan. Greetings to Asayish forces, police and traffic police and all the forces of the interior and security institutions in Kurdistan, who protect the superiority and dedication of the security and stability of the people of Kurdistan.

I also take this opportunity to greet the brotherly Iraqi people. I say to them: Whatever the political situation in the country and how relations between governments are, we will remain brothers forever. Iraq has enormous natural and human resources, and we are confident that by solving basic political problems and improving the country’s situation and management, Iraq will go toward the prosperity that the Iraqi people aspire to.

I salute all the neighboring peoples of Kurdistan. I take this opportunity to emphasize that the struggle of Kurdistan in Iraq has not and will not pose any danger or threat to any country. On the contrary, the success of the people of Kurdistan in Iraq will not return to their neighbors except with good and send messages of peace and reassurance to all peoples. And we assure them that we are a stabilizing factor in the region.

In conclusion, I bless the feast of Nowruz for all the peoples that celebrate it. On the occasion of Norouz we extend our thanks and appreciation to all the countries, peoples and personalities that respect the will and security of the people of Kurdistan and greetings to all the consulates and organizations that have helped the government and the people of Kurdistan during the past years.

Once again, I would like to congratulate everyone on the holiday of Nowruz and the new Kurdish year. I call on the citizens to preserve the cleanliness of the environment and the nature of Kurdistan during their trips and festivities and I recommend them to abide by traffic regulations for their safety.

Once again, Norouz blessed you all, and wish you a happy holiday ..


Iraq announces holiday Nowruz

Iraq announces Norouz holiday
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 31 minutes ago

The official secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday, disrupting official swirls two days, on the occasion of Norouz holidays.

The Secretariat said in a brief statement to the twilight news that “the Council of Ministers to disrupt the official working day on Wednesday and Thursday 21 and 22 of March this year on the occasion of the Norouz holidays.”

Arab summit on April 15

Baghdad – Agencies

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit announced Tuesday that the 29th Arab summit will be held in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, on Sunday (April 15th).

Abul-Gheit said in statements to the university’s diplomatic editors that the Secretariat had received official notification from the Saudi Arabian government, noting that the summit meeting would be preceded by several preparatory meetings, as was customary on 9 April.

The Secretary-General said that Member States were informed of the date of the Arab Summit

infallible policy congratulated by Norouz: Kurds celebrate amid worsening situations .. We seek to overcome them

Maasoum congratulated Benrouz: Kurds celebrate amid worsening situations .. We seek to overcome them
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The President of the Republic Fuad Masoum on Tuesday congratulated the Iraqis on the occasion of the Norouz holidays, calling for strong adherence to the values ​​of freedom, unity, understanding and working together to achieve more victories against the forces of terrorism.

The congratulations are as follows:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

On the occasion of the celebration of Norouz celebrations this year .. We extend our warmest congratulations and congratulations to our people in Kurdistan in particular and the Iraqi people in general, and to all the revelers in the world for this tragic holiday, the Day of Freedom, Hope and Spring. I hope that our nation and people will enjoy a new year of peace. Brotherhood, progress and well-being.

I carried the torch of Norouz .. The meanings of the aspiration towards freedom and hope for equality and justice and openness to the spring of life .. And other meanings of the lofty that gave the feast of energy immortal made its renewal an occasion to remember the greatness of life itself .. And made the celebration to celebrate the freedom and dignity .. The spirit of human partnership and brotherhood.

The celebration of our Kurdish people is a national holiday this year amid growing economic difficulties. All of us, officials and authorities, call upon us to redouble our efforts to resolve them and to continue to spread and uphold the values ​​of solidarity and solidarity in order to strengthen the unity of society in all its components and spectrum. Of the living values ​​that the spirit of Norouz is beating.

As we now consider with high appreciation any effort aimed at alleviating the suffering of the low-income social and professional groups in the Kurdistan region, and paying tribute to all the feelings of solidarity among our people throughout the country, we hope that this immortal event will be accompanied by renewed And deepen the bonds of harmony and understanding and unite between the people of our one people .. And walk together to achieve more victories on the forces of terrorism and atonement and darkness and tyranny.

The great victory achieved by our brave armed forces in all its formations from the army, the federal police, the anti-terrorist forces, Peshmerga, the popular crowd, the clans, and civil volunteers … is the property of all our people, as well as the responsibility of protecting and developing it. It is the feast of Nowruz, the values ​​of freedom, looking to the future and challenging tyranny, arbitrariness and the values ​​of openness to life, spring and blossoms.

We hope and work urgently to overcome these emergency circumstances, just as we all are working in Iraq with determination and will that our celebrations, holidays and lives continue in secure and stable conditions in a free, secure and prosperous federal democratic Iraq.

Salihi / Mawazin News /: Kurdish forces will withdraw from Kirkuk within hours


From 2018-03-20 at 16:39 (Baghdad time)


Special – Mawazine News

The Turkmen Front, on Tuesday, the withdrawal of Kurdish forces, which arrived yesterday, to Kirkuk in the coming hours, indicating that the security situation is still under the control of the Joint Federalisms.

“The Kurdish counter-terrorism forces coming from Sulaymaniyah will withdraw within the next few hours after the completion of their tasks,” the head of the Front, MP Arshad Salhi told Mawazine News.

Salhi added that “the federal forces are in control of the security situation in the city of Kirkuk, which protects the people all without discrimination.”

Salhi pointed out that he “follows the events and has informed the federal government not to consent to the people of Kirkuk to the deployment of any non-federal forces in the province.”

The leadership of the popular crowd “North Axis”, earlier in the day Tuesday, the circumstances of the arrival of a force from the Kurdish counter-terrorism to the province of Kirkuk, noting that the force was sent to protect the official of the Agency for Security and Information in the Kurdistan region of Lahore Sheikh Janki Talabani during his visit to Kirkuk and will withdraw immediately after the visit



Alaq discusses with the World Bank ways to stabilize liberated areas



 money and business

Economy News _ Baghdad

– The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alak on Tuesday discussed with the World Bank Group and representatives of concerned sectoral bodies in the Ministries of Planning and Finance to draw up near-term plans and ways of stabilizing the liberated areas by taking concrete practical steps.
In a statement received by Al-Iqtisad News, Al-Iktissar News said that it discussed ways to stabilize the liberated areas by taking concrete practical steps, including supporting the housing aspect, resuming educational and health services, supporting housing, resuming educational and health services and rehabilitating electricity networks.
The statement added that “he discussed with the bank the most important obstacles that must be dealt with to overcome the stage,” noting “his keenness to learn about the experiences of the countries of the region in this area, especially the Egyptian experience.”
He pointed out that “the attendees touched upon the technical aspects that accompany the practical steps to implement these projects to create a solid and smooth work ground that encourages the advancement of investment in the country, especially that the current shift towards industry and production of multiple income resources.”
For its part, the World Bank confirmed “its commitment to support and lay the foundation for private sector investment in Iraq and provide all facilities related to financial support.”

Barzani’s policy : The opportunity is available to us to overcome the problems

Barzani: We have an opportunity to overcome problems
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 22 minutes ago

Shafaq News / National Security Adviser congratulated Barzani on Tuesday the people of Kurdistan on the occasion of the holidays of Nawruz and the head of the Kurdish year.

Barzani said in a cable of congratulations to him today that “this national holiday for us as a people of Kurdish meaning and privacy, it is on the one hand marks the beginning of a new year, and on the other symbolizes the end of injustice and freedom and a decent life.”

He added that “the people of Kurdistan is currently going through a difficult phase, we stood before all difficulties with the steadfastness and will of our illustrious parents, so these steadfast people deserve the most thanks and appreciation.”

Barzani said: “We are satisfied that the opportunity is available to us to overcome these problems and secure a better future, and that through the unification of the ranks of the house of Kurdistan.”

“From this point of view, I hope that Norouz will be an opportunity to unite all loyalists and activists in order to uphold the rights and legitimate demands of our noble people,” he said.