Iraq appreciates the role of the international coalition and neighboring countries for their contribution to “the achievement of victory”

14 December 2017 – 20:16


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Alsumaria News / Baghdad

praised the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Thursday, the role of the international coalition and the neighboring countries of the world and for their contribution to the “completion of the victory on the historic Daesh”, while these countries called for “contribution” in the reconstruction of the liberated areas.

“On the occasion of the announcement of the great victory day, Iraq thanks the role of the International Alliance and sisterly, friendly and neighborly countries in particular who have stood a heroic position in supporting and supporting the Iraqi armed forces in all their forms,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a press release. Its just war on gangs, which did not hesitate to provide air support, advisory, logistical and intelligence, which contributed to the achievement of this historic victory.

“Iraq appreciates the supportive stance of the United Nations and the Security Council, which, in partnership with the United States, Germany, Britain and the voting countries, has adopted important international resolutions to fight terrorism to limit the movement of its fighters and to limit its sources of funding, oil trade and smuggled effects, such as Security Council resolutions 2170, 2177 and 2199, “He said.

“Mahjoub said,” It is grateful to the organizations and organizations that have assessed and evaluated the high and disciplined performance of our armed forces in all its formations, which fought honorably and valorously and their humanitarian support for the file of our displaced children as a result of these military operations. “He said,” Do not forget the media performance and professional coverage, And the international that accompanied our heroic forces on the fronts of fighting. ”

“We have fought on behalf of the whole world and have not failed in our position with us, and tomorrow Iraq is the bearer of the first brigade in fighting and defeating terrorism with the sacrifices of its honorable sons,” Mahjoub said.

On December 9, 2017, Haidar al-Abadi, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, announced the liberation of all Iraqi territory from the control of the Da’ash organization.


Ebadi is looking with the president of GE to provide electricity to citizens on an ongoing basis

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with the President of the (General Electric) energy to provide electricity to citizens continuously.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office received a copy of the news agency that “Ebadi received at his office Thursday, the President of the General Electric Power Russell Stokes and the accompanying delegation, and during the meeting reviewed the projects of GE completed and in the process of completion and future projects and overcome obstacles In addition to the global experiences to rationalize electricity and stop waste and strategies used to provide electricity to citizens continuously. ”

“We also discussed ways in which General Electric can contribute to the development of the energy sector infrastructure and to examine opportunities for cooperation towards its future development.”

“The victory of Iraq against gangs of terrorists and the liberation of all of Iraq’s territory,” Stokes said, “underscored the company’s commitment to support the national development process in Iraq.” is over


Deputy: Abadi will not agree to receive any Kurdish delegation only to implement all its conditions

14-12-2017 03:32 PM


Baghdad News –

The MP for the Movement for Change Tafka Mohammed, on Thursday, the latest conditions of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to receive the Kurdish delegation, noting that Abadi will not agree to receive any delegation without achieving all its conditions.

“The Prime Minister informed the Kurdish parties that the conditions for receiving any Kurdish delegation will be accompanied by the cancellation of the referendum and announce this in advance, as well as not to receive any delegation is not unified from all the Kurdish parties, adding that Abadi stressed that Baghdad does not bear any debts The Kurdistan Region’s financial assets to foreign oil companies or other debts as well as not to retreat from the delivery of all airports and border crossings and disputed areas.

Abadi refused to talk about any negotiations with Erbil without fulfilling all the conditions by Erbil, and all the pledges are documented in an agreement.

Mohamed pointed out that some conditions are negotiable, such as handing over airport administration and ports to joint destinations between Erbil and Baghdad as well as achieving political understandings.

The United Nations calls on Iraqis to ensure a “prosperous” future for future generations

14-12-2017 03:00 PM


Baghdad News –

The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) on Thursday called on all Iraqis to ensure a “prosperous” future for future generations.

“All Iraqis with all their affiliations need to take advantage of the momentum of victory over the establishment of a basis for peaceful coexistence,” the mission said in a statement during a dialogue session in which the UN mission participated and gathered tribal, religious, political and civil society actors from Najaf and Diwaniyah provinces to identify On the views of Iraqis from all over the country and address the challenges facing Iraqi national reconciliation in the post-urging.

“A daunting defeat provides the opportunity to move forward on the road to lasting peace so that the country can concentrate all its energies and resources on reconstruction,” said Alice Welbol, UN Deputy Special Representative for Political and Electoral Affairs.

“There is a real need for constructive dialogue at all levels, and I am confident that Iraq, through the concerted efforts of its leaders, its political forces and its people, with all its ethnic and religious components and patriotism, and with the continued support of the international community, will be able to overcome the challenges of the post- better future”.

Newspaper: A dispute over the “word” prevents the resumption of dialogue between the territory of Kurdistan and Baghdad

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Khandan –

Al-Mada newspaper revealed a dispute over the “word” that prevents the resumption of dialogue between the Kurdistan region and the federal government in Baghdad.

The newspaper quoted a “close” of the Iraqi prime minister as saying, “Abadi demands the commitment of the Kurds to the decisions of the Federal Court and insists on declaring the Kurdistan region an open position on the referendum.”

MP Ali al-Alaq said that “Abadi called on the government of the region to replace and change the word we respect, which is contained in its statement by the word we commit,” noting that “a word we respect the carrying of the content of the political, the first accept the decision of the Federal Court, and the second gives the impression that the Territory a second opinion” .

The Supreme Federal Court has issued, early last November, a ruling on the referendum of Kurdistan.

On November 14, 2017, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) responded to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court on the absence of a provision in the Constitution authorizing the secession of any component in Iraq that it respects the interpretation of Article 1 of the Constitution by the Federal Supreme Court.

The MP, who is close to Abadi, said that “the failure of the provincial government to cancel the referendum indicates the existence of preparation for separation.” He said that “the government continues to exercise its constitutional right to control border crossings and airports that have become disabled.”

He points out that the movement to control the port of Vishakhabur by the federal government is currently suspended to prevent bloodshed on both sides, and the government has opened the way for dialogue and understanding to solve problems in an amicable manner.



The Association of Private Banks and the Union of Arab Banks are discussing the development of bilateral relations


Economy News Baghdad:

A delegation from the Union of Arab Banks, headed by Raja Kamouni, visited the headquarters of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks in Baghdad.

The delegation was received by the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hantal and the Executive Director Ali Tariq. The two sides discussed the development of bilateral relations and the necessity of opening up Iraqi banks to Arab and foreign banks.

The Union of Arab Banks issued an official invitation to Al-Hanal to visit his headquarters in Beirut to discuss the Arab measures in activating the proposal to establish a bank for the reconstruction of infrastructure in Arab areas affected by terrorism.

The head of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, said during the meeting that “the relationship between the Union of Arab Banks and the Association of Private Banks is very strong,” stressing that “a delegation from the Association will visit the headquarters of the Union soon to discuss bilateral relations.”


Saudi – Iraqi team to develop banking relations



Economy News Baghdad:

The Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul Karim Al-Khulaifi, discussed with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq, the promotion and development of direct cooperation between the banks in both countries.

The visit aims to form a joint team of the Monetary Authority and the Central Bank of Iraq within the framework of the development and activation of banking relations.

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues of mutual interest and means of developing banking relations in both countries. They also discussed cooperation with regard to remittances, correspondence relations between Saudi banks and Iraqi banks and other banking transactions that provide suitable infrastructure for future economic and investment cooperation between the two countries.

He welcomed the desire of his Iraqi counterpart to benefit from the expertise of the Foundation in the fields of training and transfer of knowledge to colleagues in brotherly Iraq in a number of different areas in the Institute of Finance of the Monetary Foundation, and agreed to communicate continuously to identify mechanisms of cooperation in this area.

The visit comes as part of several visits and bilateral meetings between the officials of both countries as a culmination of the strategic relations process, and paved the way for new horizons of joint and fruitful cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency for Research and International Affairs, Dr. Fahad bin Ibrahim Al-Shathri, and a number of officials of the Foundation, while attended by Iraqi Ambassador to Riyadh Dr. Rushdi Al-Ani, Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Banks and a delegation of officials of the Central Bank of Iraq, And senior banking officials in Iraq.