Sudanese adviser: Government measures prevented the smuggling of dollars abroad


Economy| 11:49 – 01/04/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Prime Minister Mazhar Mohammed Saleh’s financial adviser confirmed on Saturday that government measures prevented the dollar from being smuggled abroad.

Saleh said that “the legal institution in particular took its active and distinguished role in protecting and maintaining the national economy from attacking its constants and variables through illegal external leaks of the country’s financial resources, specifically foreign currency,” noting that “its active role is equivalent to the force of imposing institutional discipline in managing and directing the country’s financial resources in maintaining its flows in accordance with the laws, regulations and controls governing all financial actions and protecting the national economy from the compounds of corruption and the forces of aggression on public money and the economic system of the country.”

Saleh added in an interview with the official news agency that “attrition and aggression against the constants and variables of the economic system is an indivisible one,” pointing out that “the vigilance of the force of law-out and its distinguished role has become clear in providing service, foremost of which is the stability of the legal effectiveness of the national economy.”

He pointed out that “preservation of the country’s financial wealth, specifically the illegal disposal of foreign currency and addressing waste or deliberate diversions out of the national economy is one issue that is not subject to division in all cases.”

He continued, “Government measures are a new stage in establishing the life of the Iraqi state, which has taken a distinguished path at the current stage in the development of the degree of control and cooperation internally and externally, including cooperation with the international financial and legal community in combating money laundering activities and all financial crimes.” It’s over 29/N33

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