After the US State Department report on Kurdistan. Washington confirms the depth of the relationship with Erbil


2023-03-27 13:51

Shafaq News / The United States renewed On Monday, the United States affirmed the continued strengthening of relations between Erbil and Washington in Political, economic, security and commercial fields.


This came during a visit by the consul American in Erbil Irvin Hicks, to the Department of Foreign Relations in the Government of the Territory Kurdistan, and was received by the official of the Office of Foreign Relations in the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dziye, in the presence of the representative of the regional government in the United States, the statement of Sami Abdel Rahman, according to a statement He responded to Shafaq News Agency.

According to the statement, Dziye referred to the relations of The historic friendship between the Kurdistan Region and the United States, and stressed the importance of “Strengthening relations between the two sides in various fields.”

The two sides exchanged views on The latest political developments, the recent report by the U.S. Department of State, and areas of coordination and joint cooperation.”

For his part, the US consul expressed according to The statement, expressed his happiness with this meeting, and pointed to the relations of alliance and friendship between the regional government Kurdistan and the United States, stressing the importance of “further strengthening relations between both sides in the political, economic, security and trade fields.”

At the end of the meeting, the two sides discussed Relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) responded, on Monday, on a US State Department report released in March, which claimed the existence of Cases of torture inside the region’s prisons, which the regional government categorically denied.

On Sunday, he criticized the headquarters of Barzani, strongly what was circulated through the media of statements by one of the officials The Americans, who described the entity of the Kurdistan Region as “cartoonish”.


After the US State Department report on Kurdistan. Washington confirms the depth of the relationship with Erbil – Shafaq News


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