The Sudanese will visit Turkey tomorrow and the water, borders and the economy are the most prominent files

  • Time: 2023/03/20 08:04:53
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The Sudanese will visit Turkey tomorrow and the water, borders and the economy are the most prominent files


{Politician: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Mohammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will visit Turkey, tomorrow, Tuesday, accompanied by a high-level technical delegation, and the water file will lead the talks between the two countries and will also include issues of borders and economic cooperation.

“Given the importance of the water file and its consideration of the important sovereign files, Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani will head the delegation and the water file will be one of the priorities of the visit,” the spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources, Khaled Shamal, said in a press statement.

Al-Sudani received an official invitation to visit Turkey on January 10 from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Committee on Agriculture, Marshes and Parliamentary Water confirmed that the committee’s advisers will accompany the delegation to Turkey to discuss the water file for its utmost importance.

“The Prime Minister’s visit to Turkey is very important, during which the danger surrounding the water file must be highlighted,” said Committee member Thaer Al-Jubouri, stressing that he “he knows the right of knowledge of his duty towards the Iraqi people and the high-level keenness to solve it.”

Iraq is going through a suffocating water crisis, caused by rainfall retention and lack of water imports from neighboring countries for four consecutive seasons, not to mention disappointing rainfall rates for the current season, which threatens a critical water situation next summer.السوداني-يزور-تركيا-غداً-والمياه-والحدود-والاقتصاد-أبرز-ملفاته


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