Sulaymaniyah International Marathon kicks off (photos)

KurdistanNowruz’s DaySulaymaniyah Marathon

2023-03-20 03:30Font

Shafaq News / The Sulaymaniyah International Marathon kicked off, on Monday, within the activities of Nowruz Day with wide participation.

Marathon supervisor Rang Khaled told Shafaq News that the marathon was launched this morning with the participation of the reading of 3,000 contestants of both sexes.

He added that “the marathon started from the center of Sulaymaniyah towards (Huari Shar) with the first distances 5 km and the second 3 km,” noting that “there will be a prize for the first and second winners of the contestants.”كوردســتانيات/انطلاق-ماراثون-السليمانية-الدولي-صور

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