Shamkhani reveals new banking agreement with Iraq

  • Time: 2023/03/20 10:32:37
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Shamkhani reveals new banking agreement with Iraq


{Politician: Euphrates News} The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, announced a new banking agreement with Iraq.

“The trips to China and the United Arab Emirates have achieved important results, and on this basis it was decided that this process should continue with the trip to Iraq,” Shamkhani said in a statement to Iranian agencies upon his return to Tehran after a visit to Iraq.

He added: During this intensive one-day trip, which took place in the presence of officials of the economic, banking, political and security sectors in the country, while speaking with senior officials in Iraq, we were able to find joint and effective solutions to remove some obstacles in the way of cooperation.

Referring to the agreements reached during his visit to the UAE regarding facilitating trade exchanges between the two countries using the dirham currency, Shamkhani added: New executive mechanisms have been identified to use resources from Iran’s demands from Iraq to buy basic goods and Iranian traders with foreign exchange are a step that will improve the situation of the country’s currency market along with the agreements concluded with the UAE authorities.

He added: In addition to the very important economic and political talks that took place during this trip with the heads of the executive, legislative and judicial bodies and the Central and Commercial Bank of Iraq, the agreement on security cooperation between the national security officials of the two countries was signed, is very important.

By signing this agreement of different dimensions, the two countries will try with a specific plan to eliminate anti-revolutionary groups that take anti-security measures against Iran from the Kurdistan Region,” he said.شمخاني-يكشف-عن-اتفاق-مصرفي-جديد-مع-العراق


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