Sudani announces draft oil and gas law and sets its date

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2023-02-07 10:33

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani revealed on Tuesday eveningthat there is a draft of the oil and gas law being reviewed between Baghdad and Erbil to mature and then approve it.

Al-Sudani said during the weekly press conference, which was attended by Shafaq News Agency, that “the oil and gas law is one of the government’s obligations, and there is a draft law being circulated between the Federal Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region.”

He pointed out that “after the adoption of the budget law, the draft oil and gas law will be discussed.”

Al-Sudani announced that “the Council of Ministers approved the signing of a fifth licensing round with a final signature for the investment of natural gas.”

He pointed out that “the natural gas investment project is one of the important projects stalled for four years, and provides a quarter of the amount of imported gas within 15 days of its implementation, and can rely on Iraqi natural gas during the next two years as an alternative to imported gas and covers all local needs.”

The oil and gas law is one of the most important causes of disputes between Baghdad and Erbil, and throughout previous governments and parliamentary sessions, political blocs have not agreed on a final version of this law.

The Federal Supreme Court (the highest judicial authority in Iraq) had previously issued an order stating that the Kurdistan Region was not entitled to export its oil without referring to the Federal Ministry of Oil, causing tension between Baghdad and Erbil.

Al-Sudani announces a draft of the oil and gas law and sets its date – Shafaq News


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