PM adviser: New strategy started to reform currency management system and optimists

  • Time : 2023/02/07 15:24:44
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PM adviser: New strategy started to reform currency management system and optimists


{Economic: Euphrates News} The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Economic Affairs, Mazhar Mohammed Saleh, revealed the start of a new strategy to reform the currency management system in the country.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance received by {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that Saleh participated during his participation in the analytical scientific symposium held by the Financial and Accounting Training Center in the Ministry on Tuesday entitled {The exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar .. Problems and solutions} in cooperation with the Economic Studies Forum at the House of Wisdom, in the presence of Ahmed Al-Dahlaki, Director General of the Financial and Accounting Training Center, and with the participation of a group of researchers, academics and specialists in financial and economic affairs, and under the supervision of Falah Thwaini.
The statement added that “the seminar in which Saleh lectured discussed the objective reasons that affected the fluctuation of the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies up and down, according to the effects of the overall situation in Iraq and the treatments to achieve balance and reduce the gap between supply and demand in the market.”
Saleh explained that “the new strategy began with the reform of the national currency management system and the Iraqi payments system,” adding that “this will be the basis in implementing the strategy of reforming the currency conditions in the foreseeable future.”
The adviser to the Prime Minister indicated that “the Iraqi economy is strong and has great resources to qualify it to stand in front of foreign currencies if there is a correct economic and monetary policy, and political, economic and security stability,” expressing optimism that “the Iraqi economy will stabilize, which is reflected in the rise of the dinar against foreign currencies.”مستشار-رئيس-الوزراء-استراتيجية-جديدة-بدأت-بإصلاح-نظام-إدارة-العملة-ومتفائلون


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