Al-Sudani enumerates his government’s achievements within 100 days and announces gas, health and economic projects

political| 11:11 – 07/02/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani on Tuesday identified the most prominent achievements of his government within 100 days, while announcing projects related to gas, health and the economy.
Al-Sudani said in a press conference attended by Mawazine News/what he said below:
🔷 The government is 100 days old, and it has set 5 priorities since the first day of voting on them and on its ministerial platform, its choice depended on the country’s living, economic and service reality and the challenge of combating corruption
🔷 The government began its work with a new experience and simple self- and financial capabilities represented by the service and engineering effort

🔷 70 billion dinars of the funds of the former Prime Minister’s Office, turned into the service and engineering effort that reached forgotten residential areas, and we have a special vision in the 2023 budget related to financial allocations for the service effort
🔷 The government has started its service effort with lagging projects and a mechanism has been taken to accelerate the construction of 9 hospitals in Baghdad and the time limit for completing projects is one year
🔷 We organized the distribution of emergency food security funds and directed them to infrastructure projects in the governorates, and directed the governorates to distribute food security allocations in accordance with the government’s vision
🔷 We found broken files related to unemployment and job creation, and started the file of lecturers because they have a legal basis for installation, and ended the problems of lecturers and contracts in all ministries
🔷 We suspended appointments and contracts because they are an economically unfeasible policy, and allocated 500 billion dinars in the 2023 budget to the Small Enterprise Lending Fund
🔷 Asset recovery was a priority in the anti-corruption process without leaving legal accountability, and we adopted mechanisms that organized the process of recovering stolen funds, whether before 2003 or after, and there are no red lines against corruption
🔷 We have redeployed the security services in accordance with the government program and there are 3 governorates that the police directorates received their security file after the army left from inside
🔷 We follow up the level of service delivery in hospitals, and we are working to rehabilitate (10) hospitals, as happened with Kadhimiya Hospital
🔷 We address a concept called (multidimensional poverty) through food, health and other services, and obtaining a housing unit is the most important thing that will be achieved for the poor covered, and we have allocated a financial subsidy for the children of the poor to complete their studies
🔷 We are proud to contribute to the file of the 25 Gulf Championship
🔷 The course of international relations adopted productive diplomacy within 100 days of government life, and our visits to countries were drawn and had goals
🔷 We prepared the electricity file during the summer of 2023, and provided all the requirements as requested by the Minister of Electricity
🔷 All state files are covered by work, not just five priorities
🔷 Economic reform was prioritized by the tremor caused by the ill-conceived exchange rate change in 2021, because the damage of the exchange rate hike became compounded on citizens after food prices rose
🔷 The previous government did not take measures to protect the citizen against the effects of the exchange rate change, which affected even the middle-income people, and caused all economic facilities were suspended
🔷 We were surprised in the first month that there were obligations regarding the mechanism of selling the dollar agreed two years ago between the government and the central bank with the US Federal Bank
🔷 We took quick action on the subject of the currency selling window but it needs time
🔷 Merchants are looking for an unofficial dollar parallel to the dollar sold through the currency sale window, and we do not deny the existence of currency smuggling
🔷 Delaying the general budget due to this crisis and its treatments, and we will return the figures set in the budget, and there is an impact of the deficit ratio in light of the price difference for the exchange of the dollar, and the state bears the damage, not the citizen, and the negative effects of any decision borne by the state
🔷 The budget will be a reflective mirror of the government program and has important steps towards development and urgent projects needed by the citizen
🔷 The Council of Ministers took an important decision in the field of natural gas and associated gas investment and approved the recommendation of the Economic Council for Energy to permanently sign contracts for the licensing round (fifth round) for patches and border fields and activate them for a long time after their referral
🔷 This is one of the important projects in the fifth round, which has been disabled for four years due to a complaint in the validity of the procedures, and after this file went to financial control and integrity, it was finally found that the procedures are sound and the issue was resolved
🔷 One of the companies working on the project can save a quarter of the amount of imported gas within 15 months, and our goal is to secure and cover all the amount of imported gas within 3 years
🔷 Imported gas costs up to 10 trillion dinars annually in the budget, after three years, the project will save these amounts, and they will be transferred to health, education and housing, within the framework of economic reform
🔷 We will soon announce the sixth round, which will target a patch and a natural gas field, for the first time in Iraq
🔷 Iraq must enter the gas market and be an exporter and equipped country for all its needs, which is a gain at all political, economic and security levels
🔷 The second important decision is the Nebras Petrochemical Project, which is one of our commitments in the government program
🔷 The project has also been disabled since 2015, and is one of the strategic projects in the region, and the third project in the Middle East, and the Ministry of Industry has started contracting with a global consulting company within two to four months to move to the next step
🔷 This project would occupy most of our factories in the private sector, and instead of importing granules from neighboring countries, we will produce and export. Finished29/


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