Al-Sudani adviser announces the rise of Iraq’s reserves to 115 billion dollars

  • Time : 2023/02/07 17:51:47
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Al-Sudani adviser announces the rise of Iraq's reserves to 115 billion dollars


{Economic: Al-Furat News) The economic and financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Muhammad Salih, announced on Tuesday, the rise of Iraq’s reserves to 115 billion dollars.

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Saleh said to Al-Furat News that: “The decision to amend the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar today is commensurate with the percentage of the current increase in the current account of the Iraqi balance of payments to the GDP of Iraq, which currently stands at about 15%}.”

He added, “What prompted the monetary policy to modify the exchange rate and raise the external value of the Iraqi dinar,” explaining, “As the decision supports the availability of official foreign reserves in support of Iraq touched 115 billion dollars, and it provides standard coverage for Iraq’s total foreign trade for nearly 20 import months.”

Saleh continued, “While the global average is about three months, the decision to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar will also combat inflationary activities and expectations that have worsened in the last three months.”

He explained, “This time, the followers of the Central Bank of Iraq followed a strict pattern of monetary policy that combat inflation by maximizing the external value of Iraqi monetary in order to stabilize the general level of prices and its importance in stabilizing monetary income for the public and maintaining living standards.”

From: Raghad Dahamمستشار-السوداني-يعلن-إرتفاع-احتياطي-العراق-إلى-115-مليار-دولار


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