The Office of Financial Supervision announces a package of measures towards the Kurdistan Region

Economy Of The Kurdistan Region Breaking Office Of Financial Supervision

2023-02-06 04:35Font

Twilight News / The Federal Audit Bureau announced on Monday the adoption of a new package of measures to implement the paragraphs of the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court related to the unconstitutionality of the oil and gas law in the Kurdistan Region.

The SAI said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that “the Industrial Activity Audit Department has taken a series of measures, in order to implement the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court in the number (59 / Federal / 2012 and its units 110 / Federal / 2019) on 15/2/2022).

According to the statement, the department decided: “The unconstitutionality of the Oil and Gas Law in the Kurdistan Region No. (22) of 2007 and the abolition of the provisions of Articles (110, 11, 112, 115, 121 and 130) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq of 2005.”

The Bureau committed the Kurdistan Regional Government to “deliver all oil production from oil fields in the region,” in addition to “following up the invalidity of the oil contracts it concluded with foreign companies,” in addition to obliging the KRG to “enable the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau to review all oil contracts concluded regarding the export and

The Federal Audit Bureau pointed out, in the statement, to “determining the share of the Kurdistan Region in the general budget in a way that ensures the delivery of the rights of citizens of the provinces of the region and not delay them.”

He explained that “these procedures were briefly referred to in the letter of the Office of Financial Supervision, the Industrial Activity Audit Department No. (11/28/2600) on 30/1/2023 addressed to the Federal Supreme Court – Office of the President of the Court.”

The Bureau confirmed that it will continue to follow up on what was stated in the executive axis of the ministerial curriculum / October 2022, as far as coordination is concerned between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, on the files and decisions related to the region according to the detail referred to in the book, which lies as follows:

1- Diwani Order No. (7017) on 30/3/2022, according to which a committee was formed to audit oil contracts concluded from the Kurdistan Region.

2- The letter of the Bureau No. (1/2/13100) on 14/6/2022) addressed to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Kurdistan Regional Representation, for the purposes of enabling the Bureau to review oil contracts concluded with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

3- The letter of the Bureau No. (1/1/15/15826) on 26/7/2022 addressed to the Ministry of Oil for the purpose of providing the Bureau with a statement containing the oil contracts concluded by the Kurdistan Region, so that a work plan and an audit program can be prepared in coordination with the said ministry.

4- The letter of the Diwan No. (11/28/16935) on 11/8/2022 addressed to the Office of the Prime Minister, explaining the approach of the Ministry of Oil on the formation of a specialized committee in the Bureau to audit oil contracts concluded from the region.

5- The response of the Ministry of Oil / the Legal Department with its books Nos. (29767) and (22803) on 13/10/ and 11/8/2022, to the books of the Court No. (19903) and (15826) on 13/9/2022 and 26/7/2021, respectively, indicating that the region refused to hand over any oil contracts or any data related to

6- The letter of the Diwan No. (21513) on 4/10/2020 addressed to (the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / the Representation of the Kurdistan Region, the Federal Supreme Court, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil, and the Office of Financial Supervision in the Kurdistan Region), including that this Bureau is waiting for the preparation of priorities and audit requirements to startاقتصـاد/ديوان-الرقابة-المالية-يعلن-حزمة-من-ال-جرا-ات-تجاه-اقليم-كوردستان


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