3 thoughts on “Halabousi: The exchange rate will return to normal

  1. Baghdad – Mawazine News

    Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbousi confirmed on Saturday that the exchange rate will return to normal.

    “It is not the first time that exchange rates have witnessed variables that accompany the legal and regulatory procedures of the Central Bank in line with international requirements and monetary policies aimed at regulating the movement of foreign exchange and preventing the smuggling of hard currency,” Halabousi said in a tweet, followed by Mawazine News.

    Halabousi added, “There is no worry and no fear according to the positive indicators of the Iraqi economy, and in light of growing cash reserves and the level of realized revenues that is the highest compared to the past years.”

    He added, “The exchange rate will return to normal in conjunction with the tight procedures of the Central Bank and government efforts in support of controlling trading, preventing manipulation and smuggling and maintaining its stability.” Finished 29/m99

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