The Central Bank And The US Treasury Confirm The Stability Of The Exchange Rate In Iraq



Earth News / The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail, and his accompanying delegation concluded on Friday evening in Turkey his meetings with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Brian Nelson and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, they discussed prospects for cooperation and coordination between the two sides in order to contribute to achieving the stability of the exchange rate in Iraq and the related mechanisms
The US Treasury Department confirmed, according to a statement by the bank and received by Earth News, “its support for achieving economic stability in Iraq, in reference to strengthening what was discussed between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the US President in the phone call that took place between them on Thursday in stressing the importance of Iraq’s stability for the region.”
The US Treasury Department “excited its readiness for the flexibility necessary to achieve common goals, and it was agreed to continue coordination and cooperation during the meetings scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C., before the middle of this month.”

البنك المركزي والخزانة الامريكية يؤكدان على تحقيق استقرار سعر الصرف في العراق


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