Saudi Foreign Minister: Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region

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2023-02-02 04:13Font

Twilight News / Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Thursday that Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region through dialogue and understanding, referring to the Baghdad-led medium between Riyadh and Tehran to restore relations between the latter two countries.

“I emphasize the depth of the relationship and the importance of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the two countries,” Prince Farhan said during the press conference he held today with his Iraqi counterpart Fouad Hussein in the capital Baghdad.

He added that relations are witnessing a great positive momentum, as we are working at a close pace to continue this momentum to deepen coordination on the economic and development aspect and support Baghdad’s efforts to consolidate prosperity, stability, growth and prosperity in Iraq, stressing cooperation in this particular field with Iraq through activating the Joint Coordination Council between the two countries.

Prince Faisal also pointed out that Iraq is witnessing positive economic development, and Saudi Arabia is also in great economic development and growth and reached one trillion dollars, and we must take advantage of these opportunities.

The Saudi Foreign Minister continued by saying that there is no doubt that we will not achieve this without a stable safe zone, pointing out that Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region through dialogue, promoting common interests and addressing any differences, and without stability we will not achieve the prosperity we seek.سیاسة/وزير-الخارجية-السعودي-العراق-ي-دي-دورا-مهما-في-تعزيز-الاستقرار-بالمنطقة


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