Plasschaert flirts with the Sudanese government: Our person is remarkable progress in the fight against corruption

  • Time : 2023/02/02 18:08:02
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Plasschaert flirts with the Sudanese government: Our person is remarkable progress in the fight against corruption


{International: Euphrates News} The UN Representative in Iraq, Jenin Blaschaert, presented on Thursday, a briefing to the UN Security Council at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the situation in Iraq.

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“The government of Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani is implementing a policy of openness, and any government needs political support to achieve the aspirations of the people,” Plasschaert said of the current Iraqi government’s policy.

“The government has taken many steps in the fight against corruption, and is making more efforts to recover smuggled funds, and we have also recognized remarkable progress for the current government’s work in the fight against corruption,” she added.

“Real change requires economic and political reforms in Iraq, and we look forward to accelerating the adoption of the 2023 budget, and Iraq should give priority to diversifying the economy,” Plasschaert continued.

On the crisis of the center and the region, Plaschaert said, “The Iraqi government has confirmed its commitment to settling creations with Erbil, and Baghdad and Erbil are continuing their dialogues in order to reach a sustainable agreement; but the division between the political parties in the Kurdistan region continues and concessions should be made.”

She stressed that “the Iraqi government continues its policy of openness and respect for the principles of sovereignty,” noting that “Iraq is one of the most polluted countries with explosive ordnance and demining efforts are continuing,” but that “bombing operations in Iraq increase tensions.”

Plaschaert concluded by “congratulating the Iraqi national team on winning the Gulf Cup (Gulf 25) in Basra.”بلاسخارت-تغازل-حكومة-السوداني-شخصنا-تقدما-ملحوظا-في-مجال-مكافحة-الفساد


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