Biden confirms Washington’s commitment to strategic framework agreement with Iraq

Al-Hurra – Washington

03 Feb 2023

Biden renews commitment to support Iraq

US President Joe Biden confirmed Washington’s commitment to the strategic framework agreement with Iraq during a phone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, in which King Abdullah II of Jordan participated during his time in the White House.

Biden reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to Iraq and consultation with it on regional developments and praised the prime minister’s efforts to strengthen Iraq’s sovereignty and independence, a White House statement said in a statement.

Biden and Sudan discussed the prime minister’s economic agenda and his plans to ensure the Iraqi economy serves the Iraqi people, plans the United States says it is ready to fully support, the statement said.

Biden welcomed the upcoming visit by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, at the helm of a delegation next week to Washington to continue discussing these programs.

Biden and the Sudanese renewed their commitment to ensuring that ISIS does not threaten the Iraqi people or regional and international security again, the statement said.

The White House said Biden took advantage of Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s visit to Washington to invite him to join the call with Al-Sudani, and the Jordanian monarch renewed his country’s support for Iraq.بايدن-يؤكد-التزام-واشنطن-باتفاق-الإطار-الاستراتيجي-مع-العراق


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