Al-Sudani: The current stage is a gateway to economic reform, despite its forestry

  • Time : 2023/02/02 22:36:59
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Al-Sudani: The current stage is a gateway to economic reform, despite its forestry


{Economic: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired on Thursday the second meeting of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Association of Iraqi Banks, as well as bodies; Taxes, customs, border crossings and the Central Bank.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said that “the meeting witnessed the discussion of the economic situation at the national level in light of exchange rate fluctuations, and their effects on the Iraqi market, and the implementation of Cabinet decisions related to taxes, customs, border crossings and the work of banks was followed up, and government measures on confronting exchange rate fluctuations, as well as follow-up

The Prime Minister stressed “during the meeting the need to develop an assessment of the work of banks, support real banks that have implemented the requirements of the Central Bank, and applied the financial standards corresponding to the state’s fiscal policies.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that “some banks and banking offices do not achieve the desired contribution to consolidating a regular and real national fiscal policy.”

He directed “simplification of the procedures for dealings of traders in the concerned state departments, stressing that this stage, despite its embarrassment, is a gateway to economic reform.”

The prime minister also stressed “the need to spread the banking culture, which was supposed to be in place years ago, so that traders and businessmen are ready to deal with the new context of the central bank, and the international standards of the banking system.”

The meeting witnessed the confirmation of the effectiveness of the new conversion system for commercial transactions, and its positive impact in reducing transactions with forged invoices that facilitated currency smuggling over the previous years.السوداني-%C2%A0المرحلة-الحالية-بوابة-للإصلاح-الاقتصادي%C2%A0رغم%C2%A0حراجتها


One thought on “Al-Sudani: The current stage is a gateway to economic reform, despite its forestry

  1. The banking world within many Mid-Eastern have issues as Iraq has. The world knows all the bad players in play and none of them desire to fund evil. So, when they Iraq banking system can tell the world, “We can trace and track all exchange and deposits”, them Iraq will then move forward within the confines of the world central banks. They will get this done…


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