Kurdistan Regional Government: Federal Court used to undermine any agreement with the Iraqi government

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2023-02-01 05:44Font

Twilight News / The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, said on Wednesday that the Federal Supreme Court (the highest judicial authority in Iraq) is used to torpedo and undermine any agreement to solve problems with the federal government, expressing his hope at the same time that the draft budget law for 2023 will be approved as soon as possible to guarantee the

Earlier today, the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region held its regular weekly meeting under the chairmanship of Masrour Barzani, and discussed a number of topics on its agenda, according to a statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

At the beginning of the meeting, and on the occasion of the anniversary of the anniversary of February 1, the Prime Minister recalled the reverence and greatness of the tragedy of February 1, and said: “On behalf of the Council of Ministers, we commemorate our immortal martyrs with all honor, appreciation and veneration, and renew our commitment to move forward in confronting terrorism, terrorists

In the first paragraph of the agenda of the meeting, the head and members of the KRG delegation presented the negotiating program of the Kurdistan Regional Government with the Federal Government with a view to approval by the Council of Ministers. The negotiating delegation was also directed to visit Baghdad and resume meetings in light of the program.

The Prime Minister reiterated the keenness of the Kurdistan Region to reach a radical solution to the problems on the basis of the Constitution, the political agreement that resulted from the formation of the government, and the ministerial curriculum of the Iraqi government.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Kurdistan Region and its negotiating delegation have done their part to reach an agreement, and pending the federal government’s commitment to implementing the agreements, adding: “Unfortunately, the Federal Supreme Court is being used to torpedo and undermine any agreement to solve problems with the federal government.”

The Prime Minister also expressed his hope that the draft federal budget law of 2023 will be approved as soon as possible, and that the constitutional rights and entitlements of the Kurdistan Region will be secured.

In the second paragraph of the agenda, the Council of Ministers discussed the issue of banknotes in the Kurdistan Region, and directed the Ministries of Finance and Economy, Industry and Trade, Martyrs and Anffluence Affairs, and the Coordination and Follow-up Department to prepare a report containing their observations and recommendations to take the necessary decision in this regard at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

In the third and final paragraph of the agenda, the Council of Ministers discussed solving the problem (bank guarantee letter) with regard to the stalled projects of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and in this regard, proposals and recommendations were made to address the problem and approved after they were enriched with the necessary discussions.



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