Al-Sudani reveals in detail the dollar crisis and opens the {black box} to steal the century

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Al-Sudani reveals in detail the dollar crisis and opens the {black box} to steal the century


(Political: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani revealed in detail the crisis of the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar,” I’m noting “new information about the theft of tax secrets, which have become known as [theft of the century}.

“Price fluctuations were not a government or parliamentary decision or from the Central Bank,” Al-Sudani said in a televised interview, noting that “the official price of the dollar is still 1450 dinars in the Central Bank.”
“Two years ago, the central bank signed a memorandum with the US Federal Reserve regarding dollar control,” explaining that “the dollar is available and available at the official rate for every businessman and citizen.”
Al-Sudani pointed out that “the dollar of the currency auction was smuggling abroad and with fake invoices for goods and goods in exaggerated quantities,” adding, “We hear about the smuggling of money and transferring them to Kurdistan and from there to neighboring countries and I talked with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government about the smuggling of funds and the need to cooperate on this file
“Iraq’s financial situation is at its best, and we have ordered the Ministry of Commerce to buy any material that the market needs and we do not worry about rising prices and we will control it,” he continued.
Al-Sudani stressed that “we are determined to redisburse the dollar to its official rate and we meet with businessmen every week to find out their problems and reasons for not resorting to official trade,” noting that “this work was supposed to be two years ago to prepare traders on the official ground.”
He criticized the Central Bank “not doing what is required with the US Federal Reserve,” revealing “the visit of a high Iraqi delegation to Washington on February 7 to discuss the issue of the dollar,” noting that “there is no visit to Washington in the near horizon.”
Al-Sudani pointed to “the rise in money sales to the Central Bank and the situation is in the right way,” revealing “goods that were entering with irrational bills and prices aimed at driving the currency out of Iraq.”
The prime minister called on “citizens not to buy the dollar and the dinar is the strongest,” he said.
He noted that “the changes in the Central Bank and the Trade Bank of Iraq are deliberate and we will not stop at any official who does not provide solutions to problems and the changes continue.”
“There are no red lines by changing any of the ministers and down and we are ready to change up to 100 officials and within six months my government will be evaluated,” he stressed.

“One of the priorities of the government’s platform is to combat poverty and we launched a social search process targeting 1.7 million applications for the purpose of including in the social protection network, and a special food basket has been given to those covered by the protection network and will continue,” the prime minister said.
He explained, “The basket is part of the ration card reforms, and there will be additional cash subsidies for the children of the families of the poor to complete their studies in the budget law.”
Al-Sudani revealed “the government’s determination to build integrated cities to solve the housing crisis in which full services are available,” noting that “the solution to the housing crisis lies in building integrated cities according to an economic model adopted by the government.”
He added, “Free units will be granted to categories and others in installments with periods of time, and we have determined in Baghdad and the provinces the construction of integrated cities, and soon we will start the project.”
He stressed that “these cities will not exhaust the citizen to pay and we will grant housing to some categories free of charge.”
He pointed out that “there is a crisis of confidence between the citizen and the official because of the many promises and the lack of implementation on the ground.”
Al-Sudani revealed “an agreement with the World Bank to develop and rehabilitate Baghdad airport in accordance with international specifications.”
The Prime Minister attributed “the delay of the Council of Ministers to send the budget to parliament for several reasons, including the government’s desire to draft the budget in accordance with its ministerial program,” revealing “the establishment of funds in the budget between them for the poor and the development of Iraq.”
He pointed out that “all possibilities are in amending the dollar exchange in the budget,” noting that “the suspension of contracts and new appointments budget for another notice and even volunteer work.”

On the issue of stealing tax trusts known as [theft of the century], the Prime Minister revealed new information.
Al-Sudani said that “the main defendant in the case (Noor Zuhair) distributed money to voters and media professionals,” noting that “the last courageous dialogue of the judge of the Karkh Investigation Court, Zia Jaafar, was clear and explained the dimensions of the case in determining.”
He added that “the recent uproar raised about the accused Nour Zuhair is part of it fabricated,” noting that “{Zuhair) distributed his money to a group of influential people, including politicians and media as well as banks.”
Al-Sudani promised the accused {Nur Zuhair} that it was “the black box for stealing the century},” noting that “the judiciary will reveal all the names of those involved in stealing Qurna, including politicians.”
“The accused Zuhair took advantage of the chaos of the state by stealing tax secretaries, and we are prosecuting five known companies involved in stealing the century,” he said, adding, “There are employees who helped the accused Nour Zuhair and they are detained.”
He stressed that “the extradition of wanted persons and the recovery of funds are the focus of our relations with the countries of the world,” announcing “the formation of a specialized team of security services that chases all those involved inside and outside Iraq.”
“The fight against corruption will not be subject to courtesy with any political party and combating corruption is an irreversible decision,” the prime minister stressed.
He revealed that “the arrest of a network in the tax authority” and returned “the actions taken in the fight against corruption are deliberate.”
“We have an amendment to the law (where do you get this from) and include anyone who gets abnormal wealth,” he noted.
Al-Sudani considered “corruption to be the real threat to the Iraqi state after ISIS,” noting that “corrupt people lead smear campaigns and blackmail to officials,” stressing that “we need a popular and national campaign against corruption.”
“My meeting with the State Administration Coalition discusses public issues and I have not received partisan, political or private interest requests,” he added.
He stressed that “all security and civilian positions are outside any political interference,” stressing that “appointments of the security services are made through purely professional procedures.”
The prime minister denied “assigning relatives and relatives to him in any location” and returned the accusations “inject to jam them and we will not listen to them.”

On the presence of the international coalition forces in Iraq and the future of the relationship with them, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said: “Iraq does not need foreign combat forces and our forces are ready to face any threat.”
“We need to arrange the shape of the relationship with the international coalition and the current government is in dialogue and there is a security team that will soon reach a final formula that regulates the form of the presence of the international coalition,” he added.
He stressed that “we signed memorandums of understanding with countries that are different from their predecessors,” revealing that “the visit of an official German delegation to the capital Baghdad in less than a month to attend the signing ceremony of important projects in the field of energy. We will also sign a memorandum of understanding with GE.”
“A large number of French companies have investments in Iraq and we have decided the suspension train project in Baghdad and will be included in the budget,” he added.
Al-Sudani revealed that “8-10 trillion dinars are allocated annually in the budget to import gas for electricity, so the file of gas investment has become a priority for us and will provide job opportunities and financial returns.”
On the Al-Faw Grand Port project, he said: “The port will witness accelerated implementation rates this year and we have contact with international companies to complete the requirements of the project.”
He added that “the consulting company has drawn the course of railway linkage to the port of Faw and we are already communicating with companies to operate it after completion.”
“We are working on strategic projects that make a quantum leap,” Al-Sudani concluded.السوداني-تقلبات-الاسعار-لم-يكن-قراراً-حكومياً-او-برلمانياً-أم-من-البنك-المركزي


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