Expert explains legal penalty for counterfeiting currency

  • Time : 2023/01/30 13:34:51
  • Read: 806 times
Expert explains legal penalty for counterfeiting currency


{local: Al-Furat News} Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi explained on Monday the legal penalty for counterfeiting currency, pointing out that the penalty is imprisonment for a term of not less than 10 years for falsehood or imitating securities or cash, whether Iraqi or foreign.

Tamimi said in a statement received by {Euphrates News} that “Article 28 of the Iraqi Penal Code was punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years for imitating or falsifying, whether by himself or by other gold or silver coin,” noting that “Article 282 increases life imprisonment if this crime leads to the decline in the price of the national currency,

He added that “Article 283 punishes with imprisonment and a fine or one of them for anyone who promotes or re-handles the counterfeit currency knowing that it is counterfeit, but the penalty for anyone who catches in good faith a counterfeit currency with knowledge of it and then deals with it, his penalty is imprisonment in accordance with Article 284 of the Iraqi Penal Code and imitating the currency means making something false that looks like something true.”

He pointed out that “the meaning of forgery is to change the truth with the intention of cheating in a particular document to harm the public or private interest.”خبير-يوضح-العقوبة-القانونية-لتزييف-العملة

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