Siemens: We plan to expand cooperation with Iraq with projects exceeding 6 gigawatts

economy| ? 01:25 – 13/01/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Siemens plans to expand its cooperation with Iraq by developing projects with a capacity of more than six gigawatts in the next five years.
A Siemens Energy spokesman told Reuters that this would include, among other things, the construction of power plants as well as the development of the renewable energy sector and the stabilization of the power grid.
The spokesman added that the company’s CEO Christian Bruch plans to sign a memorandum of understanding on those plans with Iraq’s electricity minister okate on Friday.
“Having a reliable energy source is the foundation for a stable society,” Bruch told Reuters. Supplying large parts of an entire country with electricity is therefore one of our company’s most important tasks.”
The company will work to ensure this is achieved as quickly as possible with its partners in Iraq, he said.
The current roadmap is linked to the 2019 agreement, which includes projects with more than 2023 GW, the company said.
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shiaa al-Sudani will visit Berlin on Friday with a high-level delegation, where he is scheduled to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Schultz. Finished29/h


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