Researcher: The US Ambassador’s Report On Al-Sudani’s Performance Was Positive


On December 25, 2022

Independent / Follow-up / – The researcher in political affairs, Samir Obeid, confirmed that the US ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romansky, had sent her report to Washington on the performance of the new government and the extent of the Sudanese engagement with the international community, stressing that the report was positive.

Obeid said in a tweet on Twitter, which was followed by Al- Mustansala today, Sunday, that a diplomatic source revealed to him that the ambassador’s assessment of the government’s performance is average, while I indicated the lack of harmony between the Iraqi factions, calling for the support of the Sudanese.

The Independent had conducted a questionnaire on its page on the social networking site (Facebook), which showed that the majority of the participants are not optimistic about the government of Muhammad al-Sudani, indicating that it has not succeeded so far in implementing the ministerial curriculum that it has set for itself, and they are likely not to achieve clear achievements in the future.

باحث : تقرير السفيرة الامريكية حول اداء السوداني كان ايجابيا


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