Al-Sudani: Our government is working on providing economic reforms that focus on improving the work environment

  • Time: 12/17/2022 12:12:35
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Al-Sudani: Our government is working on providing economic reforms that focus on improving the work environment
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  {Politics: Al Furat News} Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani opened, on Saturday, the work of the twenty-ninth session of the Arab Engineering Conference, which is being hosted by the capital, Baghdad.

The media office of the Prime Minister stated in a statement received by {Euphrates News}, that “the latter welcomed the convening of the Supreme Council of the Union of Arab Engineers in its seventy-eighth session in the city of Baghdad, and the government’s blessing for the work of the conference held under the title {Information Society and Advanced Technologies in the Arab World} which it called It has the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate and the Arab Engineers Union.

According to the statement, the prime minister said during the opening speech, “Today we bring up history and civilization in your conference. The term engineering and the engineering mentality in a comprehensive sense means the backbone of most of the civilizations that have risen.”

He added, “Engineering sciences have contributed remarkably and amazingly to the development of societies, providing better, easier and more organized life, and participating in improving aspects of services.”

He continued, “The Iraqi Engineers Association, which was founded in 1959, and which is hosting your conference today, is one of the oldest professional associations in the Arab world. It has contributed significantly to professional leadership of engineering work, and has won the community’s trust, making it a safe house to protect the profession and care for the interests of beneficiaries, and a center for expertise.” And professional advice, and led the engineering community to be a regional and global competitor.

He explained, “At a time when I praise the role of Iraqi engineers through all the circumstances that our dear country went through, I salute their patience, adherence to their high professionalism, and their keenness to provide the best in their various fields.”

Al-Sudani praised the “creative works of quite a few Iraqi figures that the world witnessed in the field of engineering,” adding, “We call for them to have a distinguished role in the next stage and in the vital sectors that we referred to in our ministerial approach, which won the confidence of the distinguished parliament.”

The Prime Minister affirmed that “the government is working to provide everything that achieves the optimal investment of natural and human resources through economic reforms that focus on improving the work environment and overcoming obstacles to expertise and competencies, and diversifying sources of income cannot be achieved without a clear and serious partnership with the private sector.”

He concluded by saying, “I do not fail to congratulate the Supreme Council of the Union of Arab Engineers for holding their 78th meeting in the capital, Baghdad, the place where this ancient council was established, and I call on the members of the Council to take a decision to return the headquarters of the Council to the place of its foundation, so that Baghdad will embrace it again, and we will provide all forms of necessary support.” So”.


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