The talk of the exchange rate invades the Iraqi sessions..and the currency auction is the window for whitening the dollar

The talk of the exchange rate invades the Iraqi sessions..and the currency auction is the window for whitening the dollar

December 12, 2022 

Baghdad / Obelisk: The talk of the exchange rate of the dollar has become the most prominent one being circulated by Iraqis who are disaffected by the continued escalation of prices.

Citizens say that wholesale and retail stores complicate the problem because they exploit the exchange rate to increase the prices of goods and merchandise.

And the Central Bank of Iraq pumps money into the market to meet the scarcity of dollars in it, and to allow banking companies to buy dollars from it in larger quantities to cover the need.

The Iraqi politician, Intifaf Qanbar, talks about that all of Iraq’s corruption is whitewashed in the dollar auction, which is the bottleneck of Iraq’s corruption, considering the Sudanese prime minister, if he is serious, he should start fighting the corruption of the currency auction in the central bank.

Engineer Hamid Hadi says in a tweet on Twitter, ( @enghamed313), that the rise of the dollar is not related to the selling price in the Central Bank of Iraq, but the increase is fabricated by some private banks and exchange offices that monopolized the dollar for the purpose of reducing the level of the dollar in the market and thus increasing its price .And Ahmed Eid says via Twitter, saying, (@ahmed33_ied), 

that the currency speculation operations are most intense in the Iraqi market, due to the control of speculators and the absence of state solutions to limit the rise in the exchange rate to a record value.Abu Ali Al-Hilali, (@xdewqhgfsgbgg), considered that 

the rise in the price of the dollar was a political issue , in order for things to return to demonstrations and chaos.

Middle East business advisor Lina Al-Ghanawi (@LGhanawi) says 

that the dollar reaches 152 thousand dinars in the parallel markets

 , adding that, according to experts, the political reasons

 behind the high price of the dollar in Iraq.Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani directed that citizens be provided with 12 portions of the items of the food basket per year and that their amounts be included in the 2023 budget, in an attempt to address the impact of high prices on the poor classes.

And the Central Bank of Iraq had decided in December of the year 2020 to adjust the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar, as the purchase price of the dollar from the Ministry of Finance reached 1450 dinars, while the price of selling it to banks was 1460 dinars per dollar, while the selling price to the citizen was 1470 dinars per dollar. .

Prepared by Muhammad Al-Khafaji

حديث سعر الصرف يغزو جلسات العراقيين.. و مزاد العملة نافذة تبييض الدولار


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