Iraqi-American-Kuwaiti naval patrols in the Gulf

  • Time : 2022/12/12 12:32:47
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Iraqi-American-Kuwaiti naval patrols in the Gulf


(Amniah: Al-Furat News) The US Fifth Fleet Command announced on Monday that naval forces from Iraq, Kuwait and the United States have conducted a joint patrol in the Gulf for the second time in four months, to enhance regional maritime security.

It added that U.S. Navy ships worked with ships from the Iraqi Navy and the Kuwait Coast Guard, and carried out exercises on maneuvering and maritime security.

“Partnerships are the foundation of maritime security and stability in the Middle East,” said Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, Fifth Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces. Our continued cooperation signals our collective commitment to protecting territorial waters.”

The three countries conducted a similar patrol in the Gulf on Aug. 25.دوريات-بحرية-عراقية-امريكية-كويتية-في-الخليج


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