Parliamentary legal hints at an “emergency” session to approve the 2023 budget

  • Time: 12/11/2022 17:39:22
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Parliamentary legal hints at an “emergency” session to approve the 2023 budget

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Legal Committee hinted, today, Sunday, to hold an “emergency” session in the event that the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023 reaches the House of Representatives.

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A member of the committee, Salem Al-Anbuge, told Al-Furat News that: “The entry of the House of Representatives into the legislative recess does not mean that its oversight role will stop during the recess, but there will be continuous follow-ups.” 
He added, “It was agreed to hold an emergency session if necessary, and an agreement was reached between the deputies. In the event that the budget law reaches Parliament during the legislative recess, an emergency session will be held to read the budget as a first reading.” 
And the Presidency of the House of Representatives announced, on Thursday, the end of the second legislative term / the first legislative year / the fifth electoral cycle. 
Thus, Parliament went into recess without receiving the 2023 budget bill from the government. 
The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the size of the federal financial budget for the year 2023 to range from 100 to 120 billion dollars, in light of oil prices in the current global markets, and the fiscal deficit would be 7.5 billion dollars.
Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani directed in two ministerial meetings during this month the need to expedite the completion of the 2023 budget bill and send it to the House of Representatives for approval. 
Al-Sudani stressed the importance of the budget being at the level of ambition, and that it puts in its priorities meeting the needs of citizens in terms of services, as well as taking it upon itself to effectively address the problem of electricity shortages, which greatly affected the life of citizens and the economic sectors in the country.

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