Parliamentary Finance announces the completion of the touches of the budget and its transfer to the Sudanese office

political| 09:53 – 11/12/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, today, Sunday, the completion of the final touches of the budget and its transfer to the Prime Minister’s Office, and while it recommended benefiting from the 2022 surplus, it indicated the trend to increase the amounts for the development of the regions.
Committee member Mueen Al-Kadhimi said in a televised interview, followed by Mawazine News, that “the competence of the Ministry of Planning in the 2023 budget is the financial and investment side, while the Ministry of Finance is responsible for operational estimates,” noting that “the final touches of the budget have been completed in the two ministries and have been transferred to the head office.” Ministers to discuss it and transfer it to the Council of Ministers later.
He added, “The budget will make some amendments to it,” noting that “the legislative recess of Parliament does not affect it, and there will be room to complete it.”
He stressed that “the budget will be handed over to the House of Representatives early next year, and its total amounts will range from 130-140 trillion dinars,” pointing out that “discussing the budget will take from one to two months in Parliament.”
And he stressed the need to “take advantage of the surplus in 2022 in addition to the reconstruction fund, which was formed as a result of the Iraqi-Chinese consensus several years ago,” expressing his hope that “the budget will be resolved and approved early.”
And that “the operational budget includes the salaries of 4 million employees and social protection, which amounts to 5-6 trillion dinars,” explaining that “70 percent of the budget will be operational and 30 percent investment.”
He stressed “the importance of benefiting from other aspects, including the Reconstruction Fund funded by the sale of Iraqi oil to China, in which there are currently 3 billion dollars,” noting that “
He stated that “this fund would support the investment projects called for by the Prime Minister in the government program,” noting that “the price of a barrel of oil in the budget is $75 unrealistic due to the possibility of a drop in oil prices in 2023, so the price of a barrel must be realistic in agreement with the Ministry of Defense.” oil.”
Regarding the development of the regions, Al-Kazemi explained that “the budget includes an item for the development of the regions, which is expected to be 5 trillion dinars distributed among 15 governorates according to the population percentage,” explaining that “the committee will work to increase the amount of development of the regions if there is room in the budget with the aim of including the provinces with more projects.” Ended 29/h


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