After the Riyadh summit. The coordination framework declares its support for the decisions of the Sudanese government

The Policy Of Breaking Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani Coordination Framework

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Twilight News / /19 The coordination framework held its regular meeting on Sunday evening to discuss the latest political and security developments in the country.

A statement of the framework said that at the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister presented a summary of Iraq’s participation in the Sino-Arab summit in Riyadh yesterday and the future of Iraqi-Chinese relations and the need for balance in strategic partnerships with the countries of the world.سیاسة/بعد-قمة-الرياض-ال-طار-التنسيقي-يعلن-دعمه-لقرارات-حكومة-السوداني


Sudan to the World Bank: We are working to turn poor groups into producers in the labor market

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Twilight News / Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani confirmed on Sunday that one of his government’s priorities is to transform the poor groups from recipients of social aid to people active in the labor market.

The Sudanese Media Office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency that the latter received the World Bank Vice President for Middle East and North Africa Affairs Farid Belhadj, in the presence of the Regional Director for the Eastern Countries and the Director of the World Bank in Iraq, and during the meeting, they discussed the prospects of bilateral cooperation to implement important strategic projects in various fields.

He pointed out that the meeting also dealt with the development of ambitious programs aimed at implementing reforms in the banking sector and in the development of the private sector, as well as supporting government programs to face climate change.

The meeting discussed the implementation of joint programs in the field of youth employment, unemployment alleviation, and the development of the social protection program, as well as the establishment of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund.

The Prime Minister pointed to the government’s priorities based on the social and economic needs of citizens, and its intention to transform the poor segments of recipients of social welfare into effective people in the labor market, through deliberate and realistic plans.سیاسة/السوداني-للبنك-الدولي-نعمل-على-تحويل-الف-ات-الفقيرة-لى-منتجة-في-سوق-العمل

Parliamentary Finance announces the completion of the touches of the budget and its transfer to the Sudanese office

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, today, Sunday, the completion of the final touches of the budget and its transfer to the Prime Minister’s Office, and while it recommended benefiting from the 2022 surplus, it indicated the trend to increase the amounts for the development of the regions.
Committee member Mueen Al-Kadhimi said in a televised interview, followed by Mawazine News, that “the competence of the Ministry of Planning in the 2023 budget is the financial and investment side, while the Ministry of Finance is responsible for operational estimates,” noting that “the final touches of the budget have been completed in the two ministries and have been transferred to the head office.” Ministers to discuss it and transfer it to the Council of Ministers later.
He added, “The budget will make some amendments to it,” noting that “the legislative recess of Parliament does not affect it, and there will be room to complete it.”
He stressed that “the budget will be handed over to the House of Representatives early next year, and its total amounts will range from 130-140 trillion dinars,” pointing out that “discussing the budget will take from one to two months in Parliament.”
And he stressed the need to “take advantage of the surplus in 2022 in addition to the reconstruction fund, which was formed as a result of the Iraqi-Chinese consensus several years ago,” expressing his hope that “the budget will be resolved and approved early.”
And that “the operational budget includes the salaries of 4 million employees and social protection, which amounts to 5-6 trillion dinars,” explaining that “70 percent of the budget will be operational and 30 percent investment.”
He stressed “the importance of benefiting from other aspects, including the Reconstruction Fund funded by the sale of Iraqi oil to China, in which there are currently 3 billion dollars,” noting that “
He stated that “this fund would support the investment projects called for by the Prime Minister in the government program,” noting that “the price of a barrel of oil in the budget is $75 unrealistic due to the possibility of a drop in oil prices in 2023, so the price of a barrel must be realistic in agreement with the Ministry of Defense.” oil.”
Regarding the development of the regions, Al-Kazemi explained that “the budget includes an item for the development of the regions, which is expected to be 5 trillion dinars distributed among 15 governorates according to the population percentage,” explaining that “the committee will work to increase the amount of development of the regions if there is room in the budget with the aim of including the provinces with more projects.” Ended 29/h

The Central Bank launches an electronic platform for buying and selling the dollar next month

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The Central Bank launches an electronic platform for buying and selling the dollar next month

  {Economic: Al Furat News} An economist revealed the readiness of the Central Bank of Iraq to launch an electronic platform for buying and selling the dollar.

Ahmed Abd Rabbo said to the “Unannounced” program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel this evening: “The Central Bank will launch in December next an electronic platform for those who buy and sell dollars.”
He added that the bank “directed banks to be more scrutiny of dollar customers, which led to a rise in the currency, but it was slight and took more than its range,” expecting that “the central bank will control the price of the dollar in the next two weeks.”
Abed Rabbo pointed out that “the central bank has cash reserves that exceed 90 billion dollars, and the Iraqi economy is better than many countries,” he said.
And between “there was a rush to sell the dollar, which led to a drop in the exchange rate a month ago, and what happened today is that the Central Bank withheld dealing with a number of banks because of the instructions of the US Federal Bank, which stopped dealing with them due to money laundering, which created a gap in the local market between supply and demand for the dollar.” .
Abed Rabbo noted that “the fears of citizens and traders prompted more demand for the currency market, and we must send messages of reassurance,” stressing that “the central bank is in control of the situation.”
He continued, “The central bank is working in a difficult economic situation and cannot stop selling the currency in a country that imports everything, and the government is supposed to know the identity of importers who have large bills.”
And he stressed, “The central bank’s measures to control the market contributed to raising the price of the dollar and the Iraqi economy is proceeding in a way that warns of the next in the event of a drop in oil prices,” noting that “the lack of sales of the central bank affected the imbalance and high prices of the local market.”
He stressed that “the US federal monitors the dollar in all countries of the world and the Iraqi Central Bank has no ability to do so, and today there are indications of the recovery of the Iraqi economy.”

On the anniversary of December 10, the international coalition recognizes the courage of the Iraqi forces in confronting ISIS

On the anniversary of December 10, the international coalition recognizes the courage of the Iraqi forces in confronting ISIS

December 11, 2022 

Baghdad / Obelisk: The American General, Commander of the Joint Task Force, Matthew MacFarlane, on Sunday, December 11, 2022, presented his congratulations to the Iraqi people on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Iraq’s victory over ISIS.

MacFarlane said in a statement that “the courageous Iraqi security forces showed heroism in confronting the terrorist organization and made sacrifices to defend their country.”

MacFarlane, who assumed supervision of Operation Inherent Resolve, succeeding Major General John Brennan, explained that “the battle of Mosul, which was the capital of the so-called caliphate, is great and terrifying, as “women, children and the elderly were not spared the brutality of ISIS, the enemy that does not He has an iota of mercy and inhumanity.”

He pointed out that “with the support of the international coalition, the Iraqi security forces launched the operation to liberate Mosul and were able to restore it,” as this battle brought together all Iraqis to eliminate ISIS militarily and regionally.

“This was a great victory and the beginning of a prosperous future for Iraq,” MacFarlane said in a statement.

التحالف الدولي بذكرى 10 كانون أول.. يعترف بشجاعة القوات العراقية في التصدي لداعش

The President of the Republic stresses the importance of strengthening cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank


Baghdad / resource news

Today, Sunday, the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic stated, “The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, received today, Sunday, at the Baghdad Palace, a delegation from the World Bank.” 

Rashid said, “Iraq is one of the active countries in the international community and one of the founders of the United Nations, the World Bank and the League of Arab States, stressing the need to strengthen and expand relations with the World Bank.”

He added, “It is important for the international community to know that Iraq, since the defeat of ISIS, has become more politically, security and economically stable, in order to encourage investments and capital to work in the country.” 

And the President of the Republic noted that “the Iraqi government is serious about developing plans, programs and laws that are directly related to the needs of citizens by advancing the economy, infrastructure projects and supporting the private sector.” 

He explained, “The most important challenges facing the country is the climate change crisis that threatens the world as a whole, as well as the water problem with neighboring countries, stressing the presence of joint delegations exchanging dialogues to reach successful solutions for a more equitable distribution of water shares commensurate with the increase in the population.”

Rashid continued, “What exacerbates the water crisis is waste and the absence of the required organization, pointing out that the relevant Iraqi government agencies have plans drawn up by specialists that need action and implementation more than the need for conferences and meetings.”

The statement pointed out that “during the meeting, aspects of existing cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank were reviewed in the financial and economic sectors, and the need for the banking system in Iraq to develop in a way that is more rapid, accurate, safe and transparent was emphasized, in addition to emphasizing the importance of diversifying sources of national income.” And not relying solely on oil by strengthening the agricultural and industrial sector.

For his part, “the World Bank delegation affirmed its optimism about the future of Iraq due to its rich human and natural resources, expressing the World Bank’s aspiration to enhance cooperation with Iraq in order to develop its economy.”

Foreign Ministry: The Baghdad summit will follow new paths

political| 07:15 – 11/12/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, on Sunday, that the Baghdad summit to be held in Amman will be qualitative, reflecting the sectoral efforts in the three countries, Iraq, Oman and Egypt, and adopting new paths.
Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said, “Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein met in the Jordanian capital, Amman, with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, and Egyptian, Sameh Shukri, to discuss tripartite coordination mechanisms and the development of advancing the implementation of the programs agreed upon within the three meetings.”
And he indicated that “the parties stressed the importance of the Baghdad summit, which is scheduled to be held in Amman, to be of a quality that reflects the findings of the sectoral coordination efforts in the three countries and indicates that they are pursuing new paths with regard to food and energy security and at the level of political consultations.”
He added, “The tripartite coordination mechanism is an open and complementary mechanism that has political and economic repercussions that confirm the principle of the common market and the complementary unity between these three countries.” Ended 29 / H

Parliamentary legal hints at an “emergency” session to approve the 2023 budget

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Parliamentary legal hints at an “emergency” session to approve the 2023 budget

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Legal Committee hinted, today, Sunday, to hold an “emergency” session in the event that the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023 reaches the House of Representatives.

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A member of the committee, Salem Al-Anbuge, told Al-Furat News that: “The entry of the House of Representatives into the legislative recess does not mean that its oversight role will stop during the recess, but there will be continuous follow-ups.” 
He added, “It was agreed to hold an emergency session if necessary, and an agreement was reached between the deputies. In the event that the budget law reaches Parliament during the legislative recess, an emergency session will be held to read the budget as a first reading.” 
And the Presidency of the House of Representatives announced, on Thursday, the end of the second legislative term / the first legislative year / the fifth electoral cycle. 
Thus, Parliament went into recess without receiving the 2023 budget bill from the government. 
The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the size of the federal financial budget for the year 2023 to range from 100 to 120 billion dollars, in light of oil prices in the current global markets, and the fiscal deficit would be 7.5 billion dollars.
Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani directed in two ministerial meetings during this month the need to expedite the completion of the 2023 budget bill and send it to the House of Representatives for approval. 
Al-Sudani stressed the importance of the budget being at the level of ambition, and that it puts in its priorities meeting the needs of citizens in terms of services, as well as taking it upon itself to effectively address the problem of electricity shortages, which greatly affected the life of citizens and the economic sectors in the country.

From: Raghad Dahham

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Planning and the World Bank are discussing three important files, including financial reform

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Planning and the World Bank are discussing three important files, including financial reform

  {Local: Al Furat News} Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, discussed today, Sunday, with the World Bank Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belhaj, 3 important files, including financial reform.

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A statement from his office, which {Euphrates News} received a copy of, stated that: “During the meeting, which was attended by John Kristoff, the Regional Director for the Levant Countries, Paul Numba, Richard Abdel Nour, the Special Representative of the World Bank Mission in Iraq and the Director General of International Cooperation in the Ministry, Saher Abdel Kazim, and a number of officials took place. Exchanging views on a number of issues related to the role of the World Bank in supporting development efforts in Iraq.

He added, “especially with regard to the work of the Recovery Fund, the Social Fund for Development, and carrying out financial reform.”

Belhaj expressed “the World Bank’s readiness to continue serious and fruitful cooperation with the Iraqi government in everything related to financing development projects.”