A delegation of the Kurdistan government visits Baghdad again.. and Barzani: The region will not give up its constitutional rights and powers

  • Time: 12/08/2022 09:07:27
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A delegation of the Kurdistan government visits Baghdad again.. and Barzani: The region will not give up its constitutional rights and powers

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers decided to send a delegation of the regional government to Baghdad to complete negotiations on the outstanding issues.

Yesterday, the Council held its regular weekly meeting, headed by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, and discussed a number of issues on its agenda.
A statement by the regional government stated that the council “discussed the results of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation’s visit to Baghdad and its meetings with the federal government delegation regarding the files (the region’s share of the budget, oil and gas, customs and border crossings, the Office of Financial Supervision) presented by the Minister of Planning Dara Rashid and the rest of the members of the government delegation.” “.
The President of the Kurdistan Government, Masrour Barzani, praised the members of the delegation, and praised their efforts in defending the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people. He also stressed that the Kurdistan region has always been ready to reach a radical solution to the outstanding problems with the federal government under the constitution. He also reaffirmed the existence of a new opportunity to solve problems. Within the framework of the agreement of the political parties to form the new government and its ministerial platform, which was approved by Parliament on 10/27/2022, and acquired a mandatory status, according to which procedures and mechanisms for solving problems were determined.
And the Council of Ministers decided that “the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad in the coming days to proceed with the negotiations, provided that the joint sub-committees of the two sides begin their meetings in order to reach a common solution in light of the road map that was approved in the meetings. A legal ministerial committee was also directed from within The Council of Ministers to coordinate with the concerned authorities, experts and specialists, to prepare and prepare for the implementation of the paragraphs of the ministerial curriculum, especially with regard to the drafting of a number of draft laws, including (the Federation Council, the Federal Court, oil and gas), in coordination with the Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives, in addition to To share the necessary documents and information with them in order to consolidate and confirm the rights, powers and entitlements of the Kurdistan Region, as it is a national duty for all.
In the second paragraph of the agenda, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s road map and its mechanisms were discussed with regard to resolving the problem of the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the region (the disputed areas).
The Cabinet welcomed the federal government’s decision to reconfigure the Committee for the Implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution, which is part of the ministerial curriculum for the new federal ministerial formation. .
The Council of Ministers also affirmed the priority of the regional government to solve the problem of those regions within the framework of the constitution and the procedures stipulated in the ministerial curriculum. In light of this, the Council of Ministers instructed the negotiating delegation, the “Disputed” Regions Authority, and the technical committee formed in light of the decisions of the previous Cabinet, in coordination with the federal government, to complete the stages of implementing Article 140 of the permanent constitution, and to prepare the necessary preparations for applying the procedures and paragraphs related to this matter within the curriculum. Ministerial.
In the third paragraph of the meeting’s agenda, the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Bekred Talabani, presented the ministry’s observations and views regarding the draft law of the Ministry of Water Resources in Iraq, “which was a draft prepared contrary to the Iraqi constitution, and the draft texts were formulated as exclusive federal powers, while it states Article (114 / Seventh) of the Iraqi constitution stipulates that drawing water resources policy is carried out with joint powers, while Article (115) gives priority to the law of regions in case of disagreement.
The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources referred to the file of implementing dam projects in the region and rehabilitating them, and obtaining the financial budget for them within the framework of the Iraqi sovereign budget.
The Prime Minister of the region, Masrour Barzani, stressed that drawing up and managing the water resources policy is organized in accordance with the constitution, and stressed that the region will not give up its constitutional rights, powers and powers, and the federal government and the Kurdistan Region must coordinate and cooperate in order to achieve the maximum benefit from water resources, which are considered wealth An important national initiative, especially since environmental and climatic changes represent a real threat to the lives of citizens. The Prime Minister expressed his regret that Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are among the regions that face the negative effects of climate, desertification, drought and the water scarcity crisis, which requires everyone to cooperate to reduce and limit the damages of climate change.



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