Central Bank of Iraq adapts its dollar sales to travelers. document

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2022-12-04 11:12Font

Twilight News / The Central Bank of Iraq decided on Sunday to adapt its sales of US dollars to travelers outside the country by $5,000.

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This came in an official letter, seen by Shafaq News Agency, issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, addressed to banks, exchange companies and brokerage the sale and purchase of foreign currencies and entitled “Cash sales of the dollar for a citizen traveling.”

The Central Bank’s letter, signed by Deputy Governor Ammar Hamad Khalaf, stated that as a result of the high level of global inflation and the increase in travel and living costs globally and to meet the demands of citizens traveling to suit its foreign currency needs while traveling, the bank decided to increase the dollar sales ceiling to $5,000 for a citizen traveling or employee during one month.



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