Al-Sudani and Macron discuss joint files and the objectives of the Baghdad conference by phone.

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Al-Sudani and Macron discuss joint files and the objectives of the Baghdad conference by phone.


(Political: Euphrates News) Prime Minister Mohamed Shiaa al-Sudani received, on Sunday evening, a phone call from French President Emmanuel Macron.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office received (Al-Furat News) a copy of it that “during the call, a number of bilateral files were discussed, issues of common interest, and ways to develop the Iraqi-French partnership in various fields.”

The Prime Minister stressed to the French president that Iraq is keen on its intermediate and balanced approach to regional and international issues, and the continuation of work for the success and achievement of the objectives of the Baghdad Conference in its second edition scheduled to be held in the Jordanian capital Amman.السوداني-وماكرون-يبحثان-هاتفياً-ملفات-مشتركة-وأهداف-مؤتمر-بغداد-2


Democrat: The relationship between the region and the center is on the cusp of zeroing the problems

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Democrat: The relationship between the region and the center is on the cusp of zeroing the problems


{Politics: Al-Furat News} A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Ali al-Fili, confirmed on Sunday, the entry of the region and the center in a new phase to solve all outstanding problems and zero them constitutionally.

Al-Faili told Al-Furat News: “We are currently on the door of a new phase of the relationship between the region and the center after the previous stages that did not lead to a positive result and these problems remained outstanding, which led to the bad relationship.”
He pointed out that “we are on the threshold of a new phase after the agreement between the parties to the State Administration Alliance and the Democratic Party to zero problems under the roof of the Constitution, and we are at the beginning of implementing the provisions of this agreement, starting with activating the committees of Article 140 and then voting on the oil and gas law after six months of the life of the government,
Al-Faili added that “Sudanese is counting on the Ministry of Construction to provide the services promised by citizens and the ministry will contribute significantly to the activity and work of the government in the coming period.”
He believes that “all signs indicate that this government is moving in the right direction, and that the objectives of the State Administration Alliance lie in how to manage the state and strive for the success of the work of the government.”
Al-Fili concluded with “the Sudanese government’s endeavor to link the bridges of the relationship with the citizen and correct previous mistakes.”
During his meeting with former President Barham Salih, the head of the Alliance of National State Forces, Sayyid al-Hakim, renewed his call to resolve all outstanding files between the center and the region.عضو-في-الديمقراطي-العلاقة-بين-الإقليم-والمركز-على-أعتاب-مرحلة-تصفير-المشاكل

Central Bank of Iraq adapts its dollar sales to travelers. document

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Twilight News / The Central Bank of Iraq decided on Sunday to adapt its sales of US dollars to travelers outside the country by $5,000.

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This came in an official letter, seen by Shafaq News Agency, issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, addressed to banks, exchange companies and brokerage the sale and purchase of foreign currencies and entitled “Cash sales of the dollar for a citizen traveling.”

The Central Bank’s letter, signed by Deputy Governor Ammar Hamad Khalaf, stated that as a result of the high level of global inflation and the increase in travel and living costs globally and to meet the demands of citizens traveling to suit its foreign currency needs while traveling, the bank decided to increase the dollar sales ceiling to $5,000 for a citizen traveling or employee during one month.اقتصـاد/المركزي-العراقي-يكيف-مبيعاته-من-الدولار-للمسافرين-وثيقة

Iraqi Oil Minister: OPEC+ Alliance Holds to Rate of Production Cut to End of 2023

Iraqi Oil Minister: OPEC+ Alliance Holds to Rate of Production Cut to End of 2023


Iraqi Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghani during his participation in the OPEC+ Ministerial Meeting

 Dec 04, 2022 06:07 PM

Mubasher: Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Iraqi Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghani confirmed that the OPEC+ alliance adheres to the previously scheduled production agreement and the rate of reduction until the end of next year 2023, taking into account changes and emergency developments.

Abdul Ghani said, after participating in the ministerial meeting of the OPEC+ alliance, that the meeting stressed that more necessary measures will be taken against oil market developments if required, in order to maintain the required balance and achieve more stability in light of the circumstances and challenges facing global markets, according to a statement by the Ministry of Oil.

Ghani pointed to the agreement on all the topics discussed, including with regard to the Ministerial Committee for Production Control, the call for emergency and necessary meetings, and the importance of full compliance with the agreement and the compensation mechanism.

The meeting was attended by the Director General of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” Alaa Al-Yasiri, and the representative of Iraq to OPEC.

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Sudani confirms Iraq’s participation in the Arab-Chinese summit

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani received on Sunday the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Iraq Cui Wei.
A statement from the Sudanese office received by Muzinnews said that “during the meeting, they discussed the consolidation and development of bilateral relations between the two countries, in the economic and cultural fields, as well as in the fields of energy and investment.”
Al-Sudani pointed out that “Iraq has adopted the principle of balance in foreign relations, in order to enhance its stability and achieve the interests of its people and the security of the region, and pointed to the government’s desire to expand the horizons of bilateral cooperation with China in various sectors.”
Al-Sudani stressed during the meeting, “Iraq’s participation in the Arab-Chinese summit to be held in the Saudi capital Riyadh.”
Similarly, the Chinese ambassador conveyed the greetings of the Chinese leadership to the Prime Minister and its keenness to maintain relations of cooperation and partnership with Iraq. Finished29/h

With the document. The Central Bank decides to increase the weekly share of dollar sales

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With the document. The Central Bank decides to increase the weekly share of dollar sales


{Local: Al-Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, directed notification to all exchange companies to increase the weekly share of dollar sales.

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The Central Bank announced, according to the document, {Euphrates News} obtained a copy of it, disaggregated its readiness to finance electronic cards used for payments outside Iraq at a price of 1470 dinars per dollar.بالوثيقة-البنك-المركزي-يقرر-زيادة-الحصة-الاسبوعية-من-مبيعات-الدولار

Sudanese directs to provide foreign currency in the local market

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Twilight News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani on Sunday directed to conduct the necessary treatments to provide foreign currency in the local market.

This came during his meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Mustafa Ghaleb is scary, according to a statement by his office and responded to Shafaq News Agency.

Al-Sudani listened to “a summary of the organizational workflow and policies of the Central Bank in the financial and monetary sectors, and directed to carry out the necessary treatments to provide foreign currency in the local market in accordance with the legal mechanisms and regulations of the Central Bank, as well as providing them to citizens wishing to travel or treatment outside Iraq.”

The Prime Minister stressed the continuation of the financial and economic reform program of the financial and banking system, which was included in the ministerial curriculum, to move the national economy to steady growth, which reflects positively on the lives of citizens and their level of financial empowerment, according to the statement.اقتصـاد/السوداني-يوجه-ب-جرا-المعالجات-اللازمة-لتوفير-العملة-ال-جنبية-في-السوق-المحلية

For the first time since the central bank’s decision. $100 jumps above 150,000 dinars in Baghdad

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Twilight News / The exchange rates of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar rose on Sunday, on the main stock exchange in the capital Baghdad, to exceed 1500 dinars against the dollar.

The correspondent of the Shafaq News Agency said that the central Al-Kifah and Harithiya exchanges in Baghdad recorded at 1 p.m. 150,100 Iraqi dinars for 100 US dollars.

Prices this morning were 149650 Iraqi dinars for 100 US dollars.

Our correspondent pointed out that the buying and selling prices rose in the banking shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 150250 Iraqi dinars per 100 US dollars, while the purchase prices amounted to 149500 Iraqi dinars per 100 US dollars.

In late 2020, the Central Bank of Iraq decided to reduce the value of the local dinar against the dollar from 1190 dinars to the dollar to 1450 dinars, to contain a financial crisis that Baghdad was suffering from due to a significant decline in oil prices due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

The decision sent prices to rise in domestic markets by more than 20 percent, negatively affecting low-income and middle-class people.اقتصـاد/ل-ول-مرة-منذ-قرار-البنك-المركزي-100-دولار-يقفز-فوق-150-الف-دينار-في-بغداد