Kurdistan Government reveals details of talks with Baghdad and hints at new negotiations

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2022-11-30 14:08



Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government spokesman Jotyar Adel revealed on Wednesday the details of the Kurdish delegation’s talks with the federal government and hinted at the possibility of the delegation’s return to Baghdad.

Adel said in a statement to the Shafaq News Agency, “We went as a government delegation to Baghdad and discussed many files, including the budget and the details related to it, and we handed over to the federal government all the expenses of the regional government.”

“The constitution and the ministerial curriculum were the basis for discussing issues such as the budget, oil, border crossings and financial control,” he added.

Adel continued, “Our meeting today was important with the delegation of the central government, where they discussed these four files and the measures that are implemented by the regional government or the central government,” explaining that “the meetings are continuing and the government delegation is ready to visit Baghdad again if necessary, and it is possible that there will be another relative to Baghdad to discuss the budget.”

The spokesman of the Kurdistan Government expected that “the budget will be ready within a month,” noting that “the failure to complete the budget was not related to the region only, but that the Iraqi government also has not yet completed the procedures.”

“I hope that these visits will yield results, that the region’s share will be fixed according to the constitutional requirements, and that other files will be resolved as well,” he said.

“There was a positive atmosphere in these meetings and we realized that the federal government wants to reach an agreement, but how to reach an agreement will be through negotiation and in the end we must reach a compromise according to the ministerial curriculum paper,” Adel concluded.

On Wednesday, the capital, Baghdad, hosted a meeting of the Supreme Committee of the governments of the center and the region to discuss several files with the aim of resolving outstanding problems between the two sides.

A statement by the Media and Information Department of the Kurdistan Regional Government and reported to Shafaq News Agency said that “during the meeting, they discussed the oil file, the budget, financial control and border crossings.”

The Ministry of Planning announced on Wednesday the agreement to form joint technical committees to consider outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

This came during a meeting of the Diwani Order Committee 22151 of 2022, which is tasked with resolving outstanding issues with the Kurdistan Region, which was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, in the presence of the delegation of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq headed by the Minister of Planning in the region, Dara Rashid Mahmoud.

Kurdistan Government reveals details of talks with Baghdad and hints at new negotiations (shafaq.com)


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